Prepositions after "practical"

"practical for" or "practical in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases practical for is used

Not practical for a tennis player.

It's also tres practical for work.

Not very practical for a hard drive.

I think 64GB SSD are still too expensive to be practical for the typical consumer.

That is not very practical for all intents and purposes and eats up a lot of time.

The old aunties still wear saris but it's just not practical for the modern woman.

Really, truly, I loved this article, I want it for the world, but I don't think it practical for all situations.

The economy of establishing a Madrasah is a low cost; that is why it was easy, affordable and practical for all.

The idea was sound, but the high-end television set simply wasnt practical for the signal technology of the day.

When the cat progressively gets used to the new exterior, switch it to a identify that is more practical for you.

In 22% of cases practical in is used

This article is practical in nature.

It even seems practical in many ways.

Is it practical in Dallas? Not at all.

Right to recall - though it is deirable, it may not be practical in Indian context.

Parking at the side of the road is not that practical in SL specially on week days.

All the keys are very practical in spite of the fact that is made of glossy plastic.

Occupy is certainly rebellious, but it is driven by imperatives that are deeply sensible and practical in nature.

Such wells are only practical in arid climates where there is not much risk of contamination from surface runoff.

Certainly there is a lot about our story that will not prove possible or practical in other contexts around Africa.

Course is practical in nature and will include workshops, discussions, case studies, live research and group projects.

In 6% of cases practical as is used

It answers the needs, practical as well as.

It was really practical as well as visionary.

The case for this is practical as well as moral.

Cameron's tools make writing a playful and practical as well as profound experience.

Made from special heat-resistant, toughened glass it is practical as well as beautiful.

She avoids elaborate detailing in her designs for practical as well as economical reasons.

Making forecasts for station data is even less practical as the spatial averaging greatly attenuates the variance.

For Botte, the technology is most practical as a way to make the wastewater treatment process more energy efficient.

Read the tips louis vuitton foolish, practical as well as delicious websites with this extremely gift-shopping roundup.

In 5% of cases practical about is used

I am immensely practical about this.

I'd be more practical about it though.

We're gon na have to be practical about this.

Smart home-buying means knowing what you can afford and being practical about it.

He was also practical about criminals and how they should be dealt with by the police.

Waiting to be picked in the Indian team, Sulakshana was more practical about her chances.

If they can remain dispassionate and practical about what they need, we generally find success with this approach.

She realized the mental torture she was inflicting on herself and her family and did something practical about it.

Rv, I think what you are saying is people should just accept how to control their emotions and be practical about it.

There's nothing practical about this town hopper made for keeping it fun regardless of how harsh the terrain might be.

In 5% of cases practical to is used

The list migrates from practical to.

It simply is not practical to the weather here.

Therefore, I think it is not very practical too.

That sounds extremely practical to me, and totally in the spirit of what APW is about.

Roxxin Says: July 16th, 2011 at 12:25 pm All of them are professionally practical to 0.

Saddlebags *** The Saddlebags are fine quality-wise, but just don't seem very practical to me.

I desire this will be practical to you personally in generating decisions on how to very best invest your capital.

The smoothies in cups must be incredibly good simply as ice-creams and so practical to stock in the freezer until needed.

In an angle park, the front or the rear of the vehicle (as the case may be) shall be as near as is practical to the kerb.

Audiophiles do this by buying and selling headphones in regular basic, this of course is not practical to non-audiophiles.

In 5% of cases practical with is used

Be practical with the useful guy.

It's practical with no sense of aesthetic.

I do not know if it is practical with every theme.

On the plus side the car was cheap and is very practical with loads of space and storage.

Try to remember you won't be going away for a month and be practical with what you include.

Is a natural stone floor practical with young children around? You'll be glad to know it is.

The teachers make the learning fun and practical with a lot of singing, dance and creative expression involved.

Without going into much detail, I will just mention something practical with regards to the Quran and Ramadhan.

Without going into much detail, I will just mention something practical with regards to the Qur'an and Ramadhan.

Mounting an amphibious landing (like D Day in WWII) was not practical with the technology available at the time.

In 3% of cases practical at is used

But it is not practical at this moment.

Unlimited just isn't practical at most companies.

I am not sure it that is very practical at this stage.

The house's interior must be aesthetically appealing and practical at the same time.

Can you beat it? Check out the dance moves in the video below and get practical at home.

Life is very full and satisfying, although I? m probably busier than is practical at 76.

She was as sensitive as she was tough, creative and practical at the same time and had a wonderful sense of humour.

Since it does not have direct contact with the patient, this type of scalpel is still safe and practical at the same time.

I did choose the German option in the end, but not because it was the easiest way, it was simply the most practical at the time.

When should I express? Around the time you normally feed your baby when youre home is the obvious thing, but rarely practical at work.

In 3% of cases practical on is used

Probably not even practical on the moon.

Secondly, be practical on whatever you have learnt.

Often this is not practical on any kind of deadline.

What's more, it may make factors practical on your behalf soon after you go back home.

Locate, you will find practical on a little island located inside the city of Montreal.

Probably not practical on the camino but possibly a good tip for walking in bad weather at home.

The material substance was instructive and it truly is practical On the web heat poker to understand burberry bags.

Some guidebooks suffice for bedside pre-walk briefings, but The Heritage Hiker's Guide proves practical on the move.

I had bought a linen dress in a sale, well over a year ago, quite lovely but crisp white and so not practical on messy me.

