Prepositions after "racist"

racist in, against, for, to or towards?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases racist in is used

Do nt be too racist in this blog.

And the only racist in this thread.

There is nothing racist in this advice.

But you can not aim to kick racism out and then be racist in your approach towards it.

Anonymous Thanks for showing everyone that Tommy is not the only racist in this forum.

There was nothing racist in the description of Obama as an African American president.

Someone mentioned to me today that she thought Bill Clinton at his core was racist in view of growing up in Arkansas.

A lot of the acts against small business (smashing windows and the like) are racist in nature and counter-productive.

It is a closeted way of accusing someone of racist intentions without risking the open combat that goes from a blame.

In 13% of cases racist against is used

I wonder who I'd racist against.

They are racist against us asians.

Blacks can't be racist against whites.

But if anything, we stand up for the jews the most, and are racist against the muslims.

Well, it is mentioned that Voldemort is racist against Muggles and halfbloods/muggle born wizards.

I for one would never vote for any political party which is so openly racist against its own people.

I, personally, am racist against black people and look down on black people, black culture, and African cultures.

YOU SAID: I'd not sure why the 4 khans would act in such movies, but most of the movies are racist against moslems.

Despite being a racist against blacks, I have no desire to play a game where I run around killing poor black people.

As for travelling in Asia, well, an Asian friend of mine once pointed out that nobody is more racist against Asians than.

In 11% of cases racist for is used

They're not racist for doing so.

She said I was racist for asking.

I'd probably racist for writing that.

It is just as racist for a black to be prejudice against a white as the other way around.

I know, I know, I am racist for saying that, but go to a mall and look around, it is true.

You can't keep playing the race card, implying people are racist for looking at secession.

I could see him asking Perry if he was a racist for something that Perry obviously had little to nothing to do with.

If it took place in Africa and there were white people i bet you would call it racist for not having black people in the game.

Our young people are brain dead so as not to be thought of as racist for not re-electing a black man and giving a second chance.

The only place racism ever seems to come up is when black people call white people racist for something that is so clearly NOT racist.

In 11% of cases racist to is used

Bobsu58 Seems racist to me, I know your code.

But racist to the national anthem of Uruguay.

And yeah, Aliyah - sounds extremely racist to me.

And that's what Cesc said on Twitter: that's he's never said anything racist to anybody.

You can be racist to any ethnic group and representative of any ethnic group can be racist.

They themselves are racist between themselves and are very racist to black people generally.

Racist place names changed When settlers named places in Australia they sometimes used names we consider racist today.

Re: Which country do you think is more racist to Asians Usa and don't get me going about the Japs (a bunch of stinkers).

You know we are not racist to the point where we don't want to co-habit with anyone else, that has never been the issue.

They are also racist to our asian, indian and pacific island friends thats why these cultures may stick to their own too.

In 9% of cases racist towards is used

Now, if it's racist towards Jewish immigrants.

Indians are extremely racist towards each other.

Yes alot of them are racist towards south indians.

I have no interest in whether the comments are racist towards black or white people.

As an added bonus, you can be racist towards your own missus when you're shagging her.

The British countries are the most racist towards the Chinese and there is a lot of racism towards Maori.

And then, to be totally honest, because she was a colored nurse, I found myelf being really racist towards her.

I am working in Singapore since last few months and I have seen how the local people are racist towards Indian.

He went on to say that he has come to the conclusion that a Majority of the Sinhala people are racist towards Tamils.

I've also noticed that the Arab immigrant community in North America is very racist towards Indians and ethnic Chinese.

In 7% of cases racist by is used

Blacks can not be racist by this definition.

Lincoln clearly was racist by our standards.

Attacking President Obama is racist by definition.

Mhu Cao I love how dumdums like you can't see that non-whites ARE racist by their choice.

However I don't think the people realize that they're being racist by saying those things.

So can Black people be racist by way of the P+P equation? Idi Amin and Mugabe tell me yes.

There's real racism out there, to be sure, but asserting that white people are racist by nature is just plain stupid.

They use the same logic to prove they aren't racist by saying they accept XYZ, some of their best friends are XYZ, etc.

Actually i agree with the Mail, im not racist by any means but the opening ceremony made white people look like the minority.

