Prepositions after "reject"

reject by, in, for, from or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases reject by is used

The motion was rejected by 242 votes to 157.

Bundgen was allegedly rejected by forty-two modeling agents.

The weapon was rejected by the military and soon discontinued.

The proposals of the Vajji Bhiksus were finally rejected by the elders of the Order.

However, it is possible that the first user's solution will be rejected by the moderator.

Earlier this year, directly elected mayors were rejected by nine out of 10 English cities.

The appellant made a Rectification application but it was rejected by the Tribunal by order dated August 29, 2008.

The judicial commission's report was rejected by Pakistani courts because it had failed to cross-examine witnesses.

As a result, the Reform Bill was rejected by the Lords by a large majority and passed back to the House of Commons.

Director Busby Berkeley originally planned a swimming number for Williams, but the idea was rejected by Gene Kelly.

In 13% of cases reject in is used

The project was rejected in Crete earlier this year.

Patents granted in one jurisdiction are often rejected in another.

Romney, the former Gov of Mass was overwhelmingly rejected in Mass.

It was only after he was rejected in favour of the unloved Uthman that Ali became active again.

These were soundly rejected in favor of just doing a better job obscuring their awful positions.

That was the deal Obama rejected in 2011 when he felt he need the fig-leaf of a tax increase on the Rich.

A suggestion was made about burying Kasab at sea like Osama Bin Laden, but was finally rejected in favour of Yerwada Jail.

All of this is rejected in an RBEM because the negative retro-actions of this enterprise is null and void on a scientific, ecological basis.

We originally had it planned as a short paper with more images and a bigger discussion but it got rejected in that form so we shortened it down.

In 8% of cases reject for is used

This possibility must be rejected for two reasons.

Many applications are being rejected for minor reasons.

Vavachan 's, being rejected for failure to pay the required fee.

As upsetting as being rejected for a feed can be, it can be overcome.

Expect to be rejected for at least one type of loan before you get a loan.

The 2010 measure was about a different regulation scheme, which was rejected for unrelated reasons.

The grievance must be submitted in writing to the Editor of the journal within seven days following a submission being rejected for publication.

Primaries should be rejected for a number of reasons: They are bad for Labour's internal democracy, diluting members ' say in choosing candidates.

Pieter is rejected for numerous job positions and as a last resort begins working as a cleaner, where he meets Fortune, a Zimbabwean refugee and Ualesi, a Samoan teenager.

It was rejected for good reasons, and if the other EU countries would have had a referendum on it as well, it would have been rejected in many, perhaps even most countries.

In 4% of cases reject from is used

When I got rejected from boarding school.

I got rejected from my dream school which was literally 20 minutes from home.

Having the ability to overcome being rejected from women is something that is.

At the beginning of World War Two, Lussier was rejected from service because of his age.

I don't know about Singhar House but that bookshop, which sold old books and rejects from Ferozsons for one or two rupees, no longer sells books.

Now, as to your error with sub-di-rec-to-ries, that's a known issue and will be fixed in the next update, which will prob-a-bly might also get rejected from the WP.

Oh, my portrait of Catie I made in January was rejected from the BP portrait award so I plonked it into the Aberdeen Artists at Aberdeen Art Gallery, where it did get an airing at least.

In 3% of cases reject on is used

The fear of being rejected on the platform next to.

Therefore, applications should not be rejected only on this pretext.

Right now, RTI Act does not permit any application to be rejected on the ground that it was frivolous.

Hypotheses were advanced and rejected on the touchstone of experience and not at the dictate of a creed.

Vavachan's first work permit application was rejected on September 8, 2011, because it was missing the $150.

It rejected on Tuesday a 50-billion-euro cut suggested by Cyprus, the current holder of the EU's rotating presidency.

My claim status shows that Form 19 b is passed and payment would be made soon and form 10 c is rejected on the account of services less than 6 months.

There is a popular joke in Brussels that if the European Union were a country applying to join itself, it would be rejected on the grounds of being undemocratic.

If application were rejected only on this account, the applicant could break his application and file 1000 applications seeking 100 pages through each application, which would not benefit anyone.

In 2% of cases reject at is used

Although Al Pacino, James Caan and Robert Duvall were all nominated for their great performances, it was Marlon Brando who won the Oscar, which he famously rejected at the awards ceremony.

In 1% of cases reject after is used

Usually, I was contacted, asked if I needed sponsorship and then the interview offer was rejected after hearing that I am an international student.

In 1% of cases reject as is used

Whatever has to do with cult, cosmos, or mystery must be rejected as a later development.

If the insulin is being rejected as a foreign substance, then there are advanced drugs which can deal with this situation.

In 1% of cases reject because is used

Harry applied to West Point but was rejected because of his poor eyesight.

President Reagan's failed nominee, Robert Bork, was rejected because of his ultraconservative beliefs.

In 1% of cases reject due is used

If there are situations where people were rejected due to political manipulation, we should all pass our apologies and give them loving hugs.

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