Prepositions after "rule"

"rule by", "rule on" or "rule in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases rule by is used

Their spiritual activities are ruled by reason.

The group is always ruled by the stupid person.

In the Middle Ages the king ruled by divine right.

And on the heavenly planets ruled by Lord Indra, one day equals six of our earthly months.

We are being ruled by babies who have little wisdom and no sense of what is right or wrong.

The study of universe reveals that it is ruled by reason whom the Stoics call Divine Reason.

President, the third thing I wish to bring to your esteemed attention is this: It is not a wise thing to rule by proxy.

In a landscape ruled by monsters whom we in the West have long supported, criticism of any kind is a dodgy undertaking.

As she explained, Belarus is the last true dictatorship in Europe, having been ruled by Alexander Lukashenko since 1994.

It dosen't matter who Italy votes for, they will effectively be ruled by Mario Draghi, Olli Rehn and Jose Manuel Barroso.

In 15% of cases rule in is used

Well, I thought pedestrians ruled in this city.

It ruled in the noontide hour, And the wind was still.

Herod Antipas was another subject-king who ruled in Galilee.

There is no guarantee that the courts will rule in favor of Dorman and he may be sent back to Ireland.

Again the Hon'bl ruled in the MS ' favour -- VC JNU had to convene a meeting of the EC on 5 April 2011.

Vodafone asserted its position of no dues after it was affirmed by Supreme Court, which ruled in its favour.

The late Speaker ruled in 2001 that the Supreme Court had no jurisdiction to give restraining orders against Parliament.

And if they don't rule in Argentina's favour, then it's going to be February at the earliest that they find out the bad news.

The Human Rights Commission ruled in Alison's favour because there was no proof based on non-discriminatory motives to explain.

The Regency lasted until George III's death in 1820 when the Regent became King George IV and was able to rule in his own right.

In 11% of cases rule on is used

District Judge Michael Davis has not yet ruled on the prosecutors ' motions.

Only when the courts have ruled on specific cases will anyone be able to give.

But what's the ruling on Greg's try? There need to be a clarification rule on this try.

The second option favours the Maori position, but the Courts rule on narrow legal issues.

It is the task of the chairperson to rule on the point of order and his or her decision is final.

The appointed Technical Officials shall rule on the safety of the wheelchair and the participants using it.

When I was in law school, the Supreme Court ruled on a case that was being argued by the Massachusetts Attorney General.

Therefore, the present court should not rule on an issue that was not ruled upon or contemplated by the arbitral tribunal.

The pre-trial chamber of the ICC is set to rule on whether to confirm or drop the charges facing them between December and January.

When the Romans took over a country they built fortresses for their soldiers and put a Governor in to rule on behalf of the Emperor.

In 6% of cases rule for is used

Musharraf alter all ruled for 9 years.

Congress had ruled for most of the past 50 years, he noted.

He reluctantly accepted the job and then ruled for only 15 weeks.

I do have statements from out President that because the courts had ruled for Mr.

It would have been suicide for the PDP to even boast they are going to rule for 60 years.

They established their capital at Bukhara, and ruled for almost a hundred years, from 900 to 999 C.

To build something that endures, it is of the greatest important to have a long tenure in office -- to rule for many years.

The jury also ruled for Apple on the ' 163 patent (double tap to zoom ), saying that Samsung infringed on all but 8 phones and tablets.

And he did score the winning goal, but the incompeten t linesman or was he biased? Disallowed the goal and ruled for off-side, which nobody else could see.

Courage and conscience ruled for the first time in the Kremlin! When Gorbachev came to power in 1985, the Soviet Union had 50,000 personal computers; the US had 30 million.

In 6% of cases rule over is used

But we must rule over it (RSV says master it).

You are to rule over him as a benevolent sovereign.

The Khitan people ruled over China in the years 907-1125.

A dozens of websites prevailed for a long time on the internet and ruled over the www web.

For over 2000 years it was one imperial dynasty after another that ruled over the people of the country.

Finally, they find Casper who has appointed himself teacher and benevolently rules over the human tribes.

We need to rule over or master sin in our own lives, then help our children to rule over or master the sin in their lives.

This God is a terrifying spirit that answers to no one and no thing, that rules over nature, over humans, over other spirits.

His grandson, Ashoka, who ruled over the greater part of the subcontinent from about 270 to 230 BC, became the archetypal Buddhist king.

It wants desperately to rule over itself, create itself, make this self what it wants it to be, and determine what it will have and what it will not have.

In 5% of cases rule out is used

She was ruled out of order after protesting that she had not been allowed to speak on her proposal.

It is for this reason that Lekota was subsequently ruled out of order and ordered to withdraw his statements.

Baroda, on the otherhand, will be missing their skipper Yusuf Pathan who had sustained a finger injury and has been ruled out of this game.

Jack Rodwell (hamstring) and Javi Garcia (thigh ), and defender Maicon (foot) have also been ruled out of Wednesday's must-win match in Amsterdam.

