Prepositions after "rural"

rural to, in, as, with or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases rural to is used

The course aims to bring the study of the rural to the fore.

There is a significant movement now from rural to urban areas.

That is why we see a lot of migration from rural to urban areas.

As the scenery turns from rural to urban, I see train stations packed full of bicycles.

These rural to urban migrants provided cheap and plentiful labor for emerging factories.

The big question is the relationship of the rural to the urban -- and of tribe to nation.

This in turn creates additional employment in these areas and prevents migration of people from rural to urban areas.

In this situation, it can be anticipated that considerable numbers will continue to migrate from rural to urban areas.

So, a huge amount of rural to urban migration might lead to loss of precious culture and societal fabric of a society.

Vigyan moved from rural to urban work in 2005, after running a slum mapping exercise by Oxfam in Lucknow &; Allahabad.

In 10% of cases rural in is used

North county Dublin remained profoundly rural in aspect.

The northern edge of the area you show was rural in 1811.

Much of north county Dublin, like Skerries, was rural in aspect.

The newly added areas, being rural in nature till October 2000, did not have such a list.

Mainly rural in character, but the new(ish) M3 motorway will get you to Dublin in around ninety minutes.

This urban-elite organisation tended to marginalise Aboriginal peoples whose communities were mostly rural in nature.

This pilot project, which involved one group of 15 women was based in the Ilongero ward of Singida Rural in Tanzania.

It made me realise just how cosmopolitan, city-loving and non-rural I am (though being rural in the UK can be quite urban).

In 8% of cases rural as is used

He dealt with rural as well as urban life with equal intensity of observation.

Poverty Britain is it seems set to sweep across our rural as well as our urban areas.

Crystal meth is now present throughout the United States, in rural as well as urban areas.

The company virtually covers every single corner of the rural as well as urban area of Bangladesh.

His writing is characterised by a simple literary diction dealing with rural as well as urban life.

The campaign is gathering pace in rural as well as urban areas such as Karachi, Pakistan's biggest city.

The second was a growing demand for low-skilled labour in New Zealand's rural as well as urban economies.

Proper shelter is also an issue of concern, and rural as well as urban housing plans must help solve this issue.

By this all people from rural as well as urban areas will be able to obtain solution s to their daily power related issues.

Those who object in principle to government without the clear electoral mandate of rural as well as of urban and suburban areas.

In 6% of cases rural with is used

Mooloolah is rural with a supermarket, Bootle Shop.

The Asunafo North District is predominantly rural with 71.

The population of the state is primarily rural with only 26.

The rest of the population may be described as rural with population less than 5,000.

I mean this was rural with a capital W, and I'd just not down with the country groove.

The 2000 population census reveals that it is largely rural with 75,661 rural and 16,304 urban populations.

Rural with moderate urban influence: Rural areas with a significant, but not exclusively, main urban area influence.

SETTLEMENT The population of the Region is predominantly rural with majority of the people living in rural settlements.

The rest of the settlements may be described as rural with only nine (9) of them having population between 3,762 and 1809.

Most urban centers seemed to be in decay, and the land turns rural with increasingly small holdings from the pressure on land.

In 3% of cases rural of is used

Thus, the District is mainly rural of about 81.

Vacant Land and Business of 70% LVR and Rural of 60% LVR).

Two SP Rural of the city have been killed in the last seven months.

He was born in 1964 in the rural of Mahaday district, northeast of Mogadishu.

Eating moon cakes No matter in urban or rural of China, people eat moon cakes on Mid-autumn Festival.

The shelter is not in that rural of an area-approximately 40 miles from both Grand Rapids and Lansing MI.

Today, I was traveling to the most rural of the rural areas to bring basic health services to those who need it the most.

Although two-thirds of females are now classified as urban, Saskatchewan remains the most rural of the prairie provinces.

It is certainly encouraging to see a top corporate such as Mobitel taking the prerogative to develop even the most rural of areas in the country.

