Prepositions after "smile"

smile at, on, for, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases smile at is used

William smiled at the memory of it.

I smiled at it, but out of politeness.

People's eyes widen as they smile at me.

A middle aged Indian woman in an elegant sari smiles at me but clearly speaks no English.

He smiles at the camera and clowns around and I think his actions disrespect his position.

She smiled at him then, just a little smile, and it was of triumph, but it was not unkind.

This too shall pass -- Although today seems very tough, 10 years down the line, you will look back and smile at this day.

I smiled at him politely, and cursed him viciously under my breath (of course!) Flying with BA has always been so lovely.

Her hair was pulled up, and she smiled at me hopefully, showing her small teeth and the charming gap between the front two.

How nice! Often I look at passengers through my window, and people (especially Pakistani mothers) smile at me and wave at me.

In 8% of cases smile on is used

I the gods smile on me that will be the way.

Basically, he is a stone which smiles on occasion.

If luck chooses not to smile on me this time, so be it.

The electoral college is still smiling on us and Obama, however.

You'll smile on a dreary winter day just thinking about your trip.

There are hundreds of pictures of Kristen smiling on the red carpert.

God smiles on North Yorkshire and the rest of the planet is devoid of all life.

Step 10 Withdraw your profits and smile on the way to the bank--you just had your first online freelancing job.

It was fascinating to see the laughter and smiles on many faces, yet pain and sorrow were buried under each smile.

I didn't have much of a voice left after the show, but I went home with a beat in my heart, smile on my face and music ringing in my.

In 7% of cases smile for is used

Besides, smiling for every photograph today is simply conventional.

I'd be looking at my phone, alternately smiling for Queenie Rehman then.

Bhaiji Bhai and his people, forced to smile for photographs on government calendars.

Today in my photography I am amazed at how many people just don't like to smile for a portrait.

All Nature smiles for them, and her only frown is the last one which sends them to bathe in Cocytus.

It was a slide of a group of young Pakistani scientist daughters and sons, confidently smiling for the camera.

But looking back on things now, I would tell today's youth not to disconnect from any of it, but to embrace it all -- and just smile for your picture.

Don't get me wrong, I shower each day, wash, blowdry and straighten my hair every second day, make sure my children are clean pressed and smiling for the day ahead.

I think it is a combination of today's photography equipment and the newer trend of smiling for personal portraits that most of what we see now are smiling portraits.

In 6% of cases smile in is used

It smiled in the dark and I saw fluroscent red teeth.

Next time you see someone smile, notice how you're probably smiling in return.

Last week I asked them to smile in this photo, and in return they asked me to upload it here.

After you get done consuming the LP, you can smile in joy knowing that the band will be playing.

Here are a few suggestions for preparing ourselves for those challenges: Resolve to smile in the face of adversity.

I had to figure out how to smile in front of a camera, just a natural smile, just a friendly face for readers to connect with.

If you smile in a picture, but your eyes don't look genuinely happy, its easy to tell your pushing a smile just for the picture.

In 5% of cases smile to is used

I smiled to myself, clearly impressed.

When you smile more, you will get him/her to smile to you too.

Instead, smile to yourself, sit up straight, and be ready to take your test! 3 Be sure to highlight any key directions.

That is the way so many people are giving money to different short code numbers regularly while the owners smile to the bank.

I have learnt word like ' numaish ' and there is also one very important dialogue that's completely in Urdu but every time I utter it, I start smiling to myself.

Servers, cooks, chefs, everyone and they may smile to your face, but they are really hoping you choke on your food at some point or laughing at the cooks spit you are consuming.

In 4% of cases smile with is used

I've given you two lips to smile with.

Life is too short! Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone.

When both of you smile with each other, you will feel easier to start a conversation.

I am also very lucky! Thanks for the post it shows me how blessed I am, for this I can smile with a happy heart.

Gul Hasan may have found General Akram a little too? professorial?, but if he could smile with me (as he did) I reckon he also respected General Akram.

I can't help but smile with a bit of a laugh at your own proselytizing against the existence of Gd, with the same kind of intensity and polarity as fundamentalists of any religion or faith.

In 3% of cases smile from is used

I'l bet he went home smiling from ear to ear.

The cowherd tribes of Gokul were smiling from ear to ear.

The frantic wave back and smile from ear to ear was so genuine, so personal and strangely authentic.

I wonder if they plan to ban ' R ' -rated movies, rap, soca music and smiling from their island also.

Then Darragh Cotter nailed a goal and before we knew it, we were level, thanks in part to an amount of first half injury time that would have had Alex Ferguson smiling from ear to ear.

In 3% of cases smile like is used

But you're both smiling like fools, and you share a nervous laugh.

So there I was, less than 10m from my 3 favourite Masterchef contestants, smiling like a kid at Christmas.

Why don't we send them to Norway? With a bit of warmth, Norwegians proxy for all Westerners too will be able to smile like us.

But a WOMAN, with her menses and uteri and whatnot? NEVER! Keep the women standing by smiling like idiots, supporting their menfolk as they should be.

I have had bad experiences with this! I can teach you on how to be your best to yourself, in whatever that you needed in this life just to see you smile like an angel in the sky at night.

In 2% of cases smile upon is used

All things then smiled upon Arbaces - all things frowned upon the Athenian.

It is also said that the Hindu Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, ensures her goodwill and will smiles upon the player.

In 1% of cases smile behind is used

Next out was Kilian, who from what I can imagine happened, calmly looked at the boulder and then proceeded to flash it! Even as the crowd roared to his flash, I could only smile behind the wall.

In 1% of cases smile as is used

The fact that so many of the grounds crew not only disengage their machines, but smile as the pedestrian goes by, doesn't hurt either.

The final shot showed Buffy, accompanied by the slayerettes; Willow, Xander, Giles and Dawn, smiling as the whole town of Sunnydale collapsed in upon itself.

In 1% of cases smile around is used

I enjoy the laughter and smiles around the table rather than dwelling on the hours of preparation and clean up.

It all begins with a baby crying in the hospital and everyone smiling around the mother just forgetting all the pain just because she/he is so beautiful.

In 1% of cases smile into is used

She smiled into her husband's blue eyes and reached across to wipe water from his beard.

In 1% of cases smile along is used

He mumbled and smiled along with the rest anyway.

In 1% of cases smile through is used

I would have had a hard time smiling through gritted teeth and not saying anything.

But between the stains the Australian way of life leaves on the bed sheets of existence you can find bravery, and courage, and decency, and honourable, stoic men who smile through adversity.

In 1% of cases smile after is used

And really, what matters most is that you're smiling after watching this movie.

In 1% of cases smile towards is used

Maanvi smiled towards everyone and took her seat, the plates were ready, the food was served.

In 1% of cases smile about is used

Or worse, I'd end up being successful, and have to keep smiling about films that I detested.

The song confirms that, but the video implies that once it's over, it's all alright again, we can smile about the memory and remember those good old lads.

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