Prepositions after "pleasing"

pleasing to, in, for, on or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases pleasing to is used

It is most pleasing to the Lord.

Will all be pleasing to the Lord.

So always pleasing to the client.

It would be both pleasing to the eyes and a discussion topic for family and friends.

The ear likes to hear sounds that are beautiful, melodious and pleasing to the mind.

I am not saying this because it may sound pleasing to the ears, but this is a truth.

They also do not mean that whatever emerges will be liberal democratic states pleasing to Americans and Europeans.

This handbag is pleasing to the eye, a classic and timeless one that is loved by women who want to look glamorous.

With this in place, you will be able to endure the hardness of training and your life will be pleasing to the Lord.

A great design must not only be pleasing to the eyes and evoke a sense of emotion, but must also serve its purpose.

In 6% of cases pleasing in is used

There was something pleasing in the sight.

Also make your life pleasing in the eyes of the Lord.

The stinging needles were almost pleasing in that moment.

Their videos are just so aesthetically pleasing in all respects without being cheesy.

They will go so far as the cutting off of heads, if that may be pleasing in his sight.

It is finally dependent on God: He is working in us that which is pleasing in his sight.

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.

It wasn't pleasing in the first half but I thought it was important to still watch the young lads this morning as well.

The Qur'an addresses such souls in these words: ' O serene soul! Return to your Lord joyful, and pleasing in His sight.

When you look different but at the same time pleasing in the eyes of other people, you will surely get good compliments.

In 5% of cases pleasing for is used

The bonking song is very pleasing for us.

It's just not pleasing for the eyes / brain.

Far more pleasing for the pernickety project sponsor.

Experiencing two bath rooms creates a property more pleasing for potential customers.

Couldn't have made the terms of reference more pleasing for the church if he'd tried.

It must have been pleasing for a fast bowler like you to get a long break? Yes it was.

I used to like his mouth organ paroles and when he released his first single it made it all the more pleasing for me.

This will create an illusion that the room is much bigger than it actual is and is more pleasing for the eye to watch.

And we had an English world champion - which is particularly pleasing for McLaren, which is ultimately an English team.

The current conditions created by the Government are very attractive and pleasing for us to enter this wonderful market.

In 3% of cases pleasing on is used

It is very pleasing on the eye.

It is pleasing on the eye -- and on the ear.

The way you bend on one knee is pleasing on the eyes.

The result is a tablet that feels cheaper in the hand and is less pleasing on the eye.

Continue on this road, with views of St Brides Bay being particularly pleasing on the left.

Items for sale in the shop were pleasing on the eye, they were not so pleasant on the pocket.

In my mind I knew what to write but the words just did not come out as aesthetically pleasing on paper as I'd like.

I don't mean in prosthetic terms, she is pleasing on the eye, but her second rate acting leaves a lot to be desired.

He might not be the most pleasing on the eye - that is KP - but I know which one I would like to bat for me in my team.

Stools, tables, chaises, benches, and ottomans come in hundreds of original designs that are pleasing on the eye and the body.

In 2% of cases pleasing about is used

There is something pleasing about The End.

There's something pleasing about a secret project.

There's just something so viscerally pleasing about watching a.

They can work on small things, and there's something very pleasing about small things.

Jaques is the person saying it therefore there is nothing pleasing about life written here.

What was pleasing about Samuels's pyrotechnics was that he played fabulous cricketing shots.

What was pleasing about the commentaries is that sometimes they highlighted completely different preoccupations.

What was really pleasing about this gathering was the sharing of experiences and ideas about performance improvement.

What was more pleasing about the amount of goals is that finally we are scoring the goals that our posession deserves.

More pleasing about what Mick has mooted is a desire to return to what has always been Meath's more traditional style.

In 2% of cases pleasing of is used

She has stopped the exhausting pleasing of others.

Love makes one see only the pleasing of the beloved.

Most pleasing of all was that the ball frequently bulged the net.

Not the most aesthetically pleasing of places, it makes up for it with a certain buzz.

It was also perceived as being the most aesthetically pleasing of all British English accents.

The first orchestral concert one attends is remembered as the most exciting and pleasing of all.

I agree with it and would prefer to see recruitment of more aesthetically pleasing of the fairer sex in my environment.

Most pleasing of all was the glorious male HEN HARRIER, harassing various fauna and avia on its way to a presumed roost.

The exchanging of gifts, the lighting of diyas, the pleasing of ' The Goddess of Laxmi ' with elaborate pooja being over.

However it was probably that they learnt plenty about themselves and their team mates which was the most pleasing of all.

In 1% of cases pleasing as is used

So epub is more pleasing as a writer.

This sounds odd, but it's actually quite pleasing as well as tantalising.

They may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the real ones but that is not what you are looking for.

As aesthetically pleasing as a video game can be, I still think of them ultimately as games, like football or darts--pastimes.

The page of a book is aesthetically pleasing as a screen is not: except that many pages of many books are not aesthetically pleasing.

What's important that you find out is this sort of experiences restriction you skill to have a pleasing as well as gratifying daily life.

Each location has its own unique features, but it is hard to imagine a golf resort that is as visually pleasing as the one situated in Te Anau.

Theater like noh, kabuki, and bunraku are both impressive and aesthetically pleasing as well as something UNESCO has recognized as a cultural heritage.

In modern times it has become the wood of choice for making both decorative and practical items that are aesthetically pleasing as well as environmentally friendly.

In 1% of cases pleasing unto is used

We all have to take heart and lead a life pleasing unto God.

And forthwith his brother conferred with him, and this counsel was pleasing unto him.

That sight will be as pleasing unto me, As Paradise was to Adam, the first day Of his creation.

When I am in or outside my country, I would like to protect her name by living my life in a way that is pleasing unto God.

And if this counsel be pleasing unto thee, and to my nobles, it shall be that, as thou hast reared him up to the present time, I wilI give him to be brought up by Pendaran Dyved, from henceforth.

In 1% of cases pleasing with is used

It's also aesthetically pleasing with its ' bug-eyed ' lights.

VILLA, our villa is very pleasing with a lot of surprises in it.

And they will like the page with pleasing with the page contents.

The mildly spicy dipping sauce was pleasing with a throat tickling kick to it.

It is visually pleasing with gorgeous illustrations and a great feeling hardback book.

The music is smooth and pleasing with notable acoustic guitar and strong vocals and harmonies.

I find the pepperiness of the parsley less pleasing with the lime and the fish than the fresh flavour of the coriander.

Decreases in household crime are also pleasing with householders three times less likely to be a victim of burglary than in 1995.

The salad is surprisingly pleasing with lots of earthy leaves, some sharp spring onions and creamy shaved parmesan keeping things interesting.

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