Prepositions after "short"

short of, for, on, in or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases short of is used

Quad City fell short of the 22.

We all fall short of our ideals.

It is still short of the playoffs.

Everything I've been hearing and reading seems to fall short of the goal by a long way.

Many banks today even fall short of addressing threats that have been around for years.

I hit a good drive but my second shot was just short of the green and a bogey followed.

In general, however, the living conditions of First Nations still fell far short of the standards of other Canadians.

Just as the actual philosopher falls short of the one wise man, so does the actual statesman fall short of the ideal.

Examining his administration's supposed failure is like complaining that, a hundred metres short of the finish line,.

Anything short of the above and the honorable man and his successor will be talking about cruicial decisions forever.

In 7% of cases short for is used

I know it's a bit short for $7.

So I'll keep this short for now.

It's rather short for a concerto.

This expectation, fell far short for the slum population groups living in urban areas.

DNS- short for Domain Name Systems -- is like the telephone directory of the internet.

Leo Andrews -- I really like this one, too, but it would depend what Leo was short for.

Seagoon: Nonsense - I am much too short for the police! Grytpype: Then you'll have to go abroad - the Mediterranean.

Last season was a bit short for him because of injury, and quite unsuccessful, but that story is different this year.

Allen Craig ripped Wood's first pitch into left but was stranded when Molina grounded out to short for the third out.

This was apparently short for ' sarsparilla ' and was the most popular flavour of soft drink in the area we moved to.

In 7% of cases short on is used

Here is a short on his Bio! www.

I had just a shirt and a short on.

I am short on many emerging markets.

The HotForex Traders Board shows that 52 percent of the traders are short on the EURUSD.

Since we had been short on time, I am going to make a point of dropping in again myself.

And Wayne Shorter on sax, right? I love that stuff they were doing in the mid-sixties.

Had a trade short on the good old breakout, managed to move SL to B/E and it got hit, so still on +155 for the month.

And because of this, many users who are sometimes short on change, look to find out how to get free xbox live online.

We have to play to our maximum, we have to have things go for us, and United have to be a little bit short on the day.

For anyone short on time, this would be The Place to go to pick something up for a ' bring a plate of food ' occasion.

In 5% of cases short in is used

They fall short in the process.

To be short in this comment: 1.

Its always short in a restaurant.

He executed every short in the book on the featherbed like wicket for the short making.

But I thought I should cry last Sunday when I realized they were too short in the palm.

Exposure is held short in Junk Bonds, Technology, Discretionary and Dow Transportation.

If you think that you might have an electrical short in your home somewhere, you will want to find it and do the rep.

CA: J, it's obvious from that short in Rocketeer Adventures 2 that you have a blast drawing Cliff and Betty together.

There may be additional rehearsals required, while at the same time some rehearsals may become shorter in duration.

Korean style with a romantic Greek wind messy hair or short in front plate made and relatively long-form wedding tune.

In 3% of cases short by is used

They fell short by over 10,000.

We are short by a factor of 10 19.

Actually, it is short by two fables.

This makes me all the more sad that his life was cut short by an auto accident in ' 98.

Unfortunately, my demo of Lego Lord of the Rings was cut short by a game ending glitch.

His studies at Zurich, however, were cut short by the death of his father in June 1863.

Expansion was also cut short by the fact that the stock market boomlet early in the year had collapsed by the spring.

The livelihood of the two fishermen, emblematic of the lives of many, has been cut short by the fall-out of the spill.

I've seen losts of very short women with tall, not taller, men and have been treated as short by women of all heights.

I did not go yesterday, so won't comment on it, I would have thought a point decent, sadly we fell short by not a lot.

In 2% of cases short to is used

Life is too short to Hate Read.

Life's too short to not even try.

If you can get it shorter to a 0.

In the short to medium term, it may be worth acquiring to get something off the ground.

The Middle East could potentially become an LTE powerhouse in the short to medium term.

But for the short to medium term my guess is that the die was cast 10 years ago really.

The seventh Prime Minister most likely will be installed or incorporated with this mural in the short to medium term.

This is why the German experiment needs to be followed carefully and why gas makes sense in the short to medium term.

Financial goals can be short to medium term, like paying off a loan, or long-term, like saving enough for retirement.

The successful drive will leave the player a short to medium iron shot to the split level green with birdie potential.

In 1% of cases short at is used

Pete is relatively short at 5 feet 6.

It is long and short at the same time.

When you fall short at one dish, there.

Thus, in the development section which follows, the principal theme stops short at fig.

They'd have a big old comb and literally shave you across, and very short at the sides.

A bit short at just under 40 minutes but it's a great early example of Shaka in session.

Yet, despite spending the money buying a book, and many hours reading it, many people fall short at the action stage.

Her personal life, copiously recorded in her journals, is at least equally fascinating, and was sadly cut short at 34.

Being shorter at Christmas could be a significant downside to individuals who come to feel inferior for their height.

Having missed Beijing four years ago due to an ankle stress fracture, it seemed she would fall short at her home Games.

In 1% of cases short with is used

Sometimes I was short with her.

QLDC is well short with its $20K.

It often gets shorter with age.

Food supplies are now extremely short with bread rationed to 100g per person per day.

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The legs are short with webbed toes, five on the front legs and four on the back legs.

They just want to come over and talk -- but I find myself getting short with people and then, later, it bothers me.

The MTR baggy is a lightweight stretch fabric short with a DWR finish on the rear panel to cut down on splash back.

These activities should be short with a goal of opening the door to greater respect for all languages of the world.

However, the exhibition was cut short with the arrival at about 14:15 of the District Commissioner's representative.

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