Cahill was ruled out of the tournament with a double fracture of his jaw after being pushed into goalkeeper Joe Hart by Belgium winger Dries Mertens during England.

But the Irish have now also had their fair share of injuries, with their talismanic skipper, Bryan O'Driscoll, as well as Stephen Ferris also been ruled out of the clash.

Names including Edinson Cavani and Neymar continue to be linked with the club, while Mario Balotelli and Robin van Persie have both been ruled out of the equation for now.

Finn has not recovered from a thigh strain suffered in England's three-day tour opener in Mumbai last month, while Sharma was ruled out of the first Test due to viral fever he picked up on Tuesday.

In 3% of cases rule against is used

The DS went to court but the court ruled against him.

But Justice Ingrid Mangatal yesterday ruled against Digicel's application for Judicial Review of the OUR's decision.

Mohammadu Buhari said, before the ruling, if the Supreme Court ruled against him he would accept the ruling and move on.

With the Ivies?? rules against the granting of athletic scholarships however, other colleges have come to dominate college sports.

The High Court ruled against medical termination, and by the time the ruling came through, she was in the 27 th week of her pregnancy.

A judge ruled against them and forced the settlement to go through, but the Winklevosses and Narendra took the case to an appeals court.

At one point when the chair refused to acknowledge them, they kept screaming over him even though the parliamentarian ruled against them.

They claim the judges ' panel being biased, because they had previously ruled against the procedure of the forming of the first Assembly.

For the sake of the individual's right to privacy now and in future generations, the Court must rule against such tempting shortcuts to criminal justice.

Just last month, the High Court ruled against a campaign to stop a popular garden centre being turned into yet another state-funded yeshiva in the guise of a Free School (for Jews!).

In 3% of cases rule from is used

Sakas ruled from Mathura (South East of Delhi) and their well-known Kings in 1st century BC were Rajuvala and Sodasa.

General Vallejo became the most powerful military man in California, and he ruled from Sonoma with complete authority.

The army's past record of usurping the right to rule from the politicians was especially brought to the fore in a widespread discourse.

Yakubu Gowon from Plateau State toppled Ironsi's regime and ruled from July 29, 1966 to 1975 when he was ousted from power by Murtala Muhammed.

The Turks championed the Abbasids in Baghdad, the Fatimids in Cairo controlled North Africa and Syria and the Spanish Umayyads ruled from Cordoba.

Thus our age is not characterized by global peace and the throne of David remains unoccupied until Jesus returns to take up His throne and rule from Jerusalem (Isa.

The authorities kept the insurrection out of Dublin but the revolt convinced Westminster to close the Dublin Parliament, and the 1801 Act of Union saw Ireland ruled from London.

Camorra (Italy) Predating most of its Italian rivals, the Camorra has its origins in the Campania region and is thought to date back to the 15th century when this area was ruled from Spain.

In 3% of cases rule with is used

Now that he has full control, he can afford to rule with a looser grip.

We are, and have been ruled with iron fists for far longer than most can imagine.

For you and I to be ready to rule with Him, certain things must happen in our lives.

The Spanish governor, made a viceroy in 1589, ruled with the advice of the powerful royal audiencia.

Marie seems to be rebelling against her strict SVU cop mother who ruled with an iron fist while she was growing up.

Within the Arab World the downtrodden people set aside the one thing that allowed the corrupt to rule with impunity, they lost their fear of fear.

In 1% of cases rule after is used

Seti, another king who ruled after Tutankhamen, was also shown on a tiger.

As a more controversial and panic-stricken solution, however, FIGC immediately ruled after the World Cup that Italian clubs can not sign more than one non-EU player during a season.

In 1% of cases rule as is used

U Aguiyi-Ironsi ruled as the first military Head of State from January 15, 1966-July 29, 1966, no Igbo has held such position.

Herod the Great, Herod I, ruled as a client king for Rome in Jerusalem, and these three men come knocking on the halls of power.

In 1% of cases rule at is used

There's no finders-keepers rule at work in Colorado Springs either.

Though it pretended, at its height, to have a judicial system and a police force, these were shams constructed to disguise a territory ruled at gunpoint.

Then we are giving both a level playing field (or else Barisan Nasional can boast about what they have done over 55 years compared to Pakatan Rakyat who never ruled at federal level).

In 1% of cases rule like is used

Instead, the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves.

In 1% of cases rule of is used

Contradictions are not confined solely to ' rule of law '.

This event comes in the midst of a serious rule of law crisis in Swaziland.

In Swaziland the case assumes even more tragic proportions, pointing to the systematic onslaught on the rule of law.

Sadly this is the prospect when the system, as many know, undermines democracy, norms of good governance and the rule of law.

The rule of law recognizes the rights of individuals to certain inalienable freedoms, including the freedom to conscience and religion.

In 1% of cases rule under is used

When Sean Og O'Doherty died, his son Cahil allied himself to the English, and for five years ruled under the patronage of Dowcra with whom he got on very well.

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