Day 1 Day One includes PT, the Priorities of Survival and a training and practical on knots, rope usage and river crossing.

In 2% of cases practical by is used

She is practical by nature and believes in expressing herself in limited words.

Our CELTA course is very practical by nature and so does not lend itself to distance learning.

We had to submit written work for the theory, but were also assessed on the practical by ' doing it '.

The best approach is to introduce the practical by referring to the objectives the workshop intends to cover.

George Steiner attempted to make strategic planning more practical by presenting it as a step by step manual.

I guess because of our faith, we were not very practical by believing that a miracle of healing is on the way for us.

It's like it was a city built to be beautiful and practical by capturing and savouring every possible inch of the sunlight.

They are not the most practical by any means and often do not provide the standard overflow drain that come standard on traditional sinks.

If you study 2 or 3 months so consciously and implement your theory in practical by making few own websites than you should get success and.

In 2% of cases practical of is used

The most ethereal of poets was the most practical of men.

I think of sewing as one of the most practical of hobbies.

Make a list and be practical of what you are going to be doing.

Purple glitter d'orsays are, strictly speaking, not the most practical of footwear.

With this in mind however, sometimes even the most practical of people have DIY Accidents.

Not exactly the most practical of choices to leech from, but it's a possibility nonetheless.

The positive conception of freedom is given by the fact that the will is the capability of pure reason to be practical of itself.

Kabbalah is rooted within the Jewish tradition, but it is not a religion, it is a sacred science, wise and practical of the universe.

After a week of speaking to Burmese women and children I feel that the smallest, most practical of changes will make all the difference.

Aristotle, with his colossal common sense, was perhaps the greatest of all philosophers; certainly the most practical of all philosophies.

In 1% of cases practical after is used

Advice of submissions to applicant - as soon as reasonably practical after the closing date of submissions.

After all, he is both theoretical and practical after having been exposed to the best practices in management.

It's way more practical after all as I have all the clothes already;) I have two boys and people said that to me too.

In 1% of cases practical due is used

Shorts are discouraged in the evening and are also not practical due to the risk of getting bitten by mosquitos.

Print, especially in countries outside of the US/UK (where English eBooks are at its peak ), is simply more efficient and practical due to sheer economics.

As far as the poll, I believe the best HA solution is a 100% hardware solution, also the most expensive, and sometimes not practical due to limitations of physical mediums.

Reliable seed production of the more desirable (later maturing) fiber varieties in the PNW may not be practical due to the interference of fall rains with seed harvest operations.

In 1% of cases practical from is used

Recruiters prefer exclusivity, but it's not always practical from your perspective.

Doesn't bother me at all - in fact, it's very practical from an environmental standpoint.

Very pretty but not always practical from an SEO, usability, and navigation point of view.

Then I attended the Schools in York &; Clarence Street's for the practical from July 1947 until about December 1947.

As a matter of concern men are stronger and practical from their birth and women are beauty, emotional from their birth.

It can help save a few pennies, plus it is very practical from the point of view that guests can actually see each other.

The article is useful and practical from start to finish, and will be of value to anyone considering their own options in the base-of-pyramid market.

While I agree that colonization may not be practical from the economic standpoint, simply saying that it doesn't benefit you today is a selfish reason.

Crystalline or glass lasers are easier to cool, and can produce much higher peak power, but they are not practical from a military tactical standpoint.

Of all the women, I warmed most to Elizabeth Moynihan's sour-faced Valentina -- grown cynical but practical from adhering to a system that has emphatically reduced her; the faint stars of optimism.

In 1% of cases practical like is used

It's time to start thinking practical like this.

We Americans are always late to adopt something practical like banning plastic bags usually because it means not thinking about ourselves.

It's better to have something practical like a big, yellow whistle attached to your designer handbag, even if it means you're not as fashionable as the next girl.

In 1% of cases practical rather is used

This interest is practical rather than scholarly.

Homeopathy is a practical rather than a theoretical medical therapy.

He has built a campaign solely around the practical rather than the emotional.

Other indications that the church saw their own writings as practical rather than authoritative (i.

Education should be more practical rather than theory and also education should be given impartially to all.

He has made the case for reformed and smaller government, for practical rather than simply ideological reasons.

The proposals are serious, are practical rather than ideological, and have clearly benefited from expert advice.

Perhaps they should be more practical rather than simply not wearing a t-shirt, perhaps starting their own campaign.

For this reason, strategy is a practical rather than a theoretical matter, as strategy is required to make things happen.

What's more conclusive at least is that his marriage was sad and entered into for practical rather than romantic reasons.

In 1% of cases practical without is used

It is practical without compromising on Truth.

It is impossible to be practical without a Pragma.

However this opinion must be candid and practical without being ' insulting '.

I want to share an example of what I mean because it is hard to explain how this study is practical without being practical.

Although officially they need you to come in and fill out their form, that is most often not practical without extended driving.

The Statute of Westminster came as close as was practical without revolutionary scissors to legislating the independence of the ' Dominions '.

Additionally, the ICE is too hard to maintain or produce relative to electric motors and using fuel cells is not practical without massive increases in output.

It's a short drive out of town but up a steep hill! Not that practical without transport although they did say they could drop us in town and bring us back each day.

In speaking about the budget, I found Bob Brown talking about returning the budget to surplus as soon as practical without threatening Australia's tenuous economic growth.

Also many of the topics were deliberately left out to make the book suitable for new comers in CakePHP, and to keep the book more practical without making it a complete reference book.

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