Prepositions after "take"

"take into", "take in" or "take to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 17% of cases take into is used

Take into consideration it this way.

Take into account some of these factors: 1.

It is a factor relevant to be taken into account.

While the case cited is an extreme example, this factor has to be taken into account.

You can also take into account such factors as how elite qualifying points are earned.

Those objections were taken into account in the final configuration of the footprint.

I never said they had the same impact, I was merely stating some of the factors that Rory was taking into account.

All exposures should be kept as low as reasonably achievable, economic and social factors being taken into account.

The big question mark here is whether the inputs of these panels were taken into consideration in drafting the MEB.

In 14% of cases take to is used

I have taken to working in bed.

Instead she was taken to a house.

I was then taken to see the Judge.

Even the Guru should not be changed -- once you take to one Guru, he's the Guru forever.

She was taken to hospital, but doctors declared her dead on arrival,? the officer said.

He was taken to the local ER and had to wait five hours before he was seen by a doctor.

There were times that she slept with men for money (that she didn't need) or to be taken to the hottest party scenes.

Rebuch cited him on a code of violation for obscenity which Tarango didn't take to too kindly - he refused to play on.

You get to the bathroom and see your towels that you'd piled up to take to the laundry, you decide to finish that job.

Augustine, and taken to the extreme by Jean Calvin, emphasizes trying to explain the mysteries of the Christian faith.

In 11% of cases take in is used

Sorry you got taken in at first.

Photo was taken in February 1899.

I love taking in God's creation.

If you take in more calories than you are burning, it will be impossible to lose weight.

Check out the route I took in June 2010 through the Aosta valley when Iseran was closed.

Decisions taken in the meeting of Corporation and its various Committees are available.

Yeats are part of the 6 kilometres of nature trails taking in woods, river, turlough, bare limestone and Coole lake.

Here are the steps to take in scanning a poem, (1) Mark the syllables (Read the poem at this and each succeeding step.

There have already been occasions where Irish sawmills have been unable to take in any more uncertified private timber.

Take in the scenery and get an eyeful of the local wildlife such as dolphins, seals, porpoises, puffins, and much more.

In 9% of cases take from is used

Any information taken from this.

The gold is taken from the Rhine.

Above taken from Elaine Byrne, 2007.

The definitions are taken from a wide range of government and non-government sources.

She was taken from the jail in a wagon to a suitable tree from which she was to hang.

If the motion is not taken from the table by the end of the next meeting, it is dead.

But putting that topic aside because it's largely irrelevant anyway, I find this extremely hard to take from Kirito.

You might take from all this that I didn't enjoy covering the conference or that I found it dull, but you'd be wrong.

STUART ANDREWS: You're talking millions of dollars taken from the state, taken from every taxpayer around the state.

In 8% of cases take over is used

It took over 300 hours to create.

Jenkins took over the pier in 1975.

Orders were given to take over the prison.

Pakistan will take over the chairmanship of the D-8 for the next two years until 2014.

That's why Grodon was so keen to take over quickly- he didn't want to miss his chance.

The company appointed Marilyn Hewson to take over the position at the end of the year.

Mexicans are taking over, holla at my brother brownpride13, your right this country ai nt sh!! t without mexicans.

So, you see how reckless congress - democrats are when the went for this Cap-N-Trade-the Bailouts - taking over GM.

Casual games that have taken over the world It's a physics simulator, really -- and not a particularly accurate one.

The original mix will take over the clubs by storm and has, without a doubt, serious commercial cross over potential.

In 8% of cases take by is used

I was once taken by receptionism.

The segmented approach taken by Mr.

Marks noted that actions taken by the U.

Check out the media section for some photos taken by our QE lighting guru Rob Sinclair.

Many a faltering youth on the threshold of the world he took by the arm and led forward.

Decisions to be taken by the Council are always prepared by the responsible department.

We, therefore, find it difficult to sustain the view taken by the Kerala High Court in the orders impugned before us.

It can also be taken by students with no allocated teaching hours but who have an interest in teaching in the future.

The airline industry was taken by total surprise with regards to the safety of flying jet planes into volcanic plumes.

In 7% of cases take for is used

How do I explain it? Take for e.

That's all it would take for me.

Nothing can be taken for granted.

What will it take for us to save ourselves? This site is so so important to keep going.

The instrument precisely measures the time it takes for echoes to return to the sensor.

Within two minutes of the accident, police arrived and he was taken for investigations.

The right loathes it because it is Labour, The Left loathes it because it has been comprehensively taken for a ride.

You don't have to climb the steep trails the young Pilgrims take for about an extra km you just stay on the blacktop.