I do recall offering up an explanation of why conservatives are often perceived as racist by liberals, because he sorta asked about that.

In 7% of cases racist about is used

There is nothing racist about it.

There is nothing racist about saying that.

There is nothing racist about that at all.

There's nothing racist about what Steve said.

I agree, there is nothing racist about it whatsoever.

There's nothing racist about the proposed legal changes.

What is this world coming to?! I'd very racist about this.

But there is nothing racist about opposing multiculturalism.

There is nothing racist about the US dissatisfaction with O'Bama.

Nothing racist about it, I am in awe of other cultures and people.

In 3% of cases racist of is used

By the way, that is racist of you.

The current regime and all prior democrat regimes are the most racist of all.

I think it would be racist of SLB to cast any of the actresses pictured above.

I find it funny and very sad that those who complain of racism are the most racist of all.

Isn't it racist of you to think so ill of him? Perhaps this should make you want to vote for someone else.

But she, too, fails to explain why it is racist of us to credit the Eskimos with words for many varieties of snow.

No doubt if David Bowie ever said something like that about his wife Iman, he'd be pilloried as the most racist of racists ever.

I grew up in an area where I was the only white kid and one thing it's taught me is that white people are by far the least racist of the races.

However, we are missing the point! I wouldn't be ashamed to accept the fact that we might be the racist of all in the world or at least in the top 10 for sure.

THEY, then as now, so readily spit out accusations based on ' racism ', while ignoring Byrd's past with (arguably) the most racist of all organizations in this nation's history.

In 2% of cases racist without is used

We are racist without even realising it.

No-one presumably could be racist without exciting the interest of the police.

So, you'd have no reason to say someone is a racist without there being an action.

People can be racist without realizing because racism is so deeply ingrained in our culture.

We aren't going to be allowed to call them racist without them getting the same opportunity.

Similarly, you can be wantonly racist without using any racial language at all, you know who you are.

I would further allow that there was, at least, a possibility that someone could be racist without anyone ever knowing.

Lets not jump to conclusions that the chinese school administrators were racist without hearing their reason for rejecting it.

Branding someone as a racist without even bringing the poem up in full, as some commentators want to do, is ad hominem nonsense.

It was a non-sinister reason, but it worries people that the game might end up being racist without meaning to be, or might deal with it wrongly.

In 2% of cases racist as is used

Majority of Sinhalse were never racist as West and you diaspora says.

The Burmese government is racist as well as everything else that is reported.

Well done Ladislava LOL it is racist as a women is a race: facepalm: http: //snat.

Significantly, Latin America has not been as intensely racist as the United States (Fredrickson, 1988, pp.

Whites will thus become more overtly racist as the feared outcome of White demographic minority status nears.

And if EF, a black man, had called the Spud a LWC, no doubt some would accuse him of being racist as well as sexist.

Its really getting disgusting how libs throw out the race card and call everyone racist as a strategy in destroying their opponent.

I think that gays can indeed be racist as a matter of fact I was a care giver at one point in time to a man who was gay and he was very racist.

In the 1990s, people seem to be much more racially aware again - why do you think this has come about? I think we are deeply deeply racist as a nation.

Colonies? Put in place purely for primarily political and financial reasons by people who were probably as racist as everyone else at the time, including the people being colonized.

In 2% of cases racist at is used

I honestly don't see anything racist at all about calling Republicans disgusting white guys.

Football reflects us all as it always did, and these days it's both racist and not racist at the same time.

Like I'd pretty sure that they know white guys are going to watch this and repeat it endlessly even though it comes off as kinda racist at times.

But he insisted he never heard Terry mouth anything racist at him and that the pair never had any conversation along those lines during the match.

I must admit, even I am racist at times, dependent on customers or on the road, when someone matches a steretype perfectly, I tend to think **** ***race**.

In 2% of cases racist like is used

While not being overtly racist like Mrs.

I grew up with people who are completely racist like that.

What he has denied is that he said anything RACIST like it was being unfairly alleged.

OR, you should go to Canada, Canadians aren't racist like most (NOT ALL) If you ever can afford it.

I thought it was fortunately tamils were not racist like karunathi and voted for the better person.

Tell me more about how everything is racist and that I would understand that if I was racist like you.

