Prepositions after "pregnant"

pregnant with, at, in, for or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases pregnant with is used

When I was pregnant with the twins.

I became pregnant with Teresa here.

They are NOT pregnant with your baby.

Pregnant with my first child, I read tons of material on motherhood and parenting.

After some time, she became pregnant with a partial incarnation of Goddess Laksmi.

Then years later we got pregnant with a little girl again our 6th and final child.

Sexy witch Morrigan offers another option: You could get her pregnant with a god baby so that no one has to die.

Or, they'll ask me what day, week, or month gives them the most optimal chance to become pregnant with a female.

Pregnant with her first child, Kate's life was changed when she was diagnosed with Stage Three Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Soon Abdallah married Amina and, once she became pregnant with the Prophet, the light vanished from his forehead.

In 10% of cases pregnant at is used

I was 5 mos pregnant at the time.

She does not look pregnant at all.

The girls is pregnant at that age.

If all of the testing indicated not pregnant, then you're not pregnant at this time.

Animals in vivo into an inner alchemy, inner alchemy among pregnant at the Dan tire.

I'd finally pregnant at the age of 40! What you have taught me has been very helpful.

Looking forward to reading everyone's stories as it seems like lots of the AOW sister-hood are pregnant at the mo.

As for so called ' partial birth abortion ' -- the woman should have the right to become unpregnant at any moment.

In fact, a woman doesn't even have to have ever been pregnant at all to be carrying some cells with Y chromosomes.

Well I'd glad to hear that you are using contraception if you don't want to become pregnant at this moment in time.

In 8% of cases pregnant for is used

In 2009, I got pregnant for him.

She eventually got pregnant for me.

By that time I was pregnant for him.

You get pregnant for him? If you're not careful, you only get a Baby Mama position.

But the thing is, I've been trying to get pregnant for three years with no success.

Women should avoid getting pregnant for 4 weeks after vaccination with MMR vaccine.

She was at a time said to be pregnant for one Biodun Bodunrin, a Holland-based Nigerian who is married with kids.

I have friends who are the same age or slightly older who are still expecting to get pregnant for the first time.

So do you think Snooki purposely got pregnant for the government? No, I'd not that much of a conspiracy theorist.

Before we knew what was happening, she got pregnant for another guy; a JJC who had just returned to from the USA.

In 8% of cases pregnant in is used

Single &; Pregnant in the City.

I think she's pregnant in real life.

Yet she was pregnant in a few months.

This is the second time someone has assumed I was pregnant in nearly as many months.

Besides belief of combination improvement natural as of for to identify pregnant in.

Just when I thought I was off the hook, I found out I was pregnant in November 2008.

She added that the taunting she received for being pregnant in a children's home did embarrass and traumatise her.

Or if it's a mother who's daughter is pregnant in the US, then the mother can get permission to stay for 3 months.

We broke up and she came back and told me how much she missed me but that she had gotten pregnant in the meantime.

Such people would say,? If not for that foolish man who made me pregnant in form three, I would not have been here.

In 6% of cases pregnant by is used

She later became pregnant by him.

She is pregnant by the Holy Spirit.

She had gotten pregnant by another man.

Also, you should consider the young man who you are thinking of getting pregnant by.

I'd glad I found out before things went too far or I ended up pregnant by the creep.

As individuals with free will, women can absolutely decide not to get pregnant by not engaging in sexual activity.

Advice On What To Drink When Pregnant By: Maria Renouf The gestation period in human beings lasts for nine months.

One Source Talent Belen Rodriguez pregnant? Comes the denial Belen Rodriguez is not pregnant by Stefano De Martino.

Cha claimed that his wife was made pregnant by him and when Cheng had raped her, the unborn child was his (Cha 's).

In 4% of cases pregnant after is used

C was pregnant after being raped.

But I got pregnant after my 2nd try.

We also got pregnant after a few months.

She tells of a woman who became pregnant after being raped by her brother-in-law.

There is a 1 - 3% risk of becoming pregnant after taking emergency contraception.

Then Jo finds herself pregnant after a one night stand with Jimmy, a Black sailor.

I got pregnant after a few months, at which point DH had a minor breakdown and stopped working for a few weeks.