Before 500 year the Mughals (Muslim) were the rural of India subcontinent and before that period there were so many states in India and most of the population was hindu or buddhists.

In 3% of cases rural versus is used

The most evident break is rural versus urban.

And one last point - this isn't a rural versus townie issue.

That is a whole other argument altogether -- rural versus urban values, culture and lifestyle.

For Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Syria, region of residence was categorized into rural versus urban.

Instead of your rural versus urban conflict you are promoting -- you should think of healing that divide.

Virtually every indicator you can think of is turned on its head when measured in rural versus urban contexts.

There is also a link, she said, between education, wealth, and location (rural versus urban) on contraceptive use.

Rural versus urban Cancer rates in England and Wales reveal rural areas with higher rates than metropolitan/ urban, and vice versa.

European Union Delegation, 2006 4 In the more urbanised provinces, the selection of 50% rural versus 50% urban area split was the target.

These were Patterns of trauma injuries in rural versus urban Jamaica (17) and Fall s: a modifiable risk factor for the occurrence of hip fractures in the elderly (18).

In 3% of cases rural vs is used

The graph above shows the SPM performance for rural vs urban schools.

I also find it alarming how you flippantly address the poor rural vs poor urban argument.

Rural vs urban? Overall, more whites are on food stamps because more of them recently became unemployed or underemployed.

Western strategists continually write about Rural vs Urban China, often writing about these in terms of Rich vs Poor China.

There must have been differences of opinion, including the Lingiari preselection: two candidates, north versus south, man vs woman, rural vs urban background, relative youth versus maturity.

THEMES 1) Rural vs City Rural -- friendly, homely, casual City -- formal, worried about appearances, lonely 2) Maori inclusion of the aged Inclusion of Aunty in the game, in spite of her age.

In 2% of cases rural by is used

Half of the wards remote from a DGH were not classed as rural by the Office for National Statistics.

And Labour further lose out in England because of the way previously urban seats have been made more rural by the increase in size.

Stay up to date on prepping tips, articles, and adventures in the rural by visiting my facebook page! New friends are always welcome.

Fewer than half of the wards remote from hospital and under two-thirds of those remote from primary care are classified as rural by the ONS.

In 2% of cases rural for is used

But even those people in urban areas depend much on the products from rural for food.

If I go rural for holidays I can always get a Telstra prepaid SIM and have a ' country number '.

This session is a must for any student considering going rural for their study or future employment.

There is no doubt that Tanzania is urbanising but the majority of the population are most likely to remain rural for the next half century.

The beautiful for us was on the one hand, the idyllic rural for relaxing and recharge and on the other hand the atmosphere and the bustle of the city to experience Vienna.

In 1% of cases rural at is used

I read that the area was so rural at the time that there weren't any real towns like the mini-series depict and Matewan didn't even exist at the time.

There is a new private albergue, with meals, bookable in San Roman, and also the Casa Rural at Casa de Ponti and a new albergue 2kms further on at Ponte Ferreira (30 beds but don't know about food).

In 1% of cases rural from is used

BEST subtracts rural from urban and gets zero.

The system works in similar way to immigration controls and fundamentally divides the rural from the urban.

In 1% of cases rural over is used

The Ontario system also favours rural over urban ridings.

When the Congress is in power, it generally favours rural over urban voters, which cuts out Mumbai.

In privileging the rural over the urban, Gandhi was arguing for a minimal state, since he saw the state essentially as an instrument of violence.

In 1% of cases rural rather is used

In European terms, M? ori were a rural rather than urban people.

Those who attend Mass regularly are twice as likely to live in rural rather than urban areas.

They tend to be rural rather than urban, lyrical rather than imagist, often using Celtic myth as a vehicle for private emotion.

Most of the T-shelters are slapdash and shoddy, and so they quickly deteriorate; they're also meant for rural rather than urban settings.

There are a few examples of consensus being built around education, but they tend to be from rural rather than urban communities and often involve communities that have experienced multiple problems.

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