Prepositions after "support"

"support by" or "support for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases support by is used

MathML 9 is supported by many vendors.

Well, my blog is supported by 000webhost.

The research is supported by Asset Skills.

S/he will be a proven team player and will be supported by experienced CESVI staff.

This assumption is supported by a significantly higher precision of that algorithm.

Geothermal was supported by 67%, gas-fired plants by 38% and coal generation by 24%.

Supported by the Bill &; Melinda Gates Foundation, the United States Agency for International Development, the U.

The Sinhala film industry has long been supported by the government but Sri Lankan Tamil speakers have no outlet.

EMRP is jointly supported by 22 participating Member States and associated countries and the European Commission.

You are not getting these from the scientific research, because they are not supported by the scientific research.

In 17% of cases support for is used

Of course, support for Android 4.

Full details and support for these.

Support for the GBPUSD is seen at 1.

It represents a betrayal by the Blair government of its earlier support for the ICC.

Thank you very much for all the facilities and great maintenance and support for us.

He entered Russia in May 1607, and support for the rebel cause immediately picked up.

Support for 64-bit scalar data is provided by adding a new, non-portable scalar datatype such as int64 or long long.

Support for patients at the end of life is frequently provided by district nurses, GPs and other community providers.

You have correctly identified immigration reform as a major cause of the weak Hispanic support for the GOP/Tea Party.

Support for this theory: The series ' general tendency toward penduluming emotions and big drama-queen confrontations.

In 7% of cases support in is used

He was supported in his version by RW.

RRS is not supported in this environment.

Thus, support in procrastinating is in high demand.

Complex design are design features that are cutting edge and badly supported in browsers.

Support for Time-Bounded Data Time-bounded data such as voice and video is supported in the 802.

The bones of the vertebrae in this region are supported in place by the strong muscles of the back.

We're living with the dream that we can make it significant! Support in terms of listenership sucks, at the moment.

Mounir Majidi supported in the development of the new era, altering the economic condition of the nation of Morocco.

Frankly, I've started to wonder if the strong support in the south is part of the reason the Republican's don't change.

In 5% of cases support from is used

Support from Satsuki; has subsidiaries Huns.

Well financed, with strong support from the U.

Support from alumni alone has amounted to over $1.

Support at work related to support from supervisors, coworkers and the workplace culture.

Support from family, friends, or even strangers is absolutely critical in helping a woman leave.

Contributing to the welfare of the community eg visiting the sick with support from their members.

Lack of support from the administration -- we can never do anything without the assistance of the administration.

She can prove herself in every field, If she have got chance from environment, and support from family or society.

Support Alex relies heavily on support from peers, and has found his supervisor's support and guidance invaluable.

While I don't have a crystal ball, I don't think that support from most American Episcopalians will be forthcoming.

In 4% of cases support to is used

That is also support to the LTTE.

We give voice and support to civil society.

We also extend our solidarity and support to Dr.

This would be a great coup for Australia and should be supported to the Nth degree.

Based in Brussels, Soizick provides overall administrative support to the ICA Global Office.

Bible scholars, however, give little support to Morris's fanciful notion that the tannin of the Old Testament were dinosaurs.

Meeting facilitator Community and government agencies These are the organisations providing services and support to families.

Provision of technical support to RBUs to resolve problems on existing plant and identify improvement opportunities / new projects.

We are an innovation ecology, a serviced office and a meeting and collaboration space, offering connection and support to change-makers.

In 2% of cases support on is used

NFC, DLNA and OTA syncing are also supported on the handset.

Support on the night comes from blessthefall hailing from Phoenix, AZ.

As a member of Donadea she had plenty of friends and support on the course.

It may be that the communications protocol entered is not a currently supported one.

The new Windows runtimes for Metro apps, too, are fully supported on both platforms.

Explanation: The &3; function &4; attempted is not currently supported on this platform.

Why is it so? 4G network is a mobile data network therefore voice calls are still currently supported on 3G network instead.

Flash is no longer supported on the current version of Android - it is possible to get to work but it isn't necessarily straightforward.

Victoria Matthews is a careers adviser providing advice and support on careers, funding and employability to adults on the National Careers Service helpline.

It is built to a slender square plan with twelve buttresses and rises to an arched verandah, supported on columns at the roof-terrace with a domed pavilion on top.

In 2% of cases support with is used

Consume garlic with dinner or on a bagel to support with acne.

They are well supported with a great chorus of promising young singers.

The Select (The Sun Also Rises) is also supported with funds from The Andrew W.

You must be able to give help and support with resident's concerns or emotional problems.

First to understand the availability of help and support with available library of resources.

I'd 23 and able to help please let me know Im from CA and would love to support with this hard time.

To check this it should say in brackets on the page for the plugin the version it's supported with, for example CraftBukkit 1.

You can now enjoy full hardware-accelerated OpenGL ES, OpenVG, OpenMAX etc support with everything running on the ARM fully FOSS.

It was supported with the unforgettable advertising campaigns in 1990's and today remains a market leader in the French category.

Work Activities Care workers provide basic care to people who are sick, elderly or disabled and need help and support with everyday tasks.

In 1% of cases support as is used

They provide information and support as well as emergency accommodation through the Crashpad scheme.

You will receive training and support as well as recognition for your efforts in the form of a Future Consultant Certificate.

My mom was a researcher and she was thrilled to support as the assistant head researcher for the project my dad was conducting.

When it comes to fiscal matters, I'd utterly mystified by his administrations disavowment of the very policies he supported as a senator.

The only time Irish nationalists are hugely supported as a party? O? Connell, Parnell, the SDLP and now Sinn Fein? is when it? s not violence on offer.

In 1% of cases support at is used

Support at work related to support from supervisors, coworkers and the workplace culture.

Extended, High 4:2:2 and High 4:4:4 profiles are not officially supported at this time.

It is firmly grasped and supported at the base by a feminine hand, which holds it in position.

When specified, the seats save 17kg per car as well as offering occupants more support at the shoulders.

Galinsky's model emphasizes some of these factors, including job demands, job quality and support at work.

She reported that stress at work was predicted by four broad factors: job demands, focus, job quality and support at work.

She was supported at home by a network of women friends, who helped her with the kids, and some of whose fiction she published.

If the paper had been supported at home, it's economic future wouldn't be dependent on an influx of US readers, no? Now get back to work and finish sweeping my chimney.

The neck of the violin should be supported at the base of the first finger, leaving the thumb relaxed and able to move freely and independently of the rest of the hand.

In 1% of cases support through is used

My family have only supported through phone calls.

SwRI offers support through any or all aspects of the design-to-production transition process to meet client needs.

It's been my pleasure and thank you guys for the kind words of encouragement and support through your emails and Twitter mentions.

Now that Jamaat-ud-Dawa has won grass-roots support through its charitable work, Pakistan is hard-pressed to censure the group's leaders.

At least that way management doesn't get inadvertently supported through a system which is effectively akin to the US broker discretionary votes situation, now thankfully resolved.

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