Prepositions after "return"

return to, from, by, in or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases return to is used

Return To Top feature included.

Now, let us return to Exhibit 2.

The screen will return to normal.

He offers to assist in getting Kirk back if Spock and McCoy will return to his office.

November 1947 Kofi Kwame Nkrumah returns to the Gold Coast after studying in Britain.

With its protected coloration, the type 2 population will return to carrying capacity.

I quickly vacate the cab before the warden slaps me with a makey-uppy fine and return to my apartment in despairing.

At the Vuelta a Espana last year Vinokourov did return to racing with Astana, despite the protestations of Bruyneel.

In 1987, Dave and his steel cylinder returned to Niagara Falls and shot the lower rapids and terrifying whirlpool.

I hope to return to Spain in my studies, mostly so I can be close to El Estadio Santiago Bernabeu to see many games.

In 9% of cases return from is used

He has just returned from exile.

Then we have returned from that place.

I just returned from theater around 7.

On here return from her honeymoon Gina looked radiant, as if not a care in the world.

He returned from Paris after a few months, when his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Adds an Army officer, who just returned from Baghdad: ' They are a subculture ' (ibid.

Archibald Colquhoun returned from a trip to Myanmar (Burma) enthusiastic about the opportunities in the country.

I just returned from a trip to Mt Ruapehu where I spent a few days on the learner slope myself! So I can relate.

The detachment pursued their orders; and about five or six leagues from the town met him returning from hunting.

I've just returned from a journey from CO to the east coast and back, past expansive regions of soggy cornfields.

In 4% of cases return by is used

Applications must be returned by November 30 to be considered.

On OS/400, this reason code is not returned by the MQCONN call.

The set of formatting objects that an area is returned by is a lineage.

In this case the products must be returned by a registered shipment to the following address: 4.

All voting papers must be returned by noon Tuesday 25 August to be included in the final result.

Constraints: No area may have more than one normal child area returned by the same fo:list-item formatting object.

Constraints: No area may have more than one normal child area returned by the same fo:list-block formatting object.

The fo:footnote formatting object returns the areas generated and returned by its child fo:inline formatting object.

In 3% of cases return in is used

He and Amanda both return in episode 4.

Kidnappings returned in a dangerous 48 hours.

We'll try to catch him when he returns in December.

With help from the n? gas, the man returned in time, but the city gates were locked.

When Larkin returned in 1923 he found a country very different from the one he had left.

I also hope that when Luna returns in season 2, she's as awesome as she is in the fanfics.

Goering returned in 1923 and after hearing Adolf Hitler speak joined the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP).

The latter disappeared, and returned in a few moments with a small harp in one hand, and a branch of myrtle in the other.

He has returned in a state of jubilation, convinced that there is no real problem with the USG government over that issue.

He returned in time for the Plate championships and helped Moors SC finish runner-up to Sebastianites scoring 217 runs (avg.

In 3% of cases return with is used

I returned with them to the hall.

Emails are returning with one line answers.

Chakrabarty returned with new knowledge and vision.

Here's hoping Artur will return with some kind of fury or hard-boiled gritty charisma.

If Council approves the issuance of an RFP, staff will return with a recommended course.

The National Centre for Early Music returns with its Early Music Christmas Festival (www.

He raped me cruelly and spit on my face, then he left and returned with two soldiers who returned me to the cell.

The officer disappeared for a moment, then returned with a new pair of boots, and knelt to help the man put them on.

Ondaatje is spared the toil of justifying the expense of his expedition to its backers by returning with valuable data.

When Citta set off to return with empty carts, the people and gods came to fill them again with all manner of precious goods.

In 2% of cases return for is used

In August he returned for implants.

Medical gases can not be returned for credit.

We would return for another sun and lazy holiday.

They ferried them back to England before returning for more, and bringing supplies.

Both parents went off scrap hunting to the graveyard, and did not return for two days.

He later returned for the game but played with a noticeable limp the rest of the way.

NB 6 copies is considered as a firm sale Damaged Return Books may be returned for replacement once they are faulty.

Special gas mixtures can not be returned for credit and if any order is cancelled by you a cancellation fee may apply.

Well, the maximum stay of my first entry to China has ended, and I must depart China in order to return for my next entry stay.

If you treat them as person instead of a case number, then they will be more willing to return for business with you in the future.

In 1% of cases return after is used

The Oilers did not return after the lunch break.

The squad returned after preparing its report for.

However maybe the summer iPhone release is to return after all, starting next year.

He is desperate and yearns to return after being forced to stay away for many years.

Chauncey Billups is still a ways away from returning after a torn Achilles tendon.

That must be the starting point for every debate we have in the coming months, and where we return after those debates are done.

Infact, the people of Kombavil told us that even many of villagers from Kombavil have not yet been allowed to return after displacement.

He thought that it might be easier for women to return after a five-year absence from the workforce because it is more expected of women.

In 1% of cases return at is used


When I returned at 3pm I waited until about 3.

If you choose to return at a later time, simply.

It will be returned at the end of your stay following an inspection of the premises.

We dive at 11AM every day departing on a two tank trip and return at approximately 2PM.

If the fluid is in motion, the echoes return at an altered frequency proportionate to flow velocity.

Still, a Nicks return at the start of training camp, which begins July 27 at the University of Albany, remains a longshot.

Returning at 5:00pm, devotees took another two-hour workshop, followed by light snacks and kirtan from 7:00pm until around 9:30pm.

We have sought many help and completed ruqiyaas however the problem keeps returning at this time of the year where we get Jinns in our house.

Pick: CM Punk Nolan Howell: Although Survivor Series is a big PPV, I think nothing big is going to happen until The Rock returns at Royal Rumble.

In 1% of cases return on is used

The activists returned on Sept.

The bonded firearms will be returned on departure.

How is your Return on Luck? How can I be better prepared.

The players returned on court 35 minutes later with the roof firmly drawn over centre court.

Today I wanted to put down my thoughts about the final concept that Jim shared: Return on Luck.

Since venture capitalists invest other people's money, they are very particular about the return on investment (ROI).

Other global cities that performed well on returns on property investments included San Diego, Portland, and Seattle.

For a weekend trips, you'll find that airfare is cheapest when you depart on Saturday and return on Monday, says Casano-Antonellis.

How inefficient is this? I was also fined 400 for not making employer's PAYE returns on a PAYE scheme that I had closed eighteen months earlier.

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