Prepositions after "roll"

roll into, in, on, with or off?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 17% of cases roll into is used

The rest is rolled into the BK plan.

Roll into chapatis on a rolling board.

Revolution and restoration, rolled into one.

That day was the saddest for the troops since rolling into Somalia in October 2011.

Arsenal were 19th as Portsmouth rolled into town on the August Bank Holiday weekend.

In the air, the airliner began to swing from side to side and rolled into steep banks.

It is characterised by its ability to roll into the shape of a ball under a leathery shell as a mode of self defense.

We'd rolled down our mosquito nets earlier, and entering my grass-thatched hut, I rolled into my bed with a sigh of relief.

When the tobacco is cured and can be rolled into cigars, by the time it is taken out of the chamber, it should be quite moist.

The changes are due to come in next year, with all benefits rolled into one universal credit (UC) paid directly to the recipient.

In 14% of cases roll in is used

That's how they roll in Blackwater.

Even though he's rolling in the.

They would have rolled in their graves.

Pantilimon could merely parry Agbonlahor's shot and N'Zogbia rolled in the bounce back.

Dip the chicken in the hot sauce and then roll in panko mix until it's thoroughly covered.

If you roll in both directions you can end up stretching the pastry which will shrink back in the oven.

I'd much rather my kids hear no every now and then, rather than have the ends of the earth because we're rolling in cash.

Here's a few facts you might have considered before jumping on the bash Watford bandwagon thats started rolling in recent weeks.

The seasoned whey is squeezed in a muslin bag to remove excess water, left aside for two days and then rolled in oats and served.

While in Venice, Daniel had also designed an hour glass to be used at sea so that the trickle of sand was constant even when the ship was rolling in heavy seas.

In 13% of cases roll on is used

Oh well, roll on month end and payday.

Some of you had me rolling on the floor laughing.

And you know what? Everyone rolls on the floor giggling.

But at that time only those two will passionately roll on the floor and just not stop it.

One moment he's a rugby star, next scene he's rolling on the floor like a soccer diva.

A nut fell on his back, and gave him such a blow that he fell down and rolled on the ground.

When there would be nobody in the room I would often see her rolling on the bed with pain, this time, in her stomach.

When Rosie decided to come on this trip, she didn't have a bike that was very suited to ten weeks or rolling on hotmix.

But in terms of running around and moving or rolling on the ground and stuff like that, then that suit could last, you know.

In 10% of cases roll with is used

You've got ta roll with the punches.

Let's get this ball rolling with RI.

He started the ball rolling with his purple suit as usual.

Just roll with what you know and put some personality into your blog.

They're in a unique situation rolling with three goalies on the roster.

D'Banj is rolling with Kanye West whilst P-Square is rolling with Akon.

And they rolled with the inevitable difficulties of arranging a field mission.

We need to stop putting ourselves down and just rolling with the punches a bit.

So if you like really good prose, just accept the subject matter and roll with it.

Also, personal preference, I don't like rolling with people dressed in full camo.

In 6% of cases roll off is used

Linear Phase EQ Lowband component -- rolled off 35hz 2.

I also rolled off some low end on the desk, and that was all.

The noise on my truck has been there since I rolled off the lot with it.

There wasn't one lonely outcast sitting at the bar with waves of despair rolling off him.

It rolled off the tongue conjuring visions of white sand, palm trees and crystal clear waters.

The 90-seater aircraft, powered by a turbo fan engine, rolled off the production line in 2007.

The first cars are expected to roll off the assembly line in October and the company plans to produce 250,000 a year to start.

When the Model S sedans began rolling off the factory lines, Tesla employees waved American flags and shed actual tears of joy.

I think they just might make it there and who knows, a pattern may roll off the fingers too! Seeing these collars really brought me back to my childhood.

On Sep 19th, 2011, SANY Heavy Industry's 86m concrete pump truck, which owns the longest boom in the world, successfully rolled off the production line.

In 5% of cases roll over is used

We rolled over each other during the first 15k of the race.

They just rolled over me, and left me feeling incredibly high.

But anxious and burning thoughts rolled over the mind of the wakeful Thessalian.

Rate it yourself by rolling over the stars and clicking when you reach your desired rating.

The purpose of his army in 1798 was to roll over Virginia, and perhaps go all the way to New Orleans.

This would only be true if the Fed didn't roll over its treasury purchases and continuously purchase more and more.

