Prepositions after "steadfast"

steadfast in, on, to, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases steadfast in is used

Resist him steadfast in the faith.

Resist him, steadfast in the faith.

They are steadfast in their answers.

This suffering has further tempered their will to be steadfast in their aspiration.

Second, Harden was, until that last moment, steadfast in his desire for a max deal.

They remained steadfast in their resolve to join the LTTE and obtain arms training.

So help me, God, and keep me steadfast in this my Great and Solemn Obligation of an Entered Apprentice Freemason.

Michael's goal is right in front of him and he is steadfast in his desire to collect every Gold Medal that he can.

Alhumdulillah, I have become steadfast in my prayers and Quran recital again, and I am very very happy about that.

This topic is really for those who are already Muslims (hamdullah) and whom want to be steadfast in their religon.

In 9% of cases steadfast on is used

He's great and steadfast on issues.

Brother, be steadfast on your faith.

Make one remain steadfast on guidance 6.

Then the angels tell him: May God keeps you steadfast on the things which you like.

And only those shall remain steadfast on his Imamate who are firm in their belief about him.

EA are apparently rather steadfast on the opinion that there's nothing wrong with their security.

To find a person steadfast on Truth are far and few, but many are those with status, dignity and high moral values.

I prayed to Allah that I would be able to carry his commands to Akhira and I should remain steadfast on Din of Islam.

Wilson has been called a test study in a league that hinges on centimeters and is steadfast on black-and-white metrics.

In 8% of cases steadfast to is used

But I remained steadfast to my policy.

Roger, you are unique and steadfast to your tastes.

Most are unsung, to be sure, but steadfast to the end.

Many Maori are raised to hold steadfast to our culture and our ancestor's traditions.

The importance of remaining steadfast to the cause gives them license to do anything.

He (the Holy Prophet) remarked: Say I affirm my in Allah and then remain steadfast to it.

But it is important for us to reflect to what extent we have stood steadfast to the rich legacy bequeathed to us.

Frank seems steadfast to the idea of Stuckey returning to the starting lineup for tonight's game against the Magic.

Whether it's in your personal or business life, it is important that you press forward and remain steadfast to your cause.

Don't shut them out by holding steadfast to anyone's dogma which doesn't include you as the force and spirit behind it all.

In 3% of cases steadfast with is used

They were steadfast with the Prophet (S.

Be sure to be consistent and steadfast with each strategy.

This is a weekly log to encourage our young to be steadfast with their daily Amal.

I am sure Recchi was one of the players in ' 04 who stood steadfast with the NHLPA.

A genuine friend is someone who remains steadfast with you regardless of what may come.

I am now steadfast with my prayers and I have never been remiss paying my missed prayers.

Hope he remains strong, firm and steadfast with trying to practice his religious beliefs.

Naidu said he was confident that people would remain steadfast with the party's ideology.

In Uhud, when other persons showed their backs to the enemy, he stood steadfast with the Prophet (a.

The Jews find many reasons to remain steadfast with their claim that Israel is the land of the Jews.

In 2% of cases steadfast at is used

But Islam teaches muslims to remain steadfast at all times.

Ricky was standing in his batting- possession looking steadfast at me.

Moreover, ATPLC ' s weighted average premium in Life policies remains steadfast at the No.

If you're steadfast at blogging, it will help to build steady traffic for your blog and increase your ranking on investigation engines.

People around us can not see the pain in our eyes but what they are steadfast at is commenting on our lives, and these comments are what my father fears the most.

He stayed steadfast at crease for over eight hours and was involved in two match-saving partnerships with debutant Kirk Edwards and tail-ender Fidel Edwards during his unbeaten 116-run knock.

In 2% of cases steadfast for is used

Steadfast for at least a month.

Be brave and steadfast for you will always be divinely protected by doing what is right.

The Holy Qur'an says: Believers, be steadfast for the cause of Allah and just in bearing witness.

You have been steadfast for your objective to overthrow the regime, and you have shouldered that which great mountains could not bear; so do not let that be wasted.

But Uighurs who live there point out the old buildings have stood steadfast for hundreds of years and that they have little control over the design of their new homes.

In 2% of cases steadfast upon is used

This faqir firmly believes this and is steadfast upon it.

Even if they find it, it is very difficult to remain steadfast upon it.

And I ask Allaah to make us firm and steadfast upon guidance and to grant us safety and success.

Remember though, once the frequency is fixed, be steadfast upon it! W ile donations are welcome they are not solicited.

This is indeed better for you and insha Allah easier for you to keep yourself steadfast upon the Deen, until you meet Allah on The Final Day.

And it is such a great blessing that it makes a person steadfast upon the Deen, it strengthens his Imaan and it gives a person serenity of the heart.

The Beloved Prophet (Salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam) advised us to remain firm with the largest group of Muslims and remain steadfast upon their way in beliefs and in actions.

The Beloved Prophet (Salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said that after he passes away his Ummah should remain firmly steadfast upon his Sunnah and upon the way of his four Muslim Caliphs.

In 1% of cases steadfast about is used

Where most people add to their mods at a whim, he knew where he was going and was steadfast about it.

That means focusing on our culture, always looking for innovation and continuous improvement, and being steadfast about our Core Values.

In 1% of cases steadfast against is used

Yusuf is steadfast against ever requesting or receiving government grants for his museum.

Schroeder was the first one who was steadfast against the Iraq war, which is the illegal war.

To live in such a way that when Satan approaches, to be steadfast against error, not by mere intention, but by diligent practice.

This will keep us steadfast against the raids and attacks of Kal and Maya and their attempts to keep us within the grip of Karams.

If you had read my postings soon after the war ended, you would understand why I stand steadfast against a regime that just thought could bluff its way around.

And while members of the GOP rank-and-file on Friday said they remain steadfast against tax increases, some said the votes would likely be there if leadership needed them.

In 1% of cases steadfast as is used

But the thin red line itself was silent; silent as the grave and steadfast as a wall.

The EU and the US stood steadfast as the head of the OIC Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu admitted.

Thereafter Abu Bakr was persecuted in diverse ways, but he remained steadfast as a rock.

You paint as capable as the same level as precision, but it's perhaps more steadfast as a medium.

For this reason I know this: the self and the world are eternal, barren, steadfast as a mountain peak, standing firm like a pillar.

Rule Change: A Tip: Remember the front rank counts a a rank if it has 5 models in it (3 for Monstrous Infantry/Cavalry) 8 comments: I like Steadfast as a general rule.

In 1% of cases steadfast of is used

Other than that I can say nothing but good things about this most steadfast of airlines.

Since then, the Vren have proven themselves to be one of the more loyal and steadfast of Scipin allies.

More than the fact that he was Tamil, he was humble, a steady worker, and steadfast of character, qualities that seemed to me to be the best in Tamils.

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