Prepositions after "span"

"span from" or "span across"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases span from is used

The early modern period spans from the mid-16th century to the late 18th century.

The price range for a digital picture frame spans from around $60 to over $1,300.

Stephen Gray has his own take on A History of the Whoniverse, spanning from Event 1 to the End of Time.

The 13-song set is an instrumental tour de force featuring tracks spanning from the 1990's to the latest.

His favorite gizmos span from tablet PCs to UMPC, to PMPs, gaming consoles, mobile phones and anything with WiFi 802.

With an impressive portfolio under her belt, Kathryn's experience spans from excellent project management to material handling and onsite execution.

The eight-part series, announced in 2010, aims to provide the definitive account of human civilization through the most decisive turning points, spanning from 70,000 BC to 2011 AD.

Who are big names in football in the area? Two names spring to mind: Sir Stanley Matthews, who played for Stoke City in a career spanning from the 1930s to the 1960s is a football legend.

In 34% of cases span across is used

The theme-based learning programme will span across subjects.

As you can probably imagine, these categories span across an incredibly wide range of skills.

This property spans across 4 million sq ft and we have created experiential zones, nomenclature, signage, way-finding systems.

The enthusiastic set of audiences that spanned across generations, queued up outside the venue many hours before the concert.

In 5% of cases span for is used

As the UK continues to endure a sour recession that has spanned for more than three years, the BoE is determined to assess the current state of such a critical facet of the economic spectrum.

In 5% of cases span through is used

The functionality of this module spans through the entire system? making information available anywhere? anytime.

In 2% of cases span out is used

Disquiet over the Advance Your Dreams programme led to a protest at a meeting of the school's trustees, which span out of control, leading campus police to pepper-spray a number of students.

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