Prepositions after "predictive"

predictive of, in, for, about or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 86% of cases predictive of is used

That is, that money is predictive of outcomes.

But the image itself is not predictive of symptoms.

They found that VEI was more predictive of barotrauma than PIP.

But huge crowds -- or, for that matter, yard signs -- are not predictive of anything.

Many of the factors you might think would be predictive of group performance were not.

Both research income and H-index are predictive of RAE rankings: the correlations are.

Others have found evidence that occupying similar positions in social networks is more predictive of adoption 36.

In other words, changes in cannabis use were predictive of changes in psychotic symptom severity, and vice versa.

This mouse model is generally deemed to be predictive of human efficacy of anti-HIV drugs by renowned scientists.

Success in test markets is highly predictive of success nationwide (especially if multiple test markets are used).

In 5% of cases predictive in is used

No animal testing is predictive in humans.

For the truth of a statement to be meaningful, it should be predictive in some way.

Rational expectations is not predictive in the short run - even Friedman stayed clear of suggesting that one.

And while the tests were predictive in men with no history of heart attack or stroke, they did not appear to be useful to women.

Without this final step, one can fall into the trap of models that are adjusted to fit the results as opposed to being truly predictive in nature.

At this point everything everyon says - and especially the party spin doctors like Rove are not meant to be predictive in nature but rather manipulative in intent.

In 3% of cases predictive for is used

I'd not going to get into what models are ' best ' / right / most predictive for designers ' use here.

Other findings have only been evaluated in lower-quality studies or are poorly predictive for lumbar spinal stenosis.

The bottom line of the paper is that at least in the context of JMIR, tweets are useful metrics, predictive for citations, and they are potentially also useful for other journals.

Conclusions The Serbian QUALEFFO-41 version is reliable, valid, sensitive and predictive for examinations of HRQOL in patients with prevalent vertebral fractures and can be used in further studies.

In 1% of cases predictive about is used

When that information becomes queryable in an a crowdsourced and cloudsourced way we can be more predictive about what you're more likely to get based on your genomics.

In 1% of cases predictive as is used

These sorts of scientific similarities that are predictive as well as descriptive help us reason about regimes that our minds didn't evolve to operate in.

In 1% of cases predictive without is used

Einstein didn't disbelieve quantum mechanics, which, in any case is predictive without being explanatory.

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