Prepositions after "screw"

"screw on" or "screw with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 19% of cases screw on is used

Really got screwed on this one, such a great game too.

Mascherano is a fantastic talent when his head is screwed on right.

Oates concluded that Amundsen ' must have had his head screwed on right ' to use dog teams to pull his sledges.

This oscillated at 96 khz without the brass nut and increased gradually as the brass nut was screwed on up to 106 khz.

Gently screw on a plastic lid or cover the jar with a cloth and leave on a bench top out of direct sunlight at about 28C.

Unlike the empty plastic bottles you can buy and decide yourself how much you cut off the nozzle before screwing on the nib.

My only advice to you is to take your time with the micro screws on the immobilizer, cause if you rush it you will strip the screws.

Your head seems to be screwed on right and your gradualized non-panicked approach in regards to a self sufficient lifestyle will serve you well.

The Corsa III back tire has also a habit of easily kicking out on wet roundabouts and corners, it's something I got used too and prompted me to screw on some engine bars.

In 16% of cases screw with is used

Nolan seems to screw with the whole concept of origin stories on purpose.

It also screws with the reader's head as s/he tries to figure out what's going on.

Which one of these actions is more progressive? It's the kids screwing with the tunes, that's what.

If a few kids (or old people) screw with the tunes, it's not as if they're destroying the whole big edifice.

They've already written the history books about how Obama brought world peace and they can't have murderous jihadis screwing with the narrative.

For example, with the Twitter widget some of the styles include! important which screws with your attempts to make real-time changes to the Twitter text/link colors via the theme customizer.

In 9% of cases screw by is used

The half-million residents of Washington, for example, largely get screwed by the deal.

What I wouldn't give to hear he and Conan speaking off the record about their experiences getting screwed by NBC.

The last thing I want to do in 2,3,5,10 years from now is to need to get our of my home and get screwed by the shadow banking system.

Clear the prisons of poor people that got screwed by some ego prosecutor climbing his way to the top on the backs of the poor, got a unfair trial.

In 9% of cases screw over is used

He also completely screwed over the Anaheim Ducks.

Too many of these Politicians looking out for themselves and screwing over the people who voted them in based on their empty spin.

If faced with a choice of the welfare of their offspring and the welfare of the nation they will happily screw over the nation every time.

This is a case of people making decisions that gratify them in the short-term at the cost of screwing over themselves and others in the long-term.

Because then they couldn't have got all the strings they wanted, like screwing over the bond holders and other secured creditors to favor their Union Bolshevik thugs.

That audit is how readers of the Times first learned of the Fed's trillions of dollars in secret loans and aid given to the banks as a reward for screwing over the public.

In 8% of cases screw for is used

For sheet metal, use specific sheet metal screws for best results.

Would one of those big ground screws for dog leashes (with clamp) work instead of a big screwdriver? I've got one of those that can be installed nearby.

So all aroubd Front and back is getting screwed for all of our hard work! Its a tough question and i think some of you are getting away from the point.

They are screwed for life now as they were sold the Koolaid by the RE industry! TV Important -- Please note that effective January 1, 2013, the monthly price of your TV service will increase by $3.

In 8% of cases screw in is used

Next the walls and the three steps are loosely screwed in place.

Finally the control panel and interior light are screwed into position.

Of course, with the closed baby gate at the top of our stairs, Will'd be screwed in a fire either way.

You should look for loose rivets, scratched numbers, mismatched rivets, screws in place of rivets, or tape, glue or paint over the VIN plate.

In 6% of cases screw into is used

Finally the control panel and interior light are screwed into position.

I used a small L shaped cup-hook with threads designed to screw into wood.

Through a rubber hose screwed into the top hole from inside, the bicycle pump would fill the barrel with air.

Graham stood six feet tall had to stoop over once inside the barrel to allow the water tight lid to be screwed into place.

In 6% of cases screw out is used

I have a niece and two nephews who could be screwed out of most of their inheritance if I renounced.

As a New Mexican, I feel like I've been screwed out of a job I was more than qualified for due to politics.

You are not the only one to get screwed out of retirement, and by the way most of us had to invest our own money and not get a pension.

In 6% of cases screw to is used

These are fitted at the bottom to a batten screwed to the floor.

This sits on the blocks screwed to the inside of the corner posts.

For over three years now, the base rate has been screwed to the floor at 0.

In 5% of cases screw onto is used

We'd been looking for something like a little round table top to screw onto the top of the rubbish bin.

Conversely, the camera mount provided on some models is really useful for avid photographers only as most consumer-level cameras won't screw onto it at all.

The sheets are screwed onto the batten on the gunwale sheet and glued and pinned onto the swim sheet which takes a bit of care to ensure that the pins do not come out the front of the sheet.

In 4% of cases screw up is used

No news from CNN how Obama totally screwed up the middle east foreign policy.

Who funded it, most probably chinese? Somw of these buggers, in the government, who have screwed up US have been to very prestigious and private colleges and universities.

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