Prepositions after "self-sufficient"

self-sufficient in, for, with, by or through?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases self-sufficient in is used

The country is self-sufficient in rice.

To-day India is self-sufficient in food.

It should be self-sufficient in agriculture.

It detaches from the artist and stands alone and self-sufficient in the world.

It is a matter of pride to state that now Sri Lanka is self-sufficient in rice.

They sprang from a military plan for Cuba to be self-sufficient in case of war.

And you can not expect every country to be self-sufficient in providing the tanks, ships and planes needed.

Britain would be self-sufficient in energy and the revenues from the North Sea would modernise the economy.

Contrary to most predictions of barely five years ago, the US may turn out to be self-sufficient in energy.

So the global price volatility has been reflected even in a country that is largely self-sufficient in rice.

In 7% of cases self-sufficient for is used

He was self-sufficient for wheat.

Prepare to be self-sufficient for 3-5 days.

Most people would be self-sufficient for food.

Be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours.

It was self-sufficient for vegetables for the whole estate.

It has been financially self-sufficient for more than five years.

There, people have traditionally been self-sufficient for centuries.

FEMA recommends that you be ready and self-sufficient for at least 3 days.

The campus will be self-sufficient for power, with the national grid acting only as a back-up.

Israel might have been energy self-sufficient for a while if development of those had continued.

In 5% of cases self-sufficient with is used

We can be self-sufficient with our Natural Capital.

At that point, we had better become self-sufficient with local goods.

The Eden project tries to be as self-sufficient with energy as possible.

The government wants to be self-sufficient with milk production and processing.

We have become self-sufficient with respect to natural gas, even as usage expands.

The ecology was self-sufficient with man and nature providing and caring for each other.

The difference between Canada and England is that Canada is self-sufficient with food and energy supplies.

The quest to make Ghana self-sufficient with regards to rice supply is however proving more difficult than expected.

They also trained AHIP on Articulate Presenter so they could become self-sufficient with e-Learning course development.

In 4% of cases self-sufficient by is used

Aristotle asserts that a city state must be self-sufficient by definition.

In 1973, Nixon launched Project Independence; the United States would be energy self-sufficient by 1980.

Peter Kenyon promised Chelsea would be self-sufficient by 2009 - in January 2012 they posted a loss of 68m.

In the States, the extraction of shale oil and gas means that they could be energy self-sufficient by 2020.

In 2007, the company set a goal of being energy self-sufficient by the year 2012, while also being carbon-neutral or negative.

You learn to be self-sufficient by not only making your own schedule, but having the responsibility of actually sticking to it.

Because of these programs, the Agriculture Department is positive the Philippines will be rice self-sufficient by the end of 2013, Delima said.

Rajan Chellappa exuded confidence that the local body would soon be able to become financially self-sufficient by augmenting its revenue resources.

The probability that the PPF will meet its objective of becoming financially self-sufficient by 2030 fell from 87% to 84% over the past year, he said.

In 2% of cases self-sufficient through is used

The Women's Art Colony Farm in Poughkeepsie, New York has become self-sufficient through their annual harvest of Christmas Trees.

When I read about the experience of some families who have become self-sufficient through Grameen's assistance, I was so excited.

The Convent was able to care for up to 1,000 and was self-sufficient through its farming, Industrial School and laundry activities.

Moving forward we hope to become self-sufficient through a number of revenue models: Transactional revenue from apps and ministry resources.

By 4 o'clock, we'd reached Kirme, a small village of only about 20 houses, that was self-sufficient through lack of road access until recent times.

In 2% of cases self-sufficient without is used

Feel self-sufficient without this person.

These people aren't self-sufficient without relying on their staff to do everything for them.

Collaboration platforms empower employees to be more self-sufficient without having to rely on email for everything.

Pros- One major plus to this parenting is teaching children to be self-sufficient without always having a parent or adult in general nearby.

The Greek government therefore has been asking its creditors for more time so that it can become self-sufficient without inflicting yet greater damage on its ailing economy.

The Greek government, therefore, has been asking its creditors for more time so that it can become self-sufficient without inflicting yet greater damage on its ailing economy.

So the real question is what now? For those of you with the resources, learning how to live closer to the land and be self-sufficient without money might let you survive the bottleneck.

There have been several suggestions which would make them entirely self-sufficient without cutting benefits at all, such as simply removing the upper limit on how much income is liable to deductions.

In 1% of cases self-sufficient after is used

So I should be (arguably) right to demand that Ghana should be self-sufficient after six years (whether we found oil or not).

Currently, IaW is transforming from an NGO (non profit) into a sustainable social enterprise in order to achieve their goal: to be economically self-sufficient after 2012.

In 1% of cases self-sufficient as is used

However, the country is nearly self-sufficient as regards foodstuffs.

Of course they should be a clean and self-sufficient as a good hotel room, but they should make a home out of it.

In the end, it's what comes out of your instrument that matters, and your ability to be ultimately self-sufficient as a musician, not how you got there.

Indeed, Alabama could be largely self-sufficient as an independent republic by using and selling to others the produce, both natural and man made, of our great State.

They must know and understand the world they live in, which is for their benefit; they must also be educated to secure a good job and be self-sufficient as a Muslim should be.

In 1% of cases self-sufficient at is used

You may feel that you need to be totally Self-sufficient at the moment.

Your point #2 really resonated with me -- I learned to be self-sufficient at a young age.

For as long as I can remember it's been my dream to be as self-sufficient at home as I can be.

Amish communities show the way to being self-sufficient at a certain tech-level; we know that's possible.

I became completely self-sufficient at installing, configuring, managing and growing my own profit-pulling websites.

Let us say a particular commodity like gari is sold for N10 per bag hypothetically and the farmers are producing to make us self-sufficient at N10.

If people are growing fruit and vegetables in their garden, they are likely to be able to save money by only being slightly self-sufficient at home.

In Steve Jobs ' biography, author Isaacson wrote: Laurene Powell had been born in New Jersey in 1963 and learned to be self-sufficient at an early age.

Students are more self-sufficient at the graduate level than at the undergraduate level, and they have a baseline understanding when they embark on a graduate degree.

In 1% of cases self-sufficient during is used

So even if I was fully self-sufficient during the daylight hours I will still be paying 31.

The Kingdom of Polonnaruwa was completely self-sufficient during King Parakramabahu's reign.

Next on the list, modern, ocean-going sailboats are also specifically designed to be self-sufficient during long cruises.

When protected and supported by the state, the Syrian real economy was productive and self-sufficient during the 1970s, especially in light textiles and food industries.

In 1% of cases self-sufficient on is used

Rich people left to be self-sufficient on their estates.

Still the village remained a quiet and remote place, self-sufficient on its hillside above a fast-flowing stream.

What's more, as City now have a top-class squad, they will recoup more in player sales than of old, so will become more self-sufficient on that front.

Empowerment: Empowerment adds the authority to be self-sufficient (making our own decisions) and creates the basis for people to become self-sufficient on an ongoing basis.

In 1% of cases self-sufficient within is used

In terms of rice the initial promise was that Ghana would become self-sufficient within two to three years.

Various policy measures were announced with a promise that Ghana will be self-sufficient within 2 to 3 years.

He had therefore made early preparations to make the city self-sufficient within its own city limits in food and other essential materials.

The aim of BUDAP is to be self-sufficient within three years and hopes to expand its operation with a group of disabled women that make handicrafts.

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