Prepositions after "shield"

"shield from", "shield with" or "shield by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases shield from is used

Mr Sinclair has been shielded from such hardship and doesn't live in the real world.

Publishing and broadcast was shielded from much of it, but they will experience it soon.

Governments appoint and pay judges, but once appointed judges are shielded from bureaucratic control.

These things need to be shielded from bacteria rigorously as hygiene is an vital matter for the preparation of food items.

Information that should be released to the public should never be shielded from the people in the name of government and its agents acting as opinion leaders.

With bank resolution and deposit insurance funded primarily by private sector contributions, taxpayers would be shielded from picking up the bill for future banking crises.

The purpose of these was to ensure fingers were in a fit state for heavy smartphone usage, but under cover at Forsyth Barr Stadium I was sufficiently shielded from the elements.

In 14% of cases shield by is used

Lalkamal Bhowmick dinked up a ball to Sankar Oraon who was well shielded by Dharmaraj Ravanan.

I do, however, feel that the strength of one's arguments is lessened when shielded by the anonymity of the internet.

Illumination Due to radiation hazards, the colony will have to be completely shielded by means of a composite material.

Unlike speeding motorists, fare evaders are not shielded by their vehicles and are subsequently left to process their situation, guilt, anger or humiliation with no privacy.

In 12% of cases shield with is used

It is, therefore, important to ensure that sockets, for example, are shielded with childproof covers.

In proposed architectural solution shown in figure 2 cell clock pin is being created next to ground supply rail, such that clock pin is shielded with ground line from one side.

Would you want this lecher teaching your daughter? That is entirely possible, thanks to the Tribunal, and you'll never be able to avoid him because he's been shielded with anonymity.

In 8% of cases shield against is used

It shields against environmental contaminants which can ruin your epidermis, causing it to age too early.

In 8% of cases shield for is used

If ADT were unable to use these tax shields for whatever reason, it would be a surprise and have a negative impact on the shares.

The cuisses and cuirass are for level 1+, the tekko and shield for level 2+, the chainmail shirt and boots for level 3+, the gauntlets and pauldrons for level 4+ and a helmet for level 5 and over.

In 2% of cases shield behind is used

A further reason is that the Hutu saw the Tutsi as oppressors that were shielding behind the cover of the foreigners and getting all the privileges at their expense.

In 2% of cases shield on is used

The netting is some trunks provide shielding on the wearer? s sensitive area so injuries can be avoided.

In 2% of cases shield relative is used

It is simply a matter of ensuring adequate safety shielding relative to the type of radiation.

In 2% of cases shield via is used

They also believe that due to the fact other youngsters are receiving the photographs, their children will likely be shielded via herd defense.

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