Prepositions after "punctuate"

punctuate by, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 86% of cases punctuate by is used

Like Lagaan, Naya daur is punctuated by a number of excellent songs.

Presentations are punctuated by morning tea and lunch, concluding mid-afternoon.

This is punctuated by a history of the band from its inception to its fractured split.

Every road has at least four lanes; Dubai feels like a motorway punctuated by shopping centres.

His manner was agitated, excitable - his conversation punctuated by a hacking, tuberculoid cough.

They more often are punctuated by periodic successes or new challenges than by victory and defeat.

I like the gentleness of the greys and browns of his outfit punctuated by the pair of black trainers.

But Naser grew uneasy when the street demonstrations were punctuated by armed attacks on Syrian forces.

So A History of Mapmaking becomes a series of tantalising previews, punctuated by breaks for emergency rewiring.

In the photographic rendering, the white barn is a soft gray, punctuated by knots in the wood and shadows cast by the uneven boards.

In 12% of cases punctuate with is used

Narcolepsy is an overwhelming daytime drowsiness punctuated with sudden bouts of sleep.

Rather, the cellular transformation happens in sudden surges that are punctuated with moments of stillness.

The readings have been tremendous fun and are punctuated with delighted ' ooh 's! ' horrified ' yucks! ' from the children as they sit incredulous, wide eyed and gaping mouthed.

Tracks borrow a corner or two from their real-life inspirations, but mostly take the form of smooth, broad, colourful rollercoasters punctuated with short cuts, hazards and spectacular jumps.

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