The simple fact is that there are many things that we take for granted in life that are much more dangerous than guns.

Building Your Online Influence In the past, having the right hard and soft skills is all it took for you to get hired.

In 4% of cases take with is used

Her own pain, she takes with her.

Some video footage that I took with Dr.

This trek was taken with Exodus Travels and.

Some companies will make the candles in easy to take with you sizes and will not drip.

I'd like to be that dog they took with them, large and dark and silent and un-blamable.

Meeting a talented Filipino actor named Bembol Roco and having a photo taken with him.

Thus all pronouncements about solar magnetic feedback being impossible will be taken with even larger pinch of salt.

Both of these exercises were not undertaken with scientific and professional approach -- plus they were short-lived.

Now university rankings should always be taken with a grain of salt for anything other than establishing broad trends.

Other lawyers simply transition to other firms that do not have the age restrictions, and take with them their clients.

In 3% of cases take away is used

One final take away from all this.

She's took away from the tribulation.

Ethanol made from this amazing plant would not take away from the food source of corn.

I hate the notion that any vote for one person is a vote taken away from someone else.

This is perhaps the most important thing that I will be taking away from the weekend.

I would correct it but that would take away from me reporting on my Facebook pages and website so others can read it.

The advocacy and increasing interest toward child soldiers is definitely one of the positives to take away from this.

Nothing, however, could take away from the First Couple's romantic dance---it's beautiful to see a couple so in love.

This is now not allowed because we feel it takes away from the banter &; energy in Team and starts to create cliques.

In 2% of cases take at is used

They can not be taken at face value.

PHOTO taken at Palanan, March 24, 1901.

Photo that we took at the Ebony Power 100 Gala.

There is no question before the chair so no vote is taken at the end of the discussion.

With the IB, there are no retakes, as all exams are taken at the end of the second year.

One of the most intriguing classes I took at the University of Illinois was devoted to the Green Tradition in America.

Should robust cost reduction action not be taken at this juncture, the HSE faces a potential year-end deficit of 500m.

The shot taken at Janice Lemon's letter is a cheap one; it's puzzling why you would want to insult one of your readers.

We will exchange (digital) photos from Paris and London, taken at a moment or place we've been thinking to the other one.

In 2% of cases take off is used

No commune is taking off the ground.

To go off; leave: took off in a hurry.

To discontinue: took off the commuter special.

The said flight will take off Guangzou at 9:00 PM and arrive in Los Angeles at 6:50 PM.

Taking off the niqab, on the other hand, was a staggeringly difficult decision I had made.

It seems a lot of people took off work to be here, which shows just how big HFWF is becoming.

They put the person in handcuffs and he was taking off the ship in the next port of sail which was Roatan Honduras.

Now we are back to reality -- from this perspective it's time to take off the Borland shirt and pull on the EMB shirt.

I know you still remember that show at the National Theatre which was supposed to start at 7pm yet it took off at 9:30pm.

I think that video should be taken off you-tube it is too violent, and how would the families involved feel watching such.

In 2% of cases take out is used

My words have been taken out of context.

People are being taken out of their homes.

She was conscious when taken out of the barrel.

None of his emails were taken out of context; at least, none that he complained about.

Take out and let sit for about 20 min (go ahead and scoop the juices out for the gravy).

The land was to be taken out of the seized territory on the pakeha side of the boundary.

Article 11 Kidnapping Governments should take steps to stop children being taken out of their own country illegally.

According to a criminal complaint, the girl wanted to leave the game, but was taken out of a car and taken back inside.

Ditto, seems so weird now but our whole school was taken out of class to go to the gym and watch Star Wars, say 1982ish.

Minutes after the fight was over, Kim collapsed into a coma, and was taken out of the Caesars Palace arena on a stretcher.

In 2% of cases take as is used

Birth of a daughter was taken as a curse.

What I may take as quickness maybe eternity for you.

I would like to meet experienced persons through whome I can take as a guide to my goal.

In modern mathematics, infinity has been taken as an infinite extension of large numbers.

Endless desire for better and better things to take as one's own is not the goal of Buddhism.

In fixing the interest rate market interest rate is taken as the reference rate, rather than the moneylenders ' rate.

This estimate of 110,000 should be taken as a lower bound; an estimate which grossly understates female unemployment.

And to see her being bullied and insulted by a group of non-Indians has been taken as a slight against the entire nation.

After all, when the cops shoot a man dead for no good reason at all, it is just taken as a given that it was lawfully done.

In 1% of cases take during is used

It should be taken during bath.

Picture taken during BronyCon Summer 2012.

Innocent lives are being taken during such wars.