I had only been in my new job that I totally loved for 3 months when I fell pregnant after 12 months of trying.

Its up to the individual to choose: -) I am currently 4 weeks pregnant after having 3 miscarriages, I am a mess.

His meticulous preparations bore fruit -- Ruoxi was found to be pregnant after Yutan died- he has her trapped now.

In 4% of cases pregnant from is used

You can get pregnant from rape.

Yes women get pregnant from rapes.

Women can get pregnant from rape and do.

He discovering she was pregnant from adultery went and reported it to the Prophet.

Instead she had no recourse till she found out that she was pregnant from the rape.

And if I got pregnant from that, I'd do almost everything to get un-pregnant, stat.

One of my closest friends was raped at knifepoint in her first year of college, and became pregnant from the rape.

In 2% of cases pregnant without is used

Yes you can get pregnant without having sex.

It is true that you can be pregnant without knowing.

No one could get someone pregnant without her consent.

Getting pregnant without his consent is not going to bring you closer together.

In the next year, half again will become pregnant without any kind of medical help.

Question: Can you get pregnant without having sex? It is very rare that a person gets pregnant without having sex.

Will this affect my chances of getting pregnant? Most women who are overweight become pregnant without difficulty.

The key to get pregnant without any trouble is to understand those factors that play important mention or conceiving.

When I was diagnosed as ' infertile ' it was so finite, I really believed that I would never be pregnant without IVF.

In 2% of cases pregnant within is used

I tried and was pregnant within 3 months.

I bet his fiance will be pregnant within the year.

Came of it and fell pregnant within the first month.

The majority of women can become pregnant within six months of stopping the Pill.

If you do not get pregnant within a year of trying, consult a fertility specialist.

Three of them got the job and were pregnant within a few months - all three of them.

About half of couples who don't get pregnant within a year will conceive the following year, if they keep trying.

Most women fall pregnant within the first month or two of trying, for others it may take 6-8 months or even a year.

We're looking at more of a 21 month-two year age gap if I am lucky enough to get pregnant within the next few months.

Most women who don't need medical assistance will get pregnant within two years, according to Infertility Network UK.

In 2% of cases pregnant on is used

She became pregnant on the first try.

It is from the cycle you got pregnant on.

My sister-in-law fell pregnant on demand.

The doctors weren't worried about the hep C and I got pregnant on my first IVF cycle.

I used to work with a woman who fell pregnant on her very first IVF cycle, at age 41.

Baby K was conceived mid-December and I discovered I was pregnant on January 4th, 2012.

She got pregnant on seventeen occasions but only gave birth to five living children all of whom died in childhood.

I had heard of such happening but I was still surprised at how OFTEN getting pregnant on purpose actually happens.

BTW, how are you and your baby doing? I was unaware that I was pregnant on New Years Eve 2000 and drank to excess.

There are many couples that are out there on a regular basis that are desperate to get pregnant on a regular basis.

In 2% of cases pregnant during is used

Many become pregnant during the short marriage.


I got pregnant during my last year in high school.

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during treatment.

Ishba and Mary were pregnant during the same time, six months being the difference.

I was 31 weeks pregnant during one bout and it brought on contractions, luckily it didn't bring on full labour.

The seasonal influenza vaccine is strongly recommended for women who will be pregnant during the influenza season.

The teenager wept at the realisation he made 15-year-old Chantelle Stedman pregnant during a drunken one-night stand.

Often young women, who are exponentially more likely to get pregnant during unprotected intercourse than older women.

In 2% of cases pregnant as is used

Of these, 75 became pregnant as a result of rape.

Several women became pregnant as a result of the rapes.

Janet told me she's now pregnant as a result of the attack.

She said she got herself pregnant as a result of the ' business ' and had to abort it.

She persisted four times and admitted that she was pregnant as a result of fornication.

When we come to the case of a woman pregnant as a result of rape, the stakes are higher.

For the mum who got pregnant as a teenager the nation of the second chance will enable her to study when she's 35.

I also feel that too many young girls simply see getting pregnant as a way of gaining a council flat and benefits.

Prior to the 80s, it was socially and morally reprehensible to be pregnant as a teen or even as an unmarried woman.

