Prepositions after "sure"

"sure of" or "sure about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases sure of is used

I'd sure of it.

Tom was unsure of what to do.

I'd not sure of the reasoning.

Call it through to the recording until you're sure of the words, and then stick to them.

She's quite fond of doing one action over and over again until she's sure of the result.

Not sure of the exact date, it depends on when Schultz filed that he was leaving school.

OR a lame-duck Opposition, unsure of its allegiances, policy-bereft, with Abbortt increasingly the object of derision.

The easiest and surest of all the paths is Bhakti for in it God comes to our aid and crowns our effort with success.

Explain that this man's behavior has made you extremely uncomfortable and you're not sure of the best way to handle it.

And with the painfully slow economic recovery, employers want to be sure of the investment they are making in new hires.

In 34% of cases sure about is used

Not sure about it.

Sure about it? Yes.

Not sure about that.

GC C: 12 Jul 2012 11:16:50am I am not so sure about the argument being advanced here.

I'd not so sure about the future of the Irish language in Ireland, never mind Europe.

You've definitely got the first bit right, but the bit in bold I'd not so sure about.

I'd not particularly sure about the estimated number of attendees, but it surely far exceeded the Skydome capacity.

Cheers!! The two teams I wanted to go through from our group has done so but not so sure about the other group now.

He was never quite sure about the soundtracks, however, because Chapman, who is deaf, could never really hear them.

Even if it's a problem that you are not sure about, it's better to ask for help or advice than to struggle on alone.

In 6% of cases sure to is used

Be sure to.

Just be sure to.

Be sure to and first.

And when i can pull up my research i'll be sure to post that information up: 3 Point is.

I made sure to not let that happen again, and the second time I passed with no problems.

She gave her reasons for it and my mother made sure to that! ah, once bitten, twice shy.

You will want to just be sure to will have the expense to get rid of the financing after as little as couple of weeks.

Not at all: I'll be the first to critique state enforced religion, or parental pressure to adopt religious behaviours.

Be sure to drink more fluids today as you had so much diarrhoea during your apple juice drinking and during the purge.

Be sure to book in advance to get the low cost ticket and print out your boarding pass at home or in an Internet shop.

In 4% of cases sure in is used

Im sure in the long.

I am not sure in that.

I'd not sure in how long.

If you are not sure in which court you should apply, you should seek legal advice first.

I am sure in a way or another, a lot of people will plan to exchange likes and comments.

You should also be sure in your mind whether fulfillment of those desires make you happy.

Its advantages and opportunities are very profitable and you can become sure in this by visiting the official website.

We are sure in the need to promote cooperation in the EAS based on the Master Plan of ASEAN on the interconnectedness.

I am sure in the course of everyone's preparation, numerous of my brothers and sisters have been clipped to your papers.

Only now, after over twenty years working in some of the world's finest kitchens has Martijn become sure in his cooking.

In 3% of cases sure on is used

Not sure on that.

We are sure on that.

Not so sure on supply.

Well, not sure on that though she does look pretty unstable as far as the pictures look!

It doesn't match any of the headcodes I can find listed though so I am not sure on that.

People were not sure on how to push off this giant because he exudes grace and strength.

Maybe that's because there's two parties with both vested interest in it and putting pressure on them to match you up.

At the airport The initial (and often ultimate) call belongs to the check-in staff, who are not always sure on policy.

Again not too sure on the name here: -) Champagne Stain is another very subtle pink, I would say your lips but better.

I'd not too sure on specifics but I think it's something to do with driving other than in accordance with the licence.

In 2% of cases sure at is used

Not sure at this point.

Not sure at the moment.

But not so sure at PRU13.

He's pretty good that way, but I'd sure at some point you start thinking about it, yeah.

There's some lads who haven't been involved tonight but I'd sure at some stage they will.

You could see a sex therapist, but I'd not sure at this stage that it would be necessary.

The main question of whether Christ was made by God or he was God himself, tells me no one was really sure at the time.

The article got published with the errors in and not sure at what time SMT updated it, but clearly some damage was done.

I'd sure at this point in her life, with both kids long gone, she'd appreciate getting something from time to time, but.

Make sure at the end of each season that clothes are clean, pressed, mended and packed away until they are needed again.

In 2% of cases sure for is used

I'd not sure for the reasons.

