Prepositions after "substantiate"

"substantiate by" or "substantiate with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases substantiate by is used

Well, but it's substantiated by reporting like the article I linked.

This fact can be substantiated by the following hadith of Holy Prophet (S.

This report has been substantiated by the discovery of the remains of several shipwrecks on the harbor moles.

It determined that all non-registered land is state property, which was substantiated by formal juridical arguments.

As per law of the land, no body can be punished on the ground of perceived corruption conspiracy, not substantiated by proof.

Ijaz It is the Ahmadiyya view that Jesus did not die on the cross but was saved, a view that can be substantiated by the Gospels themselves.

If anything there are plenty of stories, substantiated by the players, of Wenger being in for players like Julio Cesar, Kevin Mirallas, Juan Mata and Santi Cazorla a year ago.

And it turns out that my family room research is substantiated by experts in the field -- video attracts visual learners, builds search results, and taps into the awesome power of YouTube.

In 18% of cases substantiate with is used

I would like to hear specifics of the concerns you have with immunisation, substantiated with references.

The salary expectations that people have from this job is substantiated with the high pay rise of this particular job.

Don't they rot away naturally and emit gases? The toxic and pollution argument has to be substantiated with numbers; otherwise it has no merit.

In 4% of cases substantiate into is used

Three years on, illusions have substantiated into incarnated ' Old Evil Dwarfs ' not only in the eyes of Papa ' J ' but as something manifested for all Ghanaians to be witnesses thereof.

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