But is this possible? A Well, we have to consider WHY you did not get pregnant as a result of your previous affairs.

In 1% of cases pregnant out is used

If they get pregnant out of wedlock they are SOL.

It's noones business if she is pregnant out or in wedlock.

Finding that she was pregnant out of wedlock had been enough of an ordeal for her.

When Jael's mother became pregnant out of wedlock she was summarily shown the door at WBC.

Your daughter has not done anything to call herself a star except get pregnant out of wedlock.

If Jesus had been Jewish then he would have been killed before being born as his mother was pregnant out of wedlock.

This is a lesson to girls who get pregnant out of wedlock, it's nt compulsory u marry ur baby daddy!!! if es not the ONE.

For example, you are getting mad at your friend because she got pregnant out of wedlock but on the low you do illegal drugs.

When push comes to shove, many girls who are pregnant out of wedlock find the decision to keep their baby doesn't get much support.

In 1% of cases pregnant through is used

Any woman who is pregnant through rape, incest, etc.

I was told I could only get pregnant through invitro.

Mary became pregnant through the Holy Spirit, making her a virgin.

She's now trying to get pregnant through IVF and there is no father in the picture.

In preparation for Europe young ladies would get pregnant through open and flash marriage.

Before Mary and Joseph had any sexual relations, Mary was pregnant through the Holy Spirit.

The only grounds for abortion were to be foetal handicap or when a woman was pregnant through rape or incest.

While living in Bombay, Rajneesh made one young woman pregnant through an aggressive and unasked for seduction.

Do not be afraid, said Gabriel, and then an unmarried girl became pregnant through the power of the Holy Spirit.

In February 2010 the star revealed that she had been trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

In 1% of cases pregnant to is used

Her face looked pregnant to me here.

Hurring did see Gao in China and got pregnant to him.

She ended up leaving home at 16 and pregnant to some loser.

It has been about 2 months, and she went from looking 4 or 5 mos pregnant to a puch.

It's a commitment from when you find you are pregnant to the birth and after, really.

Morning Illness in Being pregnant is pretty individual from being pregnant to pregnancy.

I have fallen pregnant to my partner (' partner ' in the emotional sense, not legal sense, yet) while he was in NZ.

The model doesn't look pregnant to me, the pose is meant to reinforce the idea that the body is uncorseted (?) I think.

Liz Forbes, 17, is pregnant to her boyfriend of almost three years and her mother Ann, 37, is expecting her third child.

It brings to mind two of my group of friends becasme pregnant to their boyfriends but elected to have their babies adopted.

In 1% of cases pregnant before is used

Why get pregnant before marriage.

To make a girl pregnant before her puberty rites, 5.

You could become pregnant before you get a normal period.

Here are a few actresses who were rumored to be pregnant before they got married.

Incredibly, she was almost six months pregnant before she realised she was expecting.

If you become pregnant before losing weight, you'll be tested for gestational diabetes.

TELL THE DOCTOR IF YOU ARE, OR THINK YOU MIGHT BE PREGNANT before having an x-ray of your abdomen or lower back.

Sridevi was, perhaps, the only actress who publicly accepted the fact that she was pregnant before her marriage.

Because the fact that my best friend got pregnant before me naturally makes me a total and complete failure at life.

Old Eastern European shonks even got girls pregnant before Olympics and World Championships, followed by terminations.

In 1% of cases pregnant because is used

They were pregnant because of their sex.

She will always know that she fell pregnant because of rape.

If a woman becomes pregnant because of a rape, you see, then it was not rape.

This way, he said, you won't get pregnant because I'll do the abortion right after it.

Perriera's patients is a 16-year-old girl who became pregnant because of a broken condom.

I would never imagine trying to tell another woman that she shouldn't get pregnant because of it.

Tazarotene treatment must not be used if you are pregnant because of potential risks of harm to the developing baby.

They are almost three times as likely to become pregnant because of higher levels of certain hormones in their bodies.

If your pregnancy test tells you that you are pregnant, you are not more pregnant because of a thicker or darker line.

Some women actually experience better sex while they are pregnant because of an increased blood flow to their pelvic region.

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