Prepositions after "scary"

"scary for" or "scary to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases scary for is used

That is scary for many reasons.

This has been very scary for me.

Uncle Al is just too scary for me.

He had to be willing to flee to Egypt for safety, which was scary for a Jewish family.

Refinishing Hardwood Flooring: Running a drum sander is a little scary for a beginner.

Being physically bullied is incredibly scary for a victim and puts them at great risk.

This is scary for many educators who get fired for facebook photos showing them consuming alcohol while on vacation.

All of these were scary for me at the time, so I had to push through and overcome my fears in order to get them done.

Take care and have a long and happy life Hey lil fella, hope your trip home goes great and it's not too scary for you.

Dating a guy with a controlling nature can be pretty scary for women and will cause them to run from you very quickly.

In 16% of cases scary to is used

Which seems pretty scary to me.

None of this seems scary to me.

But that thought is scary to me.

It's scary to me that I have to do more than just be chosen and cling on for dear life.

Losing 75-95% sounds pretty damn scary to me, and worse yet is preventable to some degree.

What is that like? Is it scary or exciting or both? Wholesale is still pretty scary to me.

Your brother angers easily and is scary to you, but you have to put that aside and confront him - each and every time.

Moving to the wider world was as unknow and scary to her as moving into the ghetto would be for most of the rest of us.

The first thing you need to teach your rabbit is that you aren? t going to do anything scary to him - like pick him up.

Now what is a bit scary to me is that Obama is so wrong in saying that this time is different from the Great Depression.

In 12% of cases scary in is used

Which is scary in and of itself.

It wasn't scary in the slightest.

Cespedes is simply scary in ability.

The Daleks aren't scary in huge numbers, blowing stuff up and swarming through the sky.

Well, not scary in itself, but scary that any school head could read it and believe it.

It is pretty awesome to climb it but also scary in a way and not for the fainted heart.

I don't think it was the authors intent to entertain, but it was certainly thought provoking and even scary in places.

It's scary in there! So, what's another choice? Look with your heart, and you'll see that there is a fork in the road.

If the information you took to be true is actually highly unreliable, why accept it? Being loved was scary in the past.

The colour may look a bit intimidating and scary in the pan but can be sheered and blended out with a good blush brush.

In 10% of cases scary at is used

Fun and scary at the same time.

That was quite scary at the time.

Amazing and scary at the same time.

Which, by the way, that mode can actually be pretty scary at times (yes I played it at 2 a.

You Can Train Yourself Taking that leap was exhilarating and extremely scary at the same time.

The parking lot is seriously cool and scary at the same time as you seem to dive into the depths of an endless crypt.

It was scary at the time, though, because when Pietrantonio went down, he slammed his head violently against the mat.

Now, 15 or 17 years later, I've read it again (this time the whole thing) and there's really nothing scary at all about it.

In all the euphoria, and I am one of the happiest people on earth right now, the first 17 minutes were pretty scary at the back.

In 6% of cases scary about is used

Nothing new and scary about it.

There's nothing scary about this.

There is nothing scary about guns.

You really have to learn that its just anxiety, and there is nothing scary about it.

What is really scary about the backs is there is not an established IC in the squad.

What was scary about them was that every High Street you went along, there they were.

After all, what was scary about the recent assassinations in Pakistan was the response of well-educated Pakistanis.

But come on! The only thing scary about the website is that the fact that it was only in Chinese and no translation.

There is nothing scary about speed in less you feel in danger, and ' flying ' would be more exciting than intimidating.

There was always something, for me slightly scary about dating someone do young, I felt slightly uncomfortable with it.

In 4% of cases scary of is used

Maybe it just wasn't that scary of a year.

The one I always found the scariest of all.

And scariest of all, we weren't really sure how.

It's not that scary of an idea to think about other living creatures on other planets either.

The scariest of all monsters in the healthclub lurk, show them a cake and they all go beserk.

The scariest of this game was not the parts where the scary monsters popped out at the player.

It is, by the way, a lot less scary of a number than the ten-year one, and you got ta wonder why supporters don't use it.

