Prepositions after "pick"

pick on, from, for, in or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases pick on is used

I'd not trying to pick on Paul S.

Be pleasant and don't pick on him.

I wasn't picking on YOU so much.

Because the closer you get to perfection the more people will pick on the little things.

Our actor JSW is the man to follow! He doesn't pick on his projects for frivolous reason.

The EU picks on Myanmar because it is an easy target, with no political costs to itself.

I only pick on that site because it is the first to come to mind, but I'd sure a simple search could turn up a lot more.

He works an office job at boring WW Enterprises; his colleagues pick on him; police want to end to his vigilante justice.

Even a star like him is well aware that the team is picked on form and that there are no guarantees of selection next season.

One day one of these players will pick on the wrong woman and they or their friends will use the maximum force to deal with them.

In 13% of cases pick from is used

You've got plenty to pick from.

There are many philosophies to pick from.

My RAT5 has 4 DPI settings you can pick from on-the-fly.

Pick from the Town Tour, the Inverness/Culloden Moor Tour, or the new Loch Ness Monster Tour.

The package we had gave a set of different starters on all the tables for people to pick from.

Here in central Chch there are lots of surgerys to pick from and 24hr places if you need themm.

Today Ari Lominga came to the teachers ' house and brought a handful of mushrooms which she had picked from her farm.

Netanyahu, Putin and Khamenei are not the most promising pool to pick from, but their own hold on power is far from assured.

Toddler's girls boots generally are available in leather, but you'll find a good deal of diverse materials you can pick from.

Instead what I have noticed is this: they just parrot out what they pick from other sources; obviously without checking the facts.

In 11% of cases pick for is used

Here are my three picks for you: 1.

A person is picked for each service.

Do not just pick for the sake to complain.

Another thing to learn from this Mets is don't give up first round picks for relievers.

However, there is no harm in permitting players who wouldn't be picked for the Indian team.

We asked the best of the music world to tell us who they would pick for their fantasy band line-up.

Check with any or all of these organizations to find out if the firm you pick for the job has a record of reliability.

Even though he knows he could go that extra mile and get every last apple, he has decided to stop picking for the day.

It's interesting to note that in Starmometer's very first Hot Picks for Miss Earth 2012, Czech Republic is on top of our list.

Thirty-six of its 54 factories were picked for the chop with potential compulsory redundancies of more than 1,700 disabled workers.

In 11% of cases pick in is used

I agonized having to pick in 2008.

Go apple picking in the fall 11.

Sarah Palin, nice lady, worst VP pick in history.

In fact, anyone picked in the Test team probably deserves a few chances, especially batsmen.

A fourth-round draft pick in 2011, Sharpton rotated with DeMeco Ryans in the first eight games of.

Best Dive Computer: Top End or Luxury Our first pick in this category is the Atomic dive computer.

Harvest: The leaves can be picked in late winter and again in late summer and even in the depths of January in places.

The top two picks in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, Nail Yakupov and Ryan Murray, will play against each other on Wednesday.

Jay-Z and Kanye West ), a song I picked in consultation with DUST's resident music expert (and Ashesi alumnus ), Eli Tetteh.

However, the purpose of tanking is to increase chances of a higher pick in the lottery, not necessarily to attain the 1st pick.

In 7% of cases pick at is used

The medical people gave me iodine and told not to pick at it.

Instead, they continue to pick at our wound or open up a new one every 9/11.

Clearly, marketers have found value in picking at that particular emotion.

He was quite famous and I got so nervous that I started picking at my thumb until it bled.

It's much much easier to pick at problems with Dishonored that it is to understand why it works.

It may be hard to sense it, but sometimes you just get a gut feeling that they're trying to pick at you.

When the latex dries on your skin, you can pick at it to create a convincing illusion of decaying flesh.

So we picked at our little accompaniments and there was only five it finished fast and was replenished.

It's made all the more ridiculous when people cherry pick at the data and create unwitting strawman arguments.

Re: Re: Re: I know I am late to this party, but I have to pick at this one a bit, because it's sort of a perfect piracy apologists view of the world.

In 6% of cases pick by is used

McCain was picked by the centrists basically.

He's a consensus top 10 pick by multiple experts.

The winning entry will be picked by me at random.

Again, give this group some credit for the clinching pick by McCourty.

In May 2010, Hellcats had been picked by The CW for the fall 2010 -- 11 season.

Haven't heard one word from her or seen her on TV once since she was picked by the Cons to run.

She became Jamaica's first female prime minister in March 2006 after she was picked by party delegates when P.

The images were picked by the tech-world and everyone started sharing the information and rumors around the web.

The new president (chairman of the EU Council) will be picked by the sitting national leaders in a majority vote.

The stigmas can only be picked by hand and it takes 250,000 stigmas to make just half a kilo of saffron, hence its high price.

In 3% of cases pick with is used

The average residential lock can be picked with $5-$10 worth of tools and.

Any time Jim had a bone to pick with his pet, it dropped it's head and approached him with a puppy dog look.

Guess who came to mind? The Vice President of course! Alhaji Aliu Mahama, the man who was unhappy with my reportage, who had a bone to pick with me.

So hotel locks can be picked with $50 worth of equipment and a little skill? That's still a step up from what most people have on their front doors.

I don't believe these type of forums have a lot of merit as it seems that the majority of posters are the ones that have a bone to pick with a company or have a chip on their shoulder.

