Prepositions after "reduce"

"reduce to" or "reduce by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases reduce to is used

Four-sixths reduces to two-thirds.

Anyone who is reduced to accepting.

The army was now reduced to 700 men.

This is worse for the feamle ones, because they are reduced to gushing harem members.

So a nonlocal quantum system is reduced to something local that the observer records.

After deduction of all costs, in France and in India, this profit was reduced to 10%.

Now reduced to pieces of bricks and lime mortar, in its heyday the great house would have been abuzz with activity.

During a project is very important to properly manage the project scope to reduce to chance of slope creep and errors.

In order to remind the devotees of the fact that their bodies will be reduced to ashes, Baba distributed Udi to them.

Adele was reduced to tears as she collected two of the prestigious trophies at the 57th annual prizegiving in London.

In 18% of cases reduce by is used

This can be reduced by a medication.

One-year benchmark lending rate was reduced by 0.

Prices are reduced by up to 30% while stocks last.

The cost of spinning was reduced by a factor of 95 per cent between 1780 and 1810 alone.

For example, if you earn $210 a week before tax, your Student Allowance will reduce by $3.

This is reduced by wearing helmets (see various posts here to see the evidence for this).

Populations at that point were highly reduced by hunting, but since then populations of both species have rebounded.

It also reduces by 100,000 the salary cap for executives of banks that have received state help, to 500,000 per annum.

When Cathy received her wages at the end of the week, she found that her wages had been reduced by the amount missing.

Hundreds of people who the day before were worth some thousands of pounds were reduced by this calamity to starvation.

In 8% of cases reduce in is used

Sheen was able to reduce in a plea bargain.

To reduce in size; shorten or tighten: take up a gown.

Each island reduced in size re-equilibrated at a lower insect diversity.

It was noted that calls for help about drugs and alcohol had reduced in recent years.

Wine which would have been included in the three-for-10 deal was reduced in price to 3.

In the short-lived honeymoon period between the PA and UNP the devolution proposals got reduced in scope and scale.

Operating in favor of gasoline prices staying lower is the reduce in demand brought on by the high costs over the summer.

Mounting them on North-facing walls means good heating in winter and reduced in summer (in case over-heating is an issue).

Several batts would then be shaped into a cone and reduced in size by boiling and then rolled to create a firm dense felt.

In 6% of cases reduce from is used

Local government expenditure reduced from 175.

Council seats will be reduced from 1,627 to no more than 950.

Whilst the total of indirect emissions (scope 2) reduced from 98.

The rate of consistent poverty (revised measure) for older people also reduced from 3.

At the same time, they recommend that the corporate tax rate be reduced from 35% to 26%.

Staff numbers in Teagasc have reduced from 1,574 in 2008 down to 1,189 at the end of 2011.

ENTRY DRAFT How many rounds in the Entry Draft? The Entry Draft will be reduced from nine rounds to seven rounds.

It does have some tracts of forest and scrub jungle, though vastly reduced from its former size due to new settlements.

Since maximum fish sizes were reduced from 45cm to 40cm there was less pressure on the food supply, meaning better trout.

West Ham remain strong favourites to move into the ground which will be reduced from 80,000-capacity for the Games to 60,000.

In 1% of cases reduce after is used

Aderele says menstrual pains will reduce after childbirth but may not completely stop.

The good news is that the graphics load was reduced after complaints, so most people will be able to hide behind the bush before Mr.

Sometimes I will not go to school for two days because of the pains and the heavy bleeding, which usually reduces after the second day.

In 1% of cases reduce as is used

A phone call to customer service sees our monthly tariff reduced as a ' sorry ', oh and a.

Global businesses need global capital -- and the control of promoter groups reduces as a company gets bigger.

However, the sizes of their farms are small and keep on reducing as a result of fragmentation due to increasing family sizes.

We fight for complete elimination for every traffic ticket and will only enter into a negotiation process to have the ticket reduced as a last resort.

Myanmar's opening up, if sustained, will see China's strategic primacy reduced as the former expands its economic and political relations with other countries.

The physical drive, a drain on the emotional and physical resources of professionals, is greatly reduced as the professional can learn virtually anything from the convenience of his or her home.

In 1% of cases reduce at is used

If you are a working mum, you may find that the amount of breastmilk expressed reduces at the end of the week.

Enzyme activity and chemical reaction rates (of fat oxidation, for example) are also very much reduced at these temperatures.

I recall another trial elsewhere (sorry, no reference) showed a statistically significant reduction in road collisions where street lighting was reduced at night.

In 1% of cases reduce due is used

Number of visitors didn't reduce due to the rain.

Birdlife, already greatly reduced due to modernity since the late 1800s, would receive a major further reduction.

Mahanamahewa has said the complaints may have been reduced due to the many awareness programs conducted throughout the country.

For instance, there is strong evidence to show how leakages in drought relief program in Rajasthan and Public Distribution System in Delhi substantially reduced due to extensive use of RTI.

In 1% of cases reduce for is used

AVAILABLE NOW RENT:? 700-00 PER MONTH - will reduce for a single.

Use some of these recommendations and watch your expenditures reduce for your checking account starts to develop.

If you are self-employed, send this certificate in with your annual returns and your tax bill will be reduced for you.

Not to mention the amount of frustration and anger technology can reduce for FIFA fans when the next World Cup rolls around in 2014.

They do not include the earnings of those who did not work a full week, and whose earnings were reduced for other reasons, such as sickness.

In 1% of cases reduce on is used

It is often suggested that your need for regular income will reduce on retirement.

Weigh bridges must be strengthened to reduce on the pressure caused by those overloaded trucks.

Those reduced on their own with regard to alleged enjoy, that appeared really Coach Outlet Online considerable, is actually not too.

The rate was 10/- per week where means did not exceed? 26-5-0 and was reduced on a sliding scale to 1/- per week where the income was between? 47-5-0 and? 49-17-6.

In 1% of cases reduce over is used

The State budget deficit could be reduced over time.

The trade unions in the USA have been progressively emasculated and reduced over the last decades.

Types of mortgage protection Generally, your mortgage protection cover reduces over time, as the amount you owe on your mortgage goes down.

Though food services were reduced over the last 12 months due to a decrease in government funding, over 6,100 meals were served to those in need.

Costs Many traders argue that because of the higher trading volumes and advent of technology, trading costs have drastically reduced over the past decades.

In 1% of cases reduce through is used

The risk of crop failures can also be reduced through diversification.

Potable water consumption is reduced through the use of water-efficient sanitary fixtures and rainwater is harvested for washing cars and flushing toilets.

In 1% of cases reduce with is used

The amount of stress reduced with this option is tremendous and will make a successful treatment.

It is also important to note that stress-related knee injuries have been reduced with the invention of the triple crank.

It was pulled when service was reduced with the launch of alternative lines along the same Lionel-Groulx-to-Dorval corridor.

Hips and knees are at 90, trunk is upright and neutral, and lower body motion is reduced with a ball held between the knees.

Between 1978 and 1981 oil prices rose from $14 to $35 as output was substantially reduced with these two OPEC members at war.

An aliquot of the other half was crushed, cleaned and digested to produce CO2, which was reduced with granulated iron and hydrogen to graphite.

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