Not sure for either USF or CF.

I'd sure for a lot of people 1.

This is why it is initially sure for invention reasons to use their contracts directly.

I've never used a windows mobile so not sure for them but presumably a similar process.

Sex has been selling for all of recorded history and I'd sure for centuries before that.

But when I think deeper, there were lots of things that were negative for me in that period and I'd sure for my peers.

Great post Tim! Behavior: Assuming the correct answer when you aren't sure for projects and/or a request from someone.

I'd sure for some of you here this caused a certain amount of nastiness, and for others a fair amount of inconvenience.

And what will we imagine when we know we are dying? I am sure for many people it is the world they expect or hope to see.

In 2% of cases sure with is used

Not so sure with ManC.

Sure with LTE it's faster.

I'd sure with more to come.

I saw Jorge Lorenzo on slicks on the grid and I was pretty sure with my decision, but.

You should just make sure with your insurer, as this may vary from company to company.

I am sure with pervalent telecommuting, morning traffic can be reduced by at least 20%.

He was quick and sure with his scalpel, and then he cleaned the thumb, slapped on antibiotic and wrapped it in gauze.

We were definitely sure with their service at that point, they wouldn't be able to serve 18 of us in that time frame.

I'd developing a technique which will hopefully help me on the day, and im sure with a month of practice you will too.

In 1% of cases sure after is used

I am sure after using this.

I'd sure after a full day of fun.

Sure after a while the woman can do this too.

I'd pretty sure after reading this chapter you will discover you want to become rich.

I am sure after the oncall allowance is removed, the next will be critical allowance.

I am sure after this we wont find any Chinese stepping on our Malay leaders in public.

But we are sure after all that buzz that you could get over the taste and experience these amazing benefits for you.

Focus on making sure after the presentation everybody can walk out of the room and clearly remember your main point.

Thanks! I am pretty sure after a full recount of early voting, it will be within the margin for an automatic recount.

You should send it to the President, I'd pretty sure after reading your blog he would lose faith in humanity and quit.

In 1% of cases sure as is used

Im not sure as for.

But I'd not sure as regards Mrs.

We must be sure as to what we want.

Today, one can not be too sure as to who is a genuine policeman or Boateng Gyan Policeman.

I was not sure as to why this came to me because I felt that we would have a new President.

For those who are not sure as to what type they should stick with in Omaha window tinting,.

Must admit, I still get a mild adrenaline rush opening the ' comments ' page - never sure as to what might be lurking.

I'd sure as a mother you would love to have had an undergrad student sit in on one of your most intimate moments ever.

I'd sure as the trilogy continues so will the story and out of Darkness and Light will be born the third people Shadow.

I really hope this does justice to them but I am sure as the time goes on here I will be able to paint a clearer picture.

In 1% of cases sure by is used

Out to make sure by www.

I'd pretty sure by then.

I'd sure by family my g.

I'd sure by this evening we'll be seeing TV ads quoting the Post with these same quotes.

Campaign finance legislation might somewhat alleviate that, but I'd not sure by how much.

I am sure by the way you are right and what has happened in Georgia is an oligarchic coup.

I'd sure by the end of the season they will slowly let everyone know until they can figure out how to keep Castle there.

I am sure by the time he finishes he will probably go back to germany for another medical check cos he ai nt gat strength.

A formal letter was sent to MW (not sure by whom ), with pics! Its all strange, MW appeared to diss Miss Jamaica this year.

I'd sure by the time you understand how it works, you will know how to get a high ranking or at least, stop worrying over it.

In 1% of cases sure from is used

The rest is quite sure from humans.

I know you but I'd not sure from where.

Sure from, using own at more about well.

And we may be sure from our past experience that the next step will always be in view.

I'd not quite sure from your questions as to what your own views are around marriage though.

We're pretty sure from the spectroscopy that it has an ionosphere, and the DX is not too bad.

I'd sure from your perspective it seems rather confusing and complicated, but in reality it is probably a lot simpler.

Then again, a long time ago no one was ever truly sure from year to year whether they would have a good harvest or not.

It's difficult to be sure from the photos online, but it looks as if there are some variations already in keel profile.

My great-great-grandfather arrived in New Zealand -- I am not sure from where; perhaps from Cornwall, I think -- in 1819.

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