In 3% of cases pick up is used

Just pick up yourself and go on.

The bank expects growth in China to pick up to 8.

To assist steer clear of some of the maternity back discomfort, maintain picking up to a minimum.

We noted on Saturday that the Phils ' interest in Hamilton had picked up to the point that other executives were noticing.

I can man the bar, help with preparing a party or pick up family/friends from a local station if you're too busy and I'd available.

We do expect employment in the sector to pick up as the Canterbury rebuild builds momentum, but difficulty finding skilled labour may be holding back growth in this industry.

From Kwihara we took a narrow, rough road (just a footpath, really) through planted fields and poor settlements, then managed to pick up the main road again about six kilometres beyond Tabora.

In 3% of cases pick off is used

Seed pods are picked off the cacao trees.

Linebacker Sean Lee picks off Tom Brady last season.

And that goes well beyond cherry picking off the interweb.

They're being picked off one by one with no replacements in sight.

Greenwood attempted a 16-yard hit but flubbed the shot and Kile was there to pick off the error.

DFO will probably pick off the ripe low fruit that will support what they want to do and ignore the rest.

At this point, Spain is all beat up while Brazil has emerged as the team with the best shot at picking off the Americans.

Fortunately for LaRue, Fernandez soon picked off Spivey so for a few minutes LaRue wouldn't have to worry about any passed balls.

A company each of the 1st Idaho and 1st Washington Infantries, stationed on either side of the building, picked off the Filipinos as they were smoked out.

Once she actually got them safely hatched and then prancing around the paddock, only to have them ceremoniously picked off one by one by the Brown Goshawk.

In 2% of cases pick of is used

Fine if it was only picking of the lead swingers.

It was also recommended on column Travel Picks of Reuters.

The world financial spivs are going to pick of one by one all countries.

I also suspect you would then be laughing at the ' obvious cherry picks of the deniers '.

In 2% of cases pick through is used

This decision proved to be a good one as his application picked through some good luck.

Accordingly there seems to be little point in nit picking through the Policy, pointing out all the flaws and loopholes.

If we wish to verify or understand Buddhism we don't pick through scriptures squabbling about the meaning of words or phrases; rather, we become sensitive to our own experience.

Handily, that museum doesn't dispose of its old exhibits, storing them in an epic warehouse that sounds like good fun to pick through -- which is exactly what TNMOC volunteers did.

In 2% of cases pick over is used

These were the vultures to pick over the bones of the dead as it were.

The big, strong kids tend to get picked over the smaller skillful guys.

Several classes have also been involved in litter picks over the last few weeks.

If not, they're going to go with a light skin model and now, more than ever, Spanish and European models are getting picked over black women in general.

Go forth friends, and happy shopping! *Rule invalid if said sale item is Chanel In need of inspiration? Here's some of my best sale picks over the life of my credit card.

In 2% of cases pick out is used

The pharma information, in India at least, if often half correct, sentences being picked out of context from journal and books, to be presented to doctors.

Yet despite all the money and resources spent on free-agent corner Brandon Carr, from Kansas City, and Morris Claiborne, first-round pick out of LSU, Dallas is below.

A proper haymaker! The boy told the head teacher and my son was picked out of his class and made to do the walk of shame to the head's office to be given a stern -- and appropriate -- telling off.

In 2% of cases pick between is used

It is more difficult for me to pick between Stein and Obama.

The face to be cut with good fair chissel draughts arrived and required and hammer-picked between these draughts.

To pick between finding a husband as a deflowered woman, or to get the rapist to support you as a husband and not worry anymore.

People don't control their countries even in democratic countries, they are forced to pick between establishment candidates ruled by a two-party oligarchy.

Crucially, we don't know which way the 55% of people who are happy with spending being where it is would fall if they were forced to pick between increases and cuts.

I hate that! As I've noted before here, I am a liberal of the first order on most things so it is easy for me to pick between the (possible/pretend) policies of Democrats and Republicans.

In 2% of cases pick as is used

Because Schultz was a second round pick, they don't even get a compensatory draft pick as the Coyotes did when Blake Wheeler pulled the same stunt.

Brenya, who has played at top level of Ghanaian football for several seasons, is a very intelligent and powerful defender who was, somewhat surprisingly, picked as the captain of the season.

In 1% of cases pick after is used

Jordan slid all the way down to the third pick after the enigmatic Sam Bowie was taken by the Portland Traiblazers.

Winners will be picked after the comp closes at midnight on the 12th December and notified as soon as possible on the 13th (i.

In 1% of cases pick to is used

I also like the difference in your writing style between articles that will get picked to shreds if written uncarefully (FSM articles, etc) and your ones about cats.

Nevertheless, Get Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key, if you have had a much better spending budget available, Buy Windows 7, then you can pick to locate the software apartment preferably instead.

In 1% of cases pick upon is used

The enemies of Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh picked upon this point to argue that he was a Murji'e.

Lines 3-6 And there's a barrel that I didn't fill Beside it, and there may be two or three Apples I didn't pick upon some bough.

In 1% of cases pick against is used

However, last week he was picked against City, as Villas-Boas believes it.

Based on the comments I received for picking against them you would have thought they won the Super Bowl.

That side fergie picked against spurs, should see every united fan question fergie's stupidity in playing that many legless players in one match.

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