Prepositions after "remain"

remain in, on, at, with or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases remain in is used

He does not remain in his senses.

Two images remained in my mind.

It remained in ruin until 1932.

If you want Britain to remain in the jurisdiction of the ECHR you have two choices: 1.

Given the chance, I'd like to have the option of remaining in bed a few more hours.

As a result, young people remained in their homes and did not go out of their areas.

Alice remained in bed, and the maid left without notice, in such a hurry that she forgot to take her best clothes.

It is clear from the investigations conducted by Horan and Durakovic that DU remains in the body for several years.

When more cations are trapped, hydroxide and chloride ions will remain in the cavities and channels of the zeolites.

Now they have to remain in the judiciary and possibly be assigned duties until their appeal is heard and determined.

In 12% of cases remain on is used

You remain on the straight path.

A suspect remains on the loose.

But they can remain on the team.

In the meantime, the 2012 Versa Hatchback remains on sale in its outgoing body style.

This will enable us take control of our life and remain on the right track to success.

Culinary influences are eclectic, yet the focus remains on two broad types of cuisine.

Yet while the influence of American ideas was still potent, American policy remained one of continuing abstention.

Whichever one wins the nomination (my money remains on Obama ), he/she will need a little more weight in the VP slot.

For example, if this post is forward-dated to, say, July 26th 2010, it will remain on the index page for another year.

You can remain on your Bridging visa B in Australia indefinitely until your substantive visa application is finalised.

In 8% of cases remain at is used

Freddy Hall could remain at No.

Clayton himself remained at home.

The ramshackle remains at the heart of the 1.

Delivery attempted 13/15 and 17 Dec, however i've been off work at remained at home.

Regardless of what happens with Pietersen, I would prefer to see Trott remain at three.

In most cases, it is not necessary for you to remain at your home during the entire move.

Throughout these episodes, the time remained at 7 hrs 30 mins ahead of GMT, both in Malaya/Malaysia and Singapore.

A sticky post is a post that gets stuck to the homepage and remains at the top no matter how many other posts you write.

In 6% of cases remain with is used

Jesus remains with us for ever.

He could have remained with his family.

The trauma has remained with us all our lives.

And what he developed then as a cricket captain has remained with him to this day.

The real power of decision would remain with the heads of states in such a case however.

A group of them remained with the Prophett, may Allah bless him peace, for a long time.

But despite assurances to Edith, psychologically Surdez remained with one foot in America and the other in Europe.

In this scenario, beneficial interest always remained with the Settlor therefore the undertaking achieved nothing.

He criticised all three adults in the case, but judged it was in the baby's best interests to remain with her mother.

With the Republicans retaining the House and the Senate remaining with the Democrats, it's a return to the status quo.

In 3% of cases remain as is used

Shi will remain as chairman, the firm stated.

It still remains as a psychiatric hospital in Dublin.

Farro does remain as a relict species in some of the more.

And yet, the satisfy that is generated from these websites remains as a rule untapped.

He will remain as head of NATO forces in Afghanistan while the investigation continues.

Peace and stability remain as the most elusive desire of the peoples of the Middle East.

Humans have been given a great blessing in the form of communication, yet the question remains as to how we use them.

It should remain as personal choice and not forced onto us without extensive and thorough independant examination of all the facts.

How about the golf industry? Well, there's a lot of talk about Sustainability, and to a large extent, it remains as a lot of talk.

If he wants to remain as the USAG understand WE ALL ARE YOUR PEOPLE and as such WE ALL DESERVE &; DEMAND equal application of justice.

In 3% of cases remain for is used

One final problem remained for Sinn Fin.

The monarchy will remain for some time to come.

He remained for some time motionless with admiration.

By doing so, we will be able to ensure that Setiu Wetlands will remain for all to benefit.

Assets in the trust fund shall at all times remain for the sole benefit of the planholders.

Une histoire culturelle des annes soixante, Seuil, 1995) remained for a long time an exception.

The consequences remain for us to live with and it is possible to do so in peace and happiness with the help of Christ.

Only let not the devil and the world deceive you with their show, which indeed remains for a time, but finally is nothing.

Watch too for the ' flukeprint ', an almost eerie smooth wake that remains for several minutes after a whale has gone deep.

While some were slow to arrive, relief agencies eventually swarmed New Orleans and remained for months following the disaster.

In 3% of cases remain under is used

He'll remain under constant surveillance.

However, he remains under tight surveillance.

Even Del Rey claims to remain under its spell.

The blaze was about 50 percent contained Saturday and remains under investigation.