Praying that they were green and supple, I rolled over them until the inevitable thick white trunk lying diagonally across the road hove into view.

The Endeavour isn't expected to roll over the 405 freeway on Manchester, at the corner where Randy's Donuts in located, until Friday night about 9 p.

For example in the case of the single-front-wheel 3-Wheeler, here above to the right, braking in a curve towards the left will increase chances of rolling over this 3-Wheeler.

They face big challenges, of big losses on commercial property and rolling over funding in the markets, though the Bank sees these as bumps in the road rather than roadblocks.

In 5% of cases roll out is used

Implementation and roll out of the Voluntary Principles was a key area of focus for the group during 2009.

It again starts with the helicopter in a steep right bank which it rolls out of and the beginning of a left turn is seen.

They won't be seen rolling out of late-night bars or burger joints because, frankly, they no longer live that lifestyle.

Ratliffe was an effective pick-and-roll partner for point guard Phil Pressey, rolling out of screens right to the rim to wait for the ball.

Which is what Moringa Oleifera is: A tree, with a gnarly trunk and tousled head of foliage that make it look like a cypress that just rolled out of bed.

It took all of the eyeball to eyeball assign realistic percentages on the fly dice rolling out of DMing and forced DMs to memorize charts and tables and specs.

Not so with Facebook Collections -- a new shopping tool the world's largest social network rolled out Monday to an undisclosed number of its 1 billion Facebook users.

In 5% of cases roll to is used

Lift out and roll to flat tire.

At the same time, the development viewer rolled to 3.

Look for Rural Retreat to roll to a rather easy victory.

SL Viewer Update The beta viewer rolled to the last of the 3.

I roll to the side, to avoid whatever attack it was going to launch.

However, when WrestleMania rolled to town, the excitement was almost unbearable.

Using your legs and standing as close as possible, lift spare out of truck and roll to flat tire.

If appropriate action is not taken to combat this, then the helicopter will roll to the right and may pitch up.

Avoid rolling to your back or to your front in your sleep by wedging pillows behind your back or between your thighs.

After that, UBC got to within four points once, at 10-6, but never closer and the Spartans rolled to another eight-point win.

In 3% of cases roll through is used

If they roll through your town, do yourself a favor and see them live.

However, this would have fitted with Trotsky's desire to keep on rolling through Europe to spread Communism.

They have fun wiggling around watching the marbles roll through the pant and it looks pretty cool if you have a good color combo.

Once, my horoscope said something about an unexpected visitor from out of town on the same day a close friend of mine from out of state rolled through town for a few hours.

The last of these disturbances is rolling through the region now, and it will finally be followed by a break in the rain and mountain snow across the region for Thanksgiving Day.

In 3% of cases roll down is used

Rolling down the mountain, the lake appeared.

Happy tackles Bob, resulting in both of them rolling down a hill.

It rolled down the hill and only a curb saved it going into a large gully.

I felt as if my heart would go out and I was afraid I might slip and roll down the mountain slopes.

It suddenly pops into my head that this thing is really rolling down a hill and can't be stopped.

My husband says the deer looked at him and he looked back at the deer for a split second before it went rolling down the hill.

This video takes us to Vladivostok and a white SUV that was filmed rolling down a steep road but failed to turn left or right at the crossing Instead.

From bikers to rollerskaters to strollers, rolling down the middle of the street is an experience because of how different it feels there with the cars gone.

There were spandex-clad racers with more equipment than your average scuba diver, and people conversing bike to bike as they casually rolled down the street in their civvies.

In 3% of cases roll for is used

Heads MUST roll for the wastage of public funds.

Simultaneously the actor has got his Maatraan project rolling for director KV Anand.

Gagan Narang got the ball rolling for India when he won the men's 10 meter air-rifle bronze.

Who does Jonathan think he's fooling? Guess heads need to roll for this country to straighten out.

Shortly before his sudden death, he had set the wheels rolling for his 2013 presidential campaign.

And one that I suspect is far from over, as this snowball probably has more than enough inertia to keep rolling for a while yet.

Curiosity may start to roll for its first drive in September, with its first scoop samples expected late in the month and its first drilling attempt in October or November.

In 2% of cases roll from is used

Now start rolling from along the long sides and press firmly the ends together.

Not brushed steel gray, nor factory epoxy gray, if such a thing exists, no this was rolled from a tray primer gray.

When you roll out the dough, roll from the center out and turn turn between rolls, and you'll make a perfect circle! 7.