It made for the scariest of Halloweens, as those lucky enough to still have homes sat in darkness awaiting power to return.

Still, others just vote what their parents did, and the scariest of all, is that some listen to Romney and believe his lies.

This number is the scariest of all -- one that, for the first time, meshes the political and scientific dimensions of our dilemma.

In 3% of cases scary on is used

It was too big and scary on my own.

Horror movies are less scary on repeat*.

That is downright scary on so many levels.

It can be scary on my bike: I have been cut up once, and -- you're not going to believe this.

I had to look after the future and given where I was now -- it was scary on grad student pay.

GOD BLESS, and all our love Yash, Sonal and Ash and Kavi too, this has to be scary on all of them.

I've met men who would score pretty high on the traditional attractiveness meter who were quite scary on a number of levels.

We checked out the view from the cable car awesome views, a bit scary on the way back down but once we were rolling it wasn't too bad.

In fact, Dublin is scary on a weekend evening if you do not have a bellyful of beer to buoy you up and give you a false sense of security.

Most horror media stops being scary on repeat **30;7068;TOOLONG, but the really good stuff does leave something behind in the audience's mind.

In 3% of cases scary with is used

Some places it can be scary with few or no lamp posts.

Make some scary epitaphs to look them scarier with markers.

Life is so scary with a map (which is only conceived anyway).

One of them, called Shelly Belly, was really scary with a wrinkly face and a puckered u.

And events in Iran in the last week look a little scary with the attack on the UK's Embassy.

It's a lot less scary with my childhood baggage semi unloaded and re-filled with the aforementioned.

It's a little scary with the economy the way it is, but we know we are doing what's in the best interest for our family.

The bolder ones lurch towards you like a big dog, and can be quite persistent and scary with their growls and open mouths.

Plus (like Willem Dafoe in Spider-Man) Hugo Weaving is one of those characters that is a lot scarier with his proper face on.

Watching the cookie crumble I agree, Shawn -- from our perspective, the US just gets sillier and scarier with every passing week.

In 2% of cases scary after is used

It got scary after a while though.

The road isn't so scary after all.

It's scarier after the long silences.

Sure it was scary after twenty years of being wife and mother, and out os the workforce.

I don't know if yours will be the same, but trust me, it isn't too scary after the first day.

With time it will take over all house hold appliances too, which does get scary after a certain point.

Commercial trucks may seem a bit scarier after drivers hear about a new study linking obese truck drivers and accidents.

What's the worst that could happen, anyway? You might fail to launch a product, but you will still walk away with happiness -- it's not so scary after all.

This was one of those rare moments in British public life when everyone seemed to have the same thought more or less simultaneously: not so scary after all.

Dad says she'll have lots of fun, but there's a problem: Lily doesn't want to go! Join Lily as she braves Melanie's house, and realises that doing new things needn't be scary after all.

In 2% of cases scary as is used

It was a scary as a thrilling moment.

Scary as a child, more-so watching it again as an adult.

And it gets worse and even scary as the meeting approaches.

Butler Park is so scary as a father to insist on pushing his son Chang Hee into a monster.

At least the latter is a bit scary as the locals do nt rent that much in Budapest as far as I can see.

The hate against Busquets is tiring and actually scary as to which point media can influence people's mind.

Fear and anger are another couple of front-runners, which is why sex can be dangerous and scary as well as wonderful.

I believe it! It's scary as a little kid, but if you were as spontaneous as me back then, you'd enjoy it for the thrill.

I must have OD'ed on scary as a child reading Steven King's books under the blankets with a flashlight - when I was eight.

The early days were the scariest as the ground was really hot from the volcanic ash and quite unstable during rainy days.

In 1% of cases scary because is used

But it's realistic, and scary because of that.

I think she becomes even scarier because of that.

According to Zakir, awards like these are scary because of the instant fame.

It can be scary because of the fierce winds blowing, but the view is just priceless.

Probably the closest thing to a real-life villain in a Bond movie, and scarier because of it.

