Prepositions after "pour"

"pour into" or "pour in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases pour into is used

Water is pouring into the vessel from all sides.

Fold one into the other and pour into a buttery pan.

Pour into the prepared tin and shake gently to settle.

When it gets dry, they pour into the interior of the Mara in search of greener pastures.

Lots of work and effort poured into someone else's websites is not what you want to do.

Pour into a bowl to cool - at the moment it will pour easily off the spoon in thin ribbons.

Reinette also deserves thanks for the tremendous effort she's poured into community-building efforts like this one.

Not enough can be said about the sheer volume of creativity that was poured into every aspect of those first movies.

You can now transfer this mixture to your ice-cream maker and churn until ready or pour into a plastic container and freeze.

On the day of the final, Scorey had been held in reserve, but was called into action as huge crowds poured into the stadium.

In 16% of cases pour in is used

First gold was poured in mid-August.

Then I poured in the contents of the packet.

Pour in the milk slowly as you whisk to combine.

Turn the heat to high, give the butter a few seconds to follow suit and then pour in the eggs.

This recipe works with most mini bars or you could pour in some mini smarties, marshmallows etc.

You will have to work quickly, pouring in the milk with one hand and stirring with the other.

All the three missed out sunlight at critical times as the rains kept pouring in high intensity and without respite.

Having won complete control of the skies over the Philippines, the Japanese poured in their troops on 22 December 1941.

Four years later, both the companies have written off the billions of dollars they had poured in the Indian telecom market.

A monstrous, grisly light poured in on them, - a hideous light, - a boiling, pestilential light, - a light that would have disfigured hell.

In 7% of cases pour from is used

Blood was pouring from a wound on top her head.

Know it so well that it oozes from your pores and pours from your lips.

Sunlight and ventilation were scarce, and smoke poured from cigarettes.

Drainage was pouring from her ears (as a result of part of her issue being an outer ear infection.

The sweat poured from his forehead and yet his opinions were well formed, his rhythm constant and enunciation perfect.

Guilt and remorse will pour from them as surely as if they were ripe grapes that had been stomped on by a willing peasant.

Muhammad was so moved by what he saw and thanked Allah continuously in his heart for allowing so many Muslims attend, tears poured from his eyes.

Opposite to him sat the sturdy Burbo, carefully counting on a table between them a little pile of coins which the priest had just poured from his purse.

A grandfatherly man with blood pouring from his mouth relaxes on a wooden chair, a pink teddy bear and a white-eyed, fang-baring baby resting in his lap.

As can be seen from the concerns and messages pouring from within the country and all over the world, it appears the Tamils are united in their stand for their rights.

In 7% of cases pour over is used

I spent a good part of a day pouring over the pages of this book.

We were instructed to smash open the candy apple, and then warm apple jam was poured over the frozen dessert.

I remember pouring over the game catalogs, carefully deciding over and over again which one I wanted the most.

Also potential spoilers if you waste a bunch of time pouring over the previous chapters like I did before typing this.

What this really is is a roasted fillet of escolar (fish ), sitting on top of sauerkraut, with lobster bisque gravy poured over it.

Meanwhile, I have legos being poured over my feet, my armrest taken over, and kids asking me if I can help them get their seat belts on.

Air Nelson wanted a flawless polished concrete finish, which meant ready-mix concrete being poured over a continuous 16-hour period, with no construction joints.

A pity, because a chilli crab is defined by its sauce and this standard sweet gloop that seemed to have been poured over the crab at the last moment wasn't going to cut it.

And frankly, given the ordure that's been poured over us, especially in the Mets, by Labour on the ground, I think it's surprising we're not a damn sight more tribal than we are.

In 7% of cases pour on is used

The Bobcats poured on the pressure from the get go.

Serve on a bed of salad greens with the sauce poured on top.

This patoxi indian had gasoline poured on him was he asleep on a sidewalk by rich kids in Brasilia.

For one reason or the other, groups have poured on the streets and roads of Owerri to express one grievance or the other.

Doesn't it make more sense to provide a habitat for all these critters instead of pouring on the Miracle-Gro several times a season.

The two step nail art system involves painting on two coats of the base paint and pouring on the caviar pearls whilst the nails are still wet.

House stopped by the elevator, waiting for it to come, when he felt someone's body slamming into his, and some hot liquid pouring on his clothes.

She poured on all the Cordelia Chase charm she normally reserved for the rich, influential, or in this case -- those who could and also wanted to kill her.

The dessert, which we share as a true Vera and Victor would, is sensational, a gritty, zesty, lemon polenta cake which, I'd guessing, had a lemon syrup poured on top after it came out of the oven.

In 5% of cases pour out is used

He could feel it now, it was pouring out of her.

Then, in place of a more genuine power, violent rage pours out of them.

I don't know where it came from, but this grief started pouring out of me.

I feel the divinity pouring out of every being that I have the privilege to encounter.

Drinkable water will pour out of the heater, but be careful you're not getting any dirt from the inside of the tank.

Smoke began pouring out of what was the CTV building, all I could think was there must be heaps of people in there.

That and the fund of variations that seem to pour out of him mean you can listen over and over and pick out new stuff each time.

And Jimblah's far removed from that, which is good because it allows him to indulge in that style where his lyrics just pour out of him.

It is hard to focus and be engaged, or hold babies, when you have a bad sinus headache and snot pouring out of your face (sorry for the t.

Blood is pouring out of the new hole, as I become rather agitated, seeing the precision and power that he can transfer through such a tiny needle.

In 3% of cases pour through is used

The light pouring through the beveled cuts of the diamond would create a whirling rainbow of color.

At the first sign of boiling over, a kettle is lifted from the fire, the filter taken out, and the steaming, ruby liquid is poured through the filter into a jug.

Although I am a fast reader and I enjoy reading, I do not relish the thought of pouring through 2000 pages of notes to look for all instances of a particular topic.

In 2% of cases pour with is used

But in Guizhou, big bowl of wheat noodles are often poured with a falf inch layer of hot pig fat.

I very reasonably explained that this was not cool, I was on time and had 9 people with me, and it was pouring with rain.

But, over the last few nights, we've found that a little soap and water, and a few cups and spoons to scoop and pour with, makes cooking dinner a breeze.

The clear part of the settled water could be poured with caution without disturbing the sediments through a white clean filter cloth to remove more of the bigger floating particles.

In 2% of cases pour off is used

The whole beach area was covered in trash and debris and there were rivers of water pouring off the shore in different places.

The course turned and went around the bays -- I chose to head on up on the footpath under the shade of the trees because the heat was already making the sweat pour off me.

In 2% of cases pour onto is used

It's not anywhere but there's blood pouring onto its little feet and it looks so sad.

The ice-cold flask and contents were swirled and poured onto the Buchner funnel under reduced pressure.

I have no idea of what nonsense those books you have been reading had poured onto your mind, but you have been neglecting your purpose.

I told Chris that the ocean was pouring onto the land and this may be ' it ', thinking that I may be swept away, and hung up the phone abruptly.

In 1% of cases pour of is used

I started with very ripe apricots, chopped and pitted (but not peeled ), mild honey (about one-quarter by weight of the fruit ), and a good pour of dry white wine.

In 1% of cases pour upon is used

When the pleasure that we seek within ourselves is poured upon an object, it looks beautiful.

In 1% of cases pour about is used

Flip the Roti and pour about 1/2 a beaten Egg on the Roti.

In 1% of cases pour before is used

Since we have 52 weeks in a year we need such heavy down pour before the monsoon ends.

This project is now a race to get to the point where concrete can be poured before temperatures dip to the point where concrete can not be poured.

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