In 2% of cases roll by is used

Then again this facade was bank rolled by the Gulf Arabs.

A Mala is held by a religious man, and a bead rolled by any devotee exclusively dedicated to any particular faith.

A+ Search Engine Marketing got the ball rolling by building links from their network of sites to the FunctionEight one.

Overnight positions are positions that are still on at the end of normal trading hours (5:00pm EST ), which are automatically rolled by FXcast.

At SGD$65 per bottle, this is a definite repurchase for me - I'd 3/4 way down my current bottle and am hoping a Metro 20% sale will roll by soon so I can get me another bottle.

In 2% of cases roll away is used

Finally we roll away from Meltdown Mountain.

Castiel rolled away from the dream and cried for a while.

A little water went in, then rolled away from the corner of her mouth.

Not wanting to let him have the last laugh, the woman let go of her hug upon his waist and rolled away from him.

Graeme McDowell took his transformation in good spirits, as his bunker shot from a greenside trap found the putting surface and rolled away from him on the quasi-humped on the 17th hole.

Roll the pastry out, making sure to roll away from you, turning the pastry a quarter at a time to keep it spreading out evenly to a thickness of about 3mm (about the thickness of a euro coin).

In 2% of cases roll around is used

On my first night there I rolled around the big comfy bed and noticed alot of marks on the opposing wall.

Polly says: 06:37am 14/11/12 I just envisaged Clive and GIna rolling around the tundra stalking a fellow mammoth.

The Germans were completing a grand wheel in from the northeast The wave of Von Kluck's army was soon rolling around the Mons pocket.

At tables scattered across the room were couples focused only on each other, the smell of anticipated sex rolled around the bar like a turbulent sea.

So the movement of a coin or ball rolling around the hole is similar to that of a planet orbiting around a star (except for the friction between ball and table, that is).

In 1% of cases roll like is used

The traditional process for making these pancakes involves making a dough with flour and boiling water then rolling the dough, sprinkling with the spring onions and rolling like a jelly roll.

In 1% of cases roll towards is used

With two outs and two strikes, can Jae-suk make it? Jae-suk hits a ground ball that rolls towards Hyun-jin.

Leave a border of about 2cm without any filling on the side closest to you and the two ends and leave 4cms without any filling on the side that you will roll towards.

Likewise, I always try to keep the ball rolling towards wherever I like it, that's how you're supposed to live your life! Making sure everything is in your favor! http: **35;1945;TOOLONG.

In 1% of cases roll under is used

Johnson's First Law of Auto Repair: Any tool dropped while repairing an automobile will roll under the car to the vehicle's exact geographic center.

In 1% of cases roll up is used

You and your friends will be envied by all when you roll up to prom in a stretch limo.

Roll up to the Square One tent in the central courtyard, where our super chilled student advisors will be hanging.

This tower was mounted on iron wheels and it could be rolled up to the walls under the power of 200 soldiers turning a large capstan.

In 1% of cases roll onto is used

You can lie on your bed and roll onto an inflatable bath which is then inflated around you.

You can wrap a rubber band around each diaper after it is rolled onto the cake to keep it tight and neat.

So the weekend was welcome when it finally rolled around and I -- dutifully -- rolled onto the couch and remained there for 48-hours straight.

In 1% of cases roll about is used

I'd sure I didn't spill my pint, but in my mind's eye my jaw was certainly detached and rolling about the pub's garden.

In 1% of cases roll at is used

It's tricky because the jersey cotton tends to roll at the edges making it a little difficult to measure or get a straight edge.

What a huge turd-in-the-punchbowl ASO is left with at their big celebration of 100 years! The IOC should demand heads roll at UCI.

In 1% of cases roll along is used

I looked around on the shelf looking for a ball that we had rolled along the ground before.

They jarred in an otherwise lovely sentence that rolled along the tongue with sounds like: or, uh, o, ow, oh: ' There was once a baby koala, so soft and perfect that all who saw her loved her.

In 1% of cases roll against is used

The goal in BJJ is to be able to roll against a fully resisting opponent.

And when the seventh came to the bottom of the glass, the ring rolled against his mouth.

In 1% of cases roll across is used

Al Shabab was in its infancy and a popular movement fighting against Ethiopian troops who had rolled across Somalia's borders in December 2006.

Someone is reminded of someone else's golden retriever when they see a tennis ball rolling across the grass; the opening chords of Endless Love remind you of someone else's ex-girlfriend.

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