A few days back, Sherlyn had tweeted a few of her nude pictures taken during the magazine shoot.

During this time, we also start planning for trips that we would love to take during spring and summer.

For today, let's enjoy the travel photos taken during the 2D/1N stay in Genting Highlands two weeks ago.

Some Ayurvedic medicines can be taken during winter (Kam chuda mani ras and kaunch pak with milk) for few months.

Some turn out alright but others like the one below end up looking like they were taken during a severe earthquake.

Marco, Age 5, Chianciano Terme, Italy (1961) This photo was taken during summer, at a caf table in a spa town in Italy.

Looking at some of the pictures that some CIM peeps took during the race, I could see the look of enjoyment in the way I was smiling.

In 1% of cases take before is used

There are steps you must take before applying to a court.

How many of these did you take before believing it? heehee.

Especially the ones which were taken before the Sky News era.

Behold! General Obasanjo was never taken before the Code of Conduct Bureau for this.

Sharp demanded that Strong be taken before the Lord Mayor, who declared him a free man.

However, if your child is disabled, you get 18 weeks ' leave which must be taken before the child is 18.

Posted by: tj at October 5, 2012 07:53 AM Since BB is part of the 1%, is this picture taken before or after Obama redistribution.

On Channel 4's Midnight Special programme, I found that positions were often firmly taken before discussions and then firmly held.

The instances where resort to these provisions is justified, will be very rare and maximum care must be taken before availing of them.

What is this from? Is there something I can eat or take before bed to prevent this? Plz help n advice: ( u might b sitting for long hours.

In 1% of cases take of is used

Here is a picture I took of them today.

It is a plain mark of the care He takes of you.

They learn the give and take of a good conversation.

Still, taking of utility in the examination, many candidates opt for these and succeed.

Can they do that? holdmewhileimnaked that has got ta be the worst picture ever taken of HK.

In 1936 de Gaulle was punished for his views by having his name taken of the promotion list.

Bill Serne/New York Daily News Photos taken of Jill Kelley in her front yard during a birthday gathering in Tampa, Fla.

Part of a series of photographs in the collection of the Muse Rodin in Paris taken of The Kiss at various times of day.

Here is a picture I took of Kineo recently whom decided it was a good place to be one morning as I came into the kitchen.

However it has now vanished and the details given in 14 come from photographs taken of the letter before its disappearance.

In 1% of cases take on is used

Frequently, no action is taken on these items.

And you have to master relative small before taking on relative big.

To make a difference, Oxfam India will have to take on a different role.

It represents Jesus Christ before he took on Himself a body to live among men (Jn 1:1-2).

I will address that in a subsequent blog post, with photographs that I took on November 3, 2012.

He says April 6 will focus on building a grassroots following before taking on big political fish.

Mike says: 07:30am 09/02/10 You've got to say though, Howard would have never had the guts to take on a forum such as that.

More than a fifth (21%) are having to learn new skills as roles merge, or take on greater responsibility and up skill (20%).

Before taking on my leadership position I spent a couple of hours with a man whom I respect for his wisdom and leadership abilities.

Could this be the information age's equivalent of Elvis sightings? The photo was apparently taken on September 26 in the city of Xi'an.

In 1% of cases take against is used

As i said, if no action is taken against the F T.

Disciplinary actions were taken against the officer.

Please let me know what action can be taken against the builder.

A different taxpayer says: 01:39pm 23/02/11 My taxes aren't taken against my will.

If I accept, none of the usual steps will be taken against my family, that is against you.

The labor world is watching what action the PAP government will take against this violation.

According to him, a similar action was taken against Mavado some time ago when he was billed for a show in Grenada.

Now, what action is he going to take against the officers who disrupted the meeting in Jaffna, last night (Thursday).

The Premier said legal measures should be taken against those who will be discovered to have been involved in the racket.

We thank you for the moral stand you have taken against injustice, and the courage you have shown during your long ordeal.

In 1% of cases take about is used

This takes about 5 - 10 minutes.

It took about 2 hours to get there.

It only took about 1-2 weeks for them.

It took about 30-40 minutes to cook the rice to perfection and just the way I liked it.

BT takes about 3-4 every night for a week to get hold of, but that's a different story.

Christmas craft project!!! Posted by teckner - Just a little picture I took about a while ago.

I like five or six hours, because it feels far away, takes about a tank of gas, and if you get on the road by 7 a.

It took about a year of practicing Inner Bonding before her true Self told her that she wanted to be a nutritionist.

There is however a plan to construct it, but the downside is that it's going to take about ten years and a lot of money.

It took about a week of us reminding her every couple of hours and a couple of minor accidents and she was potty-trained.

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