Prepositions after "stumble"

"stumble upon" or "stumble across"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases stumble upon is used

Then, I stumbled upon this debate.

So we walked around and stumbled upon Go Gung.

I stumbled upon this microscopic effigy of the FSM.

Hi! I recently found your blog, as in yesterday, and am so glad I stumbled upon it.

So in case people will stumble upon any problems, they will be the ones to handle it.

Of course we have been researching everything about it, and I stumbled upon your blog.

Then a group of outsiders far from Silicon Valley stumbled upon the idea and, to their amazement, it caught fire.

You have stumbled upon my blog, perhaps you were looking for something in specific or were linked here via Google.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery You can't walk three feet in this cemetery without stumbling upon a famous grave site.

For my 300th, that will all change! On our walk to breakfast we happened to stumble upon A Piece of Cake food truck.

In 23% of cases stumble across is used

I stumbled across this AUDIOBOOK by chance.

This is why I was thrilled to stumble across JabbR.

When we stumbled across SKP we were excited to find such a gem.

I can't wait to see what I stumble across on my real excursions! What interesting.

Creating a video blog (vlog) means that new readers will stumble across the video.

I am very joyful that I stumbled across this in my seek for one thing regarding this.

No, you haven't stumbled across yet another anti-politician screed although that will happen from time to time.

This last subject was my favourite, for in researching the facts I stumbled across a friendship that astonished me.

I stumbled across this site recently which has a large list of any and all high-priced items on Amazon, but in this post.

In 14% of cases stumble on is used

I stumbled on this blog/article by mistake.

I've just stumbled on this and love it already.

I more or less stumbled on the Vinyl idea by accident.

If not for your pointing out my mistake I would not have stumbled on something else.

It was while writing in Indian Opinion that Gandhi stumbled on the concept of satyagraha.

I remember stumbling on the book in the library and reading it was like a rebirth for me.

Fortunately, I stumbled on information about Koch's method, and found that it was the only thing that would work for me.

Metaphorically speaking, Park had gagged and bound the conductor, leaving the orchestra to stumble on -- out of tune and out of time.

It wasn't until 2003 when Bob was helping his dad go through the house after Van's wife died, that they stumbled on the symphony again.

He also said that police were looking for a motorbike that British RAF veteran William Brett Martin had crossed before he stumbled on the crime scene.

In 9% of cases stumble into is used

He didn't just stumble into it innocently.

I stumbled into camp and thought best to avoid scaring Maria Rosa.

A minute later they stumbled into a wide clearing and stopped short.

For the young me, this is what I imagined stumbling into a treasure trove must feel like.

The other side of this point is that great men stumble into their careers; seldom do they choose.

Than one night Irene stumbles into the wrong territory and is attacked by hyena and lion shifters.

One day Michael on a home delivery to a mysterious bungalow stumbles into something creepy that changes his life forever.

I just wouldn't want a beginner to stumble into it thinking it's going to be easy, or indicative of other Burda magazine patterns.

After this welcome I stumbled into the chapel with the other kids in my group and sat down, feeling welcome but a bit out of place.

Blurb When a confused and mysterious young man stumbles into the life of the recently widowed Claudia, he reignites her sleeping sexuality.

In 4% of cases stumble onto is used

Coincidence I stumbled onto your blog? I'd sure not.

Somehow I stumbled onto your blog a couple weeks before your son was born.

We always love hearing from you, especially from people who just stumbled onto Capturing Penang.

Dr Catherine Grant Film Studies for Free WOW! I just stumbled onto your site today, and I'd truly blown away.

Brittni Miller Zach and Brittni (pictured back in high school) Dear Ray and Terri, Earlier today I stumbled onto your website and fell in love.

You could say I stumbled onto a lot of different pieces that made me a better game designer, or perhaps it was destiny because I was born with designer genes.

Frodo, Sam and Gollum make their way back for Gollum's hidden entry into Mordor when they stumble onto a battle of Mordor-allied mercenaries and soldiers from Gondor, who capture the three of them.

In 3% of cases stumble in is used

I had stumbled in quite by accident.

I stumble in a kind of daze as you might say, oblivious to my co-religionists.

It was past in a moment, and I listened again, and heard the footstep stumble in coming on.

She can not conceal her light from her sisters who are stumbling in the darkness when she has seen the great reward that Allah (S.

Mauled by the mall I find myself stumbling in a daze from the camps into the sprawling marble malls that seem to stand on every street in Dubai.

After stumbling in the box and seeming to waste a great opportunity, the ball rebounded off the goalkeeper and was diverted over the line courtesy of Deans ' shins.

In 2% of cases stumble through is used

Too often I stumble through my day thinking only of what is going wrong.

From what I can work out (stumbling through that SR article) -- we have money available, but not extravagant amounts.

I've played Irish fiddle for 20 years, after stumbling through piano, harmonica, drums, 5-string banjo, guitar, and mandolin.

Florentina's constant, fruitless attempts to escape her father's abuses show her stumbling through the trees, finding few hiding places.

I would have done a tutorial but I stumble through it so awkwardly I cant / shouldn't give advice on it, here however is a really nifty no-sew tutorial if you're interested.

So this nice woman stumbled through his name, which was kind of cute because I don't like the guy, and then she asked me for my support for the provincial party in the upcoming election campaign.

In 2% of cases stumble to is used

She then consoles herself with soju before stumbling to Teacher Seo's house.

Shamim Khan had stumbled to an eight (five-over) on the 15th after hitting it out of bounds twice and then finding the hazard.

The Socceroos made a poor start to the continental championship four years ago, when they stumbled to a draw with Oman before losing to eventual winners Iraq.

In 1% of cases stumble at is used

I, for one, always stumble at the word ' sustainability '.

Fortunately, whilst the game's main character and plot may stumble at times, the gameplay itself is better than ever.

Back then the game didn? t look like much? and after stumbling at a few development hurdles 3d Realms ended up packing it in and starting all over again.

In 1% of cases stumble from is used

The bad The outgoing year has been one of the country's worst in terms of football results in recent times, as the country's national teams stumbled from one defeat to the other.

Its the woolly minded Liberals, and their co-thinkers on the left, like the AWL, who continually stumble from one misguided adventure to another, believing that this time it will be different.

In 1% of cases stumble out is used

Everywhere people stumbled out of bars and along the street.

She rarely turns up on ' worst dressed ' lists, she's never been snapped stumbling out of a club at 4am and she looks just as fantastic today as she did in Pretty Woman.

In 1% of cases stumble over is used

I stumbled over Kikwete's Goethe-quote this morning (above ): ' Willing is not enough.

Your message would have been more effective having left it out, instead some are stumbling over the example, causing you to come across as judgmental.

Churchill's Commentary on Man: Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on as though nothing has happened.

In 1% of cases stumble with is used

We don't get these preschool years back! For me, the key is (and I stumble with this.

The dank air wheezed heavily in his lungs and he frequently stumbled with the exhaustion he was still feeling.

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