Prepositions after "propose"

"propose by" or "propose to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases propose by is used

The motion was proposed by Cllr.

Even though proposed by the Opposition, new.

The Senate adopted a similar measure proposed by the ANP on Monday.

The sustainable consumption initiative was one such, initially proposed by Skibsted.

This was first proposed by Governor Gipps in 1843 but rejected by the Legislative Council.

He laid out an approach that resembled past Republican plans, including those proposed by former President George W.

The response did not propose the appointment of an internationally independent investigator as proposed by the group.

I had forgotten that and started thinking about the economic problem proposed by the third thought and seconded by me.

In 19% of cases propose to is used

Brady proposes to Madison as Nicole and EJ look on.

My lovely boyfriend proposed to me on New Years Eve.

Tim is a cheerful pessimist who proposed to his wife with a goat.

Remember: He wants to propose to you, the woman he fell in love with, not bridezilla.

Their relationship seemed perfect and one night, when she was 17, Anthony proposed to her.

My fiance proposed to me in front of the TNG cast because of a school girl crush I had on you.

He said the ministry would propose to the Prime Minister to do away with various fees imposed by schools on students.

Before the class was finished, he proposed to me in class -- weirdest thing -- and I've seen some truly weird things.

Subject to these considerations Struble proposed to sail from Buckner on the 11th for operations on the 13th and 14th.

By some miracle, I've found the courage to propose to my girlfriend -- and by some even greater miracle, she's accepted.

In 16% of cases propose in is used

Truman proposed in 1911, but Bess turned him down.

Amendments have now been proposed in section 92B by the Budget 2012.

Several modifications of traditional hedonism have been proposed in response.

The numbers of school closings proposed in the scenarios range from 11 to 31 campuses.

As a result, three strands have been proposed in the RAEng report from earlier this year.

Assistance Support the approach to assistance proposed in the Biden -- Lugar legislation, S.

The study concludes that an LRT on Finch West is a better option than the bus rapid transit proposed in Stintz's plan.

To fund that plan, I have proposed in my budget an additional investment in the form of a $15 million increase to ODOT.

This has resulted in massive addition plans being proposed in the subsectors of generation, transmission and distribution.

Neither Manley nor Seaga succeeded in transforming the economic structures of Jamaica to the extent proposed in their rhetoric.

In 11% of cases propose for is used

A design pattern has been proposed for this problem.

The Prophet proposed for her to which her father consented.

It is the third hydro scheme proposed for the Murchison area in recent years.

The Committee also made various proposals for improving the facilities proposed for the.

Look at the number of new appointments and for example, the oil refinery proposed for Hambantota.

A similar provision has been proposed for the former government employees receiving monthly pension.

But one disorder previously proposed for elimination -- narcissistic personality disorder -- will likely remain in the text.

In the Bulldozer architecture, AMD decided to add some of the instructions they had originally proposed for the SSE5 instruction set.

At his death I had the singular honour of proposing for him this epitaph that has endured as the best President that Nigeria never had.

The following distribution network model is thus being proposed for an improved relief distribution in the last mile by the local donors.

In 4% of cases propose as is used

Vegeterianism is proposed as a derivation of guiding the people in the spiritual path as it serves many purposes.

Rent control is sometimes proposed as a solution to the current set of problems for both families and government.

The introduction of a minimum price per unit of alcohol has been proposed as a means to reduce alcohol consumption in the UK.

The abundance of black carbon has been proposed as the likely reason for the stability of organic carbon and consequent carbon-enrichment in these soils.

Although originally proposed as an administrative convenience to facilitate the surrender of Japanese forces this arrangement soon acquired other overtones.

In 1% of cases propose at is used

Several candidates were proposed at the meeting.

In 1% of cases propose during is used

This summary reports only on options proposed during public hearings and in the public comment period.

In 1% of cases propose from is used

A 7km ERL link is proposed from KLIA to KLIA East.

Why would health reform be good for seniors? The savings being proposed from Medicare won't harm patient care.

A bus hub will be built at KLIA East A 3km KTM Komuter railway line is being proposed from the railway station in Labu.

It is difficult to see what use can be proposed from this discipline of marshalling forlorn creatures for such a purpose.

Ministers and Ministers of State may attend and be heard in Seanad ireann where Government amendments to Bills are proposed from the Chair.

In 1% of cases propose on is used

Propose on the composition of the branch officials.

Let's take a look at the best places in New York City for proposing on your special someone.

On the basis of this forward deployment Commander Seventh Fleet proposed on the 16th that General MacArthur announce the imminent commencement of naval air reconnaissance of Formosa Strait.

In 1% of cases propose with is used

This amendment has been proposed with retrospective effect from assessment year 2002-03.

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