There is no need of a marriage between the same sex thay can remain under friendship.

There are several military airports around Damascus that remain under government control.

Only the Pale region, south Leinster and the Carrickfergus area remained under their control to a reasonable extent.

They remain under house arrest and have been called in for questioning about alleged political activity and Christian faith.

Third-line ARVs, as well as many improved first- and second-line antiretroviral medicines remain under patent and are costly.

Loughner can get any necessary sedation at the federal prison in Tucson, where he remains under suicide watch, Johnston said.

In 3% of cases remain of is used

Nothing seems to remain of moral absolutes.

It has been built on the fragmented remains of.

The victory depleted what remained of Tanzania's coffers.

Merchant Ivory? s 1993 film The Remains of the Day was a memorable contributor to the genre.

The Vogon Captain pressed a communicator button which connected him with the remains of his crew.

Warsaw Ghetto Walls Only a small piece remains of the ghetto walls, which were about 11 miles long.

To date the 27 archaeologists on site have uncovered remains of 30 houses while digging down three metres of layers.

As an island nation, maritime security remains of fundamental importance for the United Kingdom, just as it does for Sri Lanka.

What remained of the Desmond Geraldines were also heavily involved in the rebellion and it was to one of their members that he turned.

In 2% of cases remain within is used

Though his views still remain within sight of the mainstream.

The HSE has a statutory obligation to remain within its allocated budget of 13.

This is to reduce the chance of any residual food remaining within the stomach.

They wish to remain within the Christian tradition and worship a gender-neutral God.

A Course in Miracles This course remains within the ego framework, where it is needed.

And yet, that number has remained within a narrow range of 260 to 267 billion barrels from 1991 to the present.

Under the agreement, both countries militaries must remain within 10 kilometers of the disputed inner Sudanese border.

As a buyer, Fermina can make herself understood in Spanish, remaining within the comfort zone of her native language.

Hence the persistent perseverence by the Khojas to remain within a well-knit framework of the Jamaat, allowing no intrusion.

They have enough knowledge to know what information may be transferred to other firms and what should remain within the firm.

In 1% of cases remain without is used

The area remained without power and police.

He remains without a point in three exhibition games.

Yet, many registered political parties in Kenya remain without manifestos.

Cost estimates are in the $60 billion range and more than 4 million people remain without power.

Even with a legalization program, millions of people will remain without papers, as more come every year.

As emergency workers wade through flooded homes to look for survivors and millions of people remain without power in the U.

These homes, marked with white tags, remained without power and once residents went back in they could not leave on Sunday.

Indeed, a spa remains without a doubt one of the best investments when comes the time to sell dreams and relaxation at home.

And if education were to be conceived along the old lines of transmitting knowledge, the problem would remain without solution for ever.

Such possession, which remained without any satisfactory explanation, raises the presumption that the two accused authored the carnapping.

In 1% of cases remain above is used

Strong wool remained above a clean price of $6.

During day-time, the temperature remains above 30C though nights are comparatively cooler.

The number of priests had peaked at 3895 in 1971, and remained above 3800 from 1968 until the early 1980s.

In China, while economic growth remains above eight per cent, recent data suggests that the economy is slowing.

The judge, however, remains above the fray, providing an independent and impartial assessment of the facts and how the law applies to those facts.

Although the efficacy rate was lower in the mouse study (43% ), the time that the concentration of doxycycline remained above the MIC (T>MIC) of B.

In Figure 1, the qualities are balanced and therefore the entire scale remains above the dotted line, which delineates productive traits from counter-productive traits.

A circle of enormous stones, of which eight or ten remain above ground, anciently surrounded its base; and we are informed that upon the summit an obelisk, or enormous pillar stone, formerly stood.

In 1% of cases remain to is used

He remains to this day constantly Malay dilemma-ed.

It remains to this day a landmark in Bengali literature.

They left gradually and unobtrusively, Muhammad (pbuh) remaining to the last.

But when gas prices went back down, the surcharge remained, and remains to this day.

With the landing force provided for, it remained to get it there and put it ashore.

As The Mayo Advertiser embraces our seventh year in business we will remain to the fore in promoting the Buy Mayo concept and.

The Coptic Church of Egypt, Eritrea and Ethiopia, the Armenian Gregorian Church, and the Syrian Jacobite Church remain to a degree Monophysite.

The question of why they never made it remains to this day, but that summer the only one in my mind was when Lunny would get around to releasing his solo album.

Kant used logic to establish the limits of logic, and while he withdrew much from its old jurisdiction, logic was left all the more secure in what there remained to it.