This can be scary because of the power imbalance between managers and employees, but it needs to be done.

Scripting doesn't flow naturally from previous experience, and scripting something is scary because of this.

Dreams must be similar to thoughts where they can get weird and scary because of the anxiety of having them.

The Zhentarim can be scary because of what they'll do when you're in the way -- assuming they can't bargain with you, of course.

These are scary because of how they personify the fears of buying a new house: that your house has some hideous aspect that you haven't seen, but can see you.

In 1% of cases scary by is used

This is not scary by international standards.

The fourth time was the scariest by a long shot.

Haba! The obsession with this smart phone is getting scarier by the day.

Of course, they were not funny on purpose, but they most certainly were scary by design.

All in all, i hope this rocky road ends soon because its getting scarier by the minute.

Made especially scary by the fact that fast zombies may not attack for several minutes after they scream.

It is getting scarier by the day b/c Obama &; crew have predictably gone full steam ahead with their preplanned takeover.

They're formidable beasts, and they're made all the scarier by the fact that you actually find yourself caring about the characters.

Its Scary By Night parties kick off with a special BIG Sheep Hallowe'en pantomime starring the BIG Sheep's favourite character, Woolly the Sheep.

Each of the stories told to our protagonist is unique and scary by itself while adding to the overall atmosphere and theme of the novel as a whole.

In 1% of cases scary from is used

His ex is scary from all the surgery.

It looked pretty scary from the sideline too.

The movie is tense and scary from the moment it begins.

Observing a pitbull raises my estimate of the person's being scary from 10% to almost 50%.

Alessio, i saw your interview and thought it very scary from the point of view of my elderly mother and aunt.

If you were less than a foot high and saw giants lumbering after you, it would be scary from your point of view.

While the music was quite impressive both in the main and funky rooms, the venue is scary from a safety point of view.

The simulator only gets scarier from here, since you now hear the sounds of scary breathing echoing through the flights of stairs.

This was a Mickey Mouse game that kicked off with an attempted surgical disembowelling, remember, and things only got weirder and scarier from that point on.

It's an unknown, which is scary from our point of view given the history of Maryland's decision-makers, but the people making this call have a lot more info on it than we do.

In 1% of cases scary like is used

Scary like something dangerous.

It's not exciting and scary like allergies.

It was a bit scary like walking in the woods at night.

She is not scary like the news paper editorial seem to suggest.

At any moment any of us may have to face something scary like that.

Its super scary like bins of paint, boxes, stuff we never unpacked.

These are the movies that does not let us sleep and make our nights scary like hell.

I have read him pretty constantly, be it his dailies or weeklies, for something scary like two decades.

Although a advance loan may well not sound as scary like a cash advance, this is basically the exact same thing.

More than anything else, I find the girl's mother revolting, in a crude, calculating, scary like gangster sort of way.

In 1% of cases scary out is used

Yes, those figures do sound mighty scary out of context.

You make them out to be some big scary out of control monster but they're not.

What do you do to make sure you optimize your search engine optimization planning and execution? How do you take the scary out of SEO? Comments, if you please.

The games are some of the scariest out today and although not particularly frightening or jumpy, the locations and sounds make it one of more eerie horror game collections.

In 1% of cases scary without is used

In fact, its kind of scary without a flashlight.

Top floor was scary without the screens - it felt very exposed and I would conditions.

And it whould not make a lot of sence if he was wearing his mask again and he isnt scary without it.

Q: Some of Carmack's games can be pretty scary without a VR headset, and with one on it could be terrifying.

The simple fact is that despite the brutality and violence of the hulking Leatherface, he just wouldn't be as scary without his chainsaw.

I thank brother Elisha Goodman for letting God use him as an instrument in these days we are leaving in quite scary without the Lord I must add.

Mundane But Deserted or Derelict There's another way an empty space can be scary without it being a freaky void, and that's when it's an area that you don't think should be empty.

Enemy design is enthralling throughout, striking a careful balance between cartoonish charm and alien menace -- scary without trying too hard to scare, appealing without ever feeling familiar.

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