Prepositions after "remote"

remote from, in, for, to or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases remote from is used

I am not remote from the issues.

Or even, remote from your daily activity.

Out-of-facility EMS Remote from a medical facility.

It tends to have quite limited power and be remote from the decision-making process.

At this time he was remote from the war and felt completely disconnected from it too.

To be TV agnostic it was decided to use a USB IR remote from a company called RedRat.

If Vedanta was speaking about an object remote from me in space or time, it would give me only indirect knowledge.

Among OECD countries, only New Zealand is more remote from the rest of the world's economic activity than Australia.

Personally I don't care if two forces want to sort out their differences on a battlefield remote from the rest of us.

Finally, the dreamer will remember occurrences more remote from the dream, and ultimately even events in the far past.

In 13% of cases remote in is used

We are remote in our understanding.

He throws away the remote in disgust.

The past doesn't seem as remote in colour.

I hate touching the remote in hotel rooms, so I watch whatever the last person watched.

A3 removes the golden Autobot symbol on his chest, which is the Coda Remote in disguise.

Hitchens is crazy, you may say, so remote in his Manichean universe that he deserves pity.

Anonymous Don't you control the remote in your house? If not ask and I am sure they will let you change the channel.

They will be left TV remote in hand wondering how things fell apart as life quickly passes by in a derelict illusion.

We are part of community of minds, a human world, that is remote in many respects from what can be observed in brains.

In 10% of cases remote for is used

I won't need a remote for that.

Brazil might be a little remote for U.

They are too remote for non-stop air travel.

There was a stain on the ceiling and no remote for the TV but we could live with that.

Right now businesses can try out Surfwall Remote for 30 days with no obligation to buy.

By now, my Jamaican ingenuity had solved the problem of not having a remote for the TV.

Using the on-screen instructions, program your remote for functions relevant to your audio and video setup at home.

I'd quite aware when the toast has popped, when I've used the remote for the air con and put a disk into the Blu-ray.

Nuclear test sites are kept remote for obvious reasons; research labs, reactors and enrichment facilities need not be.

The Galaxy Note tablet can also be used as a remote for a users ' TV, blu-ray player, cable box and digital video recorder.

In 6% of cases remote to is used

I passed the remote to the landlord.

I lost the original remote to the tv.

She seemed remote to them, inexplicable.

Bertrand, Stewie's evil step-brother, has managed to create a remote to the multiverse.

So now I have to teach my Bell remote to stop turning the TV on at the same time as the STB.

Narayan filled in a whole culture around the edges that was at once familiar and remote to me.

We forgot the remote to the Xbox so the kids can't use the multifunction 22? monitor for anything but games for now.

The IR to RF transmitter circuit given here can convert the IR signals from your remote to RF signals to long distances.

Land access to victims has been the first obstacle; entire roads and villages still lie swamped and remote to assistance.

Why don't you try flicking your remote to another station other than Fox news or your radio dial to something other than Rush.

In 5% of cases remote of is used

She was the most remote of them all.

Even the remotest of the villages were cut off from Dhaka.

And in a stroke, the most remote of areas were now up for grabs.

Now the more intrinsic and the more remote of these criteria do not always hang together.

The remotest of you to me on the Day of Resurrection will be the bigmouth and the proud.

We lived then at Ben Ohau, one of the more remote of the sheep-stations of the Mackenzie Country.

Unfortunately, depending on how remote of a location you are reporting in, landing a good translator can be a crapshoot.

The Antipodes are over 800km from the South Island and thus are the remotest of all of New Zealand's offshore islands.

So I followed him to the gaon (its hardly a stone throw away to our college which is located in the remotest of place!).

In 3% of cases remote at is used

I nearly threw the remote at the TV.

I literally threw my remote at the TV.

It was so remote at the beginning that one would not think of.

The chances of anyone I know coming along are fairly remote at this time of the morning.

The consequences are potentially very dire, if seemingly somewhat remote at first glance.

Go to ' Security ' and you'll see the option to pair a remote at the bottom of the screen.

Going as far as Kundalini awakening seem quite remote at this point but who knows, I have already come this far! Hi people.

It was of my own doing, I judge, because I had sought sexual release time and time again with the click of my TV remote at $9.

When (spoilers) Josh Brolin's character was suddenly murdered (off-screen, no less! ), Dad wanted to throw the remote at the TV.

In particularly, those interactions are set to become much more natural than pointing a remote at the screen and pressing buttons.

In 3% of cases remote with is used

In other word, it is raw and remote with rustic inhabitants.