On the 28th organized resistance in the capital was finally broken, although small pockets of enemy troops remained to be dealt with and enemy counterattacks continued on its outskirts.

In 1% of cases remain outside is used

All these things remain outside the sphere of state control.

However, this can be a worry for the family that remains outside of Jamaica.

People in Mandalay remained outside of buildings after the tremors hit, according to local journalists.

If you ca n't, you will have to remain outside of Australia until your skilled visa application is ready to be decided.

We therefore encourage those nations which remain outside of the membership of the NPT, to consider earliest accession to the Treaty.

Generally the accused is placed in the dock, but may be permitted to remain outside the dock, particularly where self-represented: s 34.

In 1% of cases remain out is used

Many consumers remain out of work and are likely.

But teleporting just a person remained out of reach.

It's great for the skin if you the event you remain out of tension.

In many ways, Heymans has been the opposite of Hughes, remaining out of the spotlight.

He was sounded out this week, but remains intent on remaining out of football for an entire year.

He said because of these negative elements, Pakistani players remained out of the Indian Premier League.

He'll be safe just as long as he remains out of sight, right? But just his luck because he catches Shin-soo's eyes.

Should you remain out of the hectic group associated with DJ 's, hip-hop designers &; additional would-be designers, you need to produce great music.

Until they are, they will remain out of balance and desperately trying to meet their needs by tearing you apart and pulling you in different directions.

Unless there is a supply problem with the product you require it should not remain out of stock for more than a few days, so please check back regularly.

In 1% of cases remain from is used

Nothing remains from the bunker.

Firstly, heat remaining from the original formation of the earth.

One can remains from lots of pain while wearing these kinds of wonderful Uggs.

Indricotherium was described in 1915, based on remains from the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia.

It highlights to deep suspicion and lack of trust that still remains from the lack of justice on both ends.

Only Emmet Keeling, then an Under-21 player, remains from the starting line-up the day they beat Enniscorthy town's finest.

Cahill Wilson investigated human remains from iron age burial sites in Meath for her doctoral research at the University of Bristol.

In characteristic to science, engine versions may be remained from very continental cash operation or, in a rural audience, family flag.

In any case, fossils of this massive beast have mostly been found in Pakistan, China, Mongolia, Russia, and Kazakhstan, with possible remains from Turkey as well.

In 1% of cases remain between is used

Deep divisions remain between France and Germany over the best way to scale up the EFSF.

Traditionally, the unused foreign aid in the pipeline remains between $5 billion and $6 billion.

The second sieve, with a tiny grid, lets the dust fall under the machine, while the usable sized gravels remains between the 2 cylinders.

Finally, I personally find that all these events further highlights to many of us the level of insecurity that still remains between the two countries.

My concern is that unlike the original introduction of civil marriages, which remained between a man and a woman, gay marriages mean that marriage is essentially arbitrary.

In 1% of cases remain among is used

The quality of education in this country remains among the lowest in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Despite a thriving tourism industry, Coast has remained among the most impoverished regions in the country.

So, for skeptics that remain among you, we've got 5 key bullet points for why this just might be your moment to give T-Swift her due.

Consequently they raised many disturbances and created civil wars that their bad results have still remained among the Muslims until today.

Even today, Ms Mody remains among the few women lawyers in the country to have made it to the rarefied ranks of respected senior lawyers in India.

Politicians don't have the balls to be upfront about anything anymore! 1) Income taxes on high earnings in Ireland remain among the lowest in the western hemisphere.

In 1% of cases remain after is used

Any money that remains after the goods are sold and the debt is paid off is returned to you.

This impression is nothing but a remnant of a desire remaining after a particular experience.

And one of those three draws was with one wicket remaining after a desperate tail-end rearguard.

Did the words come before the thoughts, I don't know, but the thoughts remained after the words, I do know.

Webber is 14 points clear of double world champion Alonso and Vettel, with two races remaining after Yeongam.

A student loan will remain after a bankruptcy unless repaying it puts a serious burden to a person in debt or to a debtor's family.

They use bio-wash to make sure that there is no chance of contamination or no health hazards which still remain after their work is done.

Pomace is that part of the olive that remains after all the oil and water in it has been removed by pressuring or centrifuging processes.

An important issue regarding death is that nothing will change about a person after death, ' he remains after death exactly what he was before, except that no longer has a physical body.

Further, scarring in the lungs remains after a previous TB disease (even if the patient is completely cured) and therefore it is difficult to distinguish past cured TB from current active disease.

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