The only thing taming the talking heads thus far is the desire to show that they aren't racist like the Americans.

Their immigration policy is only indirectly favorable to South Koreans, but not directly and explicitly racist like Israel's.

Or more accurately, white people like to imagine that they have black friends, because it gives them a warm fuzzy feeling that they're racially enlightened, and not racist like rednecks.

In 2% of cases racist on is used

The PQ and separatist movement is racist on its face.

I believe, and all evidence supports this, that are racist on both sides.

Even if it were n't, using race in a string of insults is racist on its own.

To suggest that everyone at today's NAACP meeting was just looking for a handout is racist on its face.

Tervino's Tweet is not racist but it IS hateful, while Avram example is also racist on top of being hateful.

Apparently, Chee had posted something rather racist on his Twitter account, and a lot of people weren't taking too kindly to it.

I don't think Abbot is racist in any way (having seen her on This Week ), but that doesn't mean she hasn't been racist on this one occassion.

It is what is sometimes referred to as a racist ' dog whistle ' -- a code phrase that is not obviously racist on the surface, but is loaded with bigoted stereotypes and tropes.

And are some lawyer jokes potentially racist on the basis that in any large group of lawyers, some may be assumed to be of African or Caribbean descent? A lot of it is context.

If there is anyone outwardly racist on this forum it is I(diot), and he is Argentine, I guess their must be more than I(diot) in your country, and Henry must have met them in Argentina.

In 1% of cases racist from is used

You aren't racist from what i know of you.

The Labour Party was racist from its earliest days.

The LDS Church itself, because of Brigham Young, was patently racist from 1849 to 1978.

Fido -- you may not get this as the thread is old but my remarks about religion were in response to the notion that a good christian family could be racist from Mickey.

In 1% of cases racist with is used

I quit and joined UKIP, which seemed to have squared the clever circle of being racist with sounding racist.

Thanks to UNIVISION and TELEVISA we have immigrants learning to be racist with shows like these: http: //www.

Anonymous The reason you are upset is because you and people like you want to be racist with out been called out on it! Bad luck this time.

The account responded to tweets it deemed racist with the simple response ' bark bark bark! ' Sometimes it would send wags to supporters but that was pretty much it.

In 1% of cases racist toward is used

I feel this is just as wrong but I am not racist towards them.

Are they being racist toward themselves? On November 21, 2012 at 1:25 am Ngamoko Nikora said: Peter C.

These groups are not just anti-progressive or hard right, they are also openly racist toward the first African-American president.

When someone is racist toward you -- either because they've profiled you or spit some slur or whatever -- they are saying they have a problem.

I classified it as one of those countries that was created on religious concepts, was racist toward the rest of the world and wanted the Americans dead.

I've never heard her say anything racist toward Philipino-Americans, or, for that matter and with the exception of her stupid feminity comments last week, East Asians in general.

Most of his villains were white European/American but I've never thought of this as being racist toward my ethnic background since just as many of his heroes were also of this background.

In 1% of cases racist during is used

It was racist during the civil rights era.

It is understood Clattenburg has been shocked and angered at being accused by Chelsea of using comments that have been interpreted as racist during their defeat by Manchester United on Sunday.

In 1% of cases racist before is used

I've heard poms be racist before and they do nt talk like that.

If whites weren't racist before Obama, they certainly are now, and rightfully so.

Using this logic every time a black person commits a crime against a white the white person must prove that they are not racist before their account can be accepted.

In 1% of cases racist because is used

No one is calling you racist because of FGM, which isn't even an Islamic practice.

But the suggestion that I was racist because of the response to Katrina represented an all time low.

Every journalist in the country considered the party's members to be racist because of their anti-immigration platform.

Just under a quarter consider the red cross on a white background to be racist because of its association with extreme Right-wing groups.

Am I going to spread propaganda referring to the show as racist because of that? No, because I don't actually have any conclusive reason to say that it is.

You believe this country is racist, but you don't realize that this country is racist because of people who exploit a certain race and make it seem that they on top of everyone else.

In 1% of cases racist after is used

This teaser shows that Mars aren't so racist after all.

When I replied, she too went silent, probably realizing that what I stated was not racist after all.

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