Prepositions after "snatch"

"snatch from" or "snatch by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases snatch from is used

A pistol was snatched from one of the officers.

One of them put a gun on his head and the bag containing the cash was snatched from Noorbhaiwala.

The vines grew more and more intricate - the light was entirely snatched from them; but a narrow path continued to lead them towards its direction.

Most unfortunately, that's why 8% of our GDP is under tax and that too we snatch from consumers of goods and services- the poor people through indirect taxes.

In 18% of cases snatch by is used

Along the way, he is left in charge of a string of sausages which are snatched by a crocodile.

Two SLRs, 150 rounds of ammunition and a service pistol of a police inspector were snatched by the mob.

The next burger goes on the grill, the next salmon gets snatched by a kodiak, that's just the way it is.

Then after 2 were snatched by coyotes during the daytime while walking around, they got became very nervous and the feather plucking got worse.

In 11% of cases snatch at is used

They would snatch at people's food and you're not supposed to disturb them anyway.

Then he was obsessed by the desire to spell backward all the words which snatched at him from signs.

Johnson should have scored from Lampard's corner where his first touch was excellent but then he just snatched at it.

In 9% of cases snatch away is used

The film is snatched away from the realm of my interior and tethered hard to some fictive other world I could not give a damn about.

In 7% of cases snatch for is used

The food was good but everyone was snatching for it.

In 2% of cases snatch like is used

Just like gypsies move in packs Armenians move that snatch like yayo.

In 2% of cases snatch off is used

The Imam's body was trampled by his enemies ' horses, his head was severed, and even the tattered cloth with which he had hoped to preserve his modesty was snatched off him.

In 2% of cases snatch on is used

Augustine's assumption of deep familiarity with the word of God has implications not just for how guilty we feel about our 7-minute three-times-a-week quiet times snatched on the Tube.

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