However, the risk is also remote with current safety standards in the U.

Did you get a wireless remote with them, its a bit basic but does enough.

Most PICs are small and remote with high cost structures and few economies of scale.

You have to carry your own water in as the camps are pretty remote with no facilities.

You can even turn your iphone into a convenient universal remote with a free app like BlinqTV.

A new Magic Remote with a scroll wheel also allows users to scroll through Web pages easily, but is sold separately.

But it was small with a large attic and quite remote with a large forest nearby from which to furnish the necessary.

As much as we all wanted to fly it, the remote with 500 buttons and the 5 foot carbon fiber blades made us reconsider.

In 2% of cases remote as is used

The AS column is the remote ASN.

Past and future are distant and remote as the present moment expands to dominate everything.

Yet it seems now as impossibly remote as the very idea of Mr Assad's fall would have been two years ago.

These states represent levels of concentration so subtle and remote as to elude clear verbal explanation.

We don't see it, and because we don't see it this means that there is no period so remote as the recent past.

It's not in our power to offer any answers because there is no period so seemingly remote as the recent past.

Customers can be assured of total access with this handset in the most remote as well as the most urban areas.

As before, I was promised the remote as well as a follow-up call from someone else who would address the scratches.

But the goal seemed remote as the Army ruthlessly established its control and inevitable bred amongst the Pakistani community.

In 2% of cases remote on is used

We then have a remote on a long lead.

Kinect on the 360, Move on the Playstation and the Wii remote on the Wii.

Hitting I on the remote on the guide gives you 2 tabs at the top, summary and details.

Here is how: Keynote, Keynote remote on iPhone/touch for remote and presenter display.

Mission accomplished! Or is it? As we settle in, we notice the remote on the couch in the siting room.

Now both no longer fight to see who gets the remote on road trips but who can stay in the league the longest.

Instead of centering the remote on tactile buttons, the centerpiece of the Touch is (you guessed it) a touch screen.

I've been dying to try the Wii Remote on my personal computer and use it just like any gamer would on the real console.

Whether it's remote in the cloud or remote on a hard-drive you stashed at work, only a remote backup will do in this case.

Even the TV remote on the recliner will be Qi charged right on the cushion your arms go, always in a very convenient location.

In 1% of cases remote by is used

This world has a remote by these powerful people.

If this works, test the remote by changing your TV volume.

Another thing very effective is if you have a car alarm, keep the remote by your bedside.

Remote The Disentis-Sedrun area just below the pass is relatively remote by Swiss standards.

Being handed a standard Wii remote by a perpetually smiling brunette, we had a go with Animal Crossing: Sweet Day.

The room are well equipped Breakfast was included good and joyful It is remote by cab from city center attractions.

Deploying iterative builds to remote by hand also sucks, if not count possibility of configuring post build actions.

Still, you should always calibrate the Magic Motion remote by pointing at the center of the screen prior to initial use.

The attachment bundled with the Wii console is the Nunchuk, which complements the Wii Remote by providing functions similar to those in gamepad controllers.

Luxury wilderness at Jongomero Jongomero is a kind of paradise: remote by design and beautifully crafted into the surrounding river bed and bush it's impossible not be captivated by the place.

In 1% of cases remote into is used

I then tried to remote into my VM.

I wanted an easy solution to remote into my ubuntu 10.

I have tried to remote into my VM but it wont connect.

Otherwise you sit at your desk and remote into EVERYTHING: VMs, Linux, Windows, iLO/etc.

Workstation Details: I remote into the box using putty and xming via windows xp workstation.

Also another factor, remember, apple can remote into any of it's devices, so can the NSA and CIA.

I'd currectly using it for work and I've sent it up so I can remote into different computers plus other little extras.

I'd love to be able to remote into my work machine from home with my tablet (connecting it to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse).

Also has enough room for essential backups, and serves as my torrent and ftp box - I use VNC to remote into it for those last two.

I plugged the remote into my Propeller Demo Board and wrote a quick program to capture the SPI traffic and send it back in ASCII over the serial port.

In 1% of cases remote through is used

It may look remote through a telescope but stands magnified under a microscope.

In this case, proximity was made to appear remote through the exercise of supernormal powers.

I wanted to throw my remote through the tv as your ex made light of your pain with that ugly smirk on his face.

I plan to use it for my Christmas lights on the office patio, just point the remote through the window and turn the lights on and off.

Why does ESPN insist on putting him in the commentators seat every time? If I have to listen to him harp on about set pieces one more time I might throw my remote through the screen.

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