Prepositions after "reprint"

"reprint in", "reprint with" or "reprint from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases reprint in is used

Sakaliuk was transcribed and reprinted in L.

George was the editor of the San Francisco Times, whose article about his trip was reprinted in the Sacramento Union.

That was in a book called Cosmopolitan Greetings, from Harper and Row, and it's reprinted in this new book, Selected Poems.

It was published in the Manitoba Free Press (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on 17 July 1916 and is reprinted in Swyripa and Thompson, Loyalties in Conflict, 166-168.

More than 3,000,000 of these have been printed by our Head Office, but many have been translated and reprinted in other languages and printed in other countries.

In 18% of cases reprint from is used

Siddiqui Reprinted from Pakistanlink.

Reprinted from the May 2002 issue of PC.

Reprinted from the October 2003 issue of PC.

For this series, Parial reprinted from old negatives found in his archives.

Download Chord Charts You can reproduce (photocopy or reprint from PDF) the chord charts provided your church holds a current CCL Music Reproduction Licence (MRL).

In 16% of cases reprint with is used

Reprinted with permission from 114.

The following is reprinted with permission from Religion Dispatches.

Reprinted with permission from Doubleday, a division of Random House Inc.

This piece is an extract from his introduction, reprinted with permission.

This column is reprinted with the permission of the author and The Windsor Star.

This essay is reprinted with permission of Sightings from the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School.

In 7% of cases reprint by is used

Survive was recently reprinted by Stronghold Games.

Reprinted by UC Berkeley's China Digital Times (Zh? nggu shz shdi ), with notes.

In 5% of cases reprint on is used

Many of the posts from the old blog are reprinted on the new one and updates occur on a near-daily basis.

I re-checked the address as I had written it on the package (and which was reprinted on the sticker the TPG Post Home Delivery Network) and found that it was completely correct.

Testimonials to the authoritative nature of his study are reprinted on its inside cover and include statements from William Colby, General Richard Stilwell, General William Yarborough, and Lt.

In 3% of cases reprint without is used

About this paper This paper may be quoted but not reprinted without permission.

In 2% of cases reprint between is used

The page and line numbers below refer to the Macmillan (London) Standard Edition of Life's Handicap, as published and frequently reprinted between 1891 and 1950.

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