Prepositions after "roar"

roar with, like, in, into or through?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases roar with is used

Will the Lion roar with the 207?

On the other hand, the spectators were roaring with excitement.

The mostly Democratic-leaning union members roared with approval.

The fire roared with the prevailing wind up toward the Pemigewasset wilderness.

The venue which was filled to capacity roared with excitement and praise as Mr.

James, full of matric first-team rugby thuggery, who roared with his gang when I sat on their drawing-pin in History class.

But the moment she turned around, and everyone realised, ' My God! It really is the queen! ' He began roaring with laughter.

His outrageous stories about Buck-dog, fishing, politics, trains, the rodeo and many others will have the audience roaring with laughter.

In 11% of cases roar like is used

As they approached, Babaji jumped out towards them, roaring like a lion.

I roared like banshee, I think it scared him and he said sorry wrong house and fled leaving the door open.

Beware there are perverts around so keep watch over your young girls He is out there roaring like lion to devour uneven underage girls.

Calcutta's yellow taxis roar like tigers down the wide roads, its blue buses thunder like elephants with their loud, trumpeting ' Tata! '.

In 9% of cases roar in is used

It was on her third attempt that the 80,000 strong crowd roared in excitement as the former world champion stretched out to 6.

In 8% of cases roar into is used

It's not clear what caused the Sukhoi Superjet-100 to roar into Mount Salak at 480 mph (800 kph) last week.

Remarkable as it may seem, Wednesday night while the whole city crashed and roared into ruin, was a quiet night.

In 8% of cases roar through is used

That's not kindling -- that's a wildfire roaring through your back yard.

All outweigh the destruction that roared through that beautiful little ravine in the end.

She's not prepared for the Jazz Age roaring through America, sweeping a flapper named Birdie.

Drenched, we sat like some catfish and chattered teeth as the speedboat roared through the Padma for half an hour.

After roaring through the Keys, the hurricane turned gradually northward almost parallel to the Florida west coast until it again made landfall near Cedar Key as a Category 2 hurricane on the 4th.

In 7% of cases roar at is used

My back and hammers were roaring at me.

In 7% of cases roar to is used

Next out was Kilian, who from what I can imagine happened, calmly looked at the boulder and then proceeded to flash it! Even as the crowd roared to his flash, I could only smile behind the wall.

In 5% of cases roar from is used

When I roar, I roar from the heart, and not the throat.

But it has not roared from the time of Conchobor forward, for the false idols of the world when Christ was born.

In 3% of cases roar across is used

A tsunami of economic effects would roar across Europe.

A new war was started in every year of Victoria's reign as Britain's imperialist campaign roared across the globe.

In 3% of cases roar on is used

But, strangely enough, the tiger did not roar on seeing the woodcutter.

In 1% of cases roar along is used

When the Great Crash came at the end of 1929, the Fitzgeralds crashed also, just as they had roared along with the Roaring Twenties.

In 1% of cases roar as is used

We didn't have to wait long after Andy finished his set, the lights dimmed and the crowd roared as the theater for that night, belonged to the masters all the way from Boston, Massachusetts.

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