Prepositions after "peel"

"peel off" or "peel for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases peel off is used

Peeling off the skin is a tedious process.

When he found one and peeled off the husk, there were no kernels.

Worst of all the paint is peeling off the front bonnet and the whole roof.

After boiling potatoes, let them cool down for a few minutes &; start peeling off the skin by hand.

A quick squirt onto the top of the flange, and you can then peel off the bag without any pulling on the skin.

Pre-treatment with a topical retinoid enhances the effect of fluorouracil by peeling off the top layer of skin.

While chopping Onion, i have always washed it with cold water after peeling off and chopped by taking off middle part.

The old lady put on her spectacles, fiddled for a few seconds to peel off the backing paper - and then licked the stamp again.

A fresh egg will sink, a doubtful egg will float Egg peeling off: Make a small hole in the egg by piercing a pin before boiling it.

Other problems include; bubbling paintwork at the back of the car, paintwork peeled off the exterior runners and the vinyl eroded on both doors.

In 29% of cases peel for is used

Keep your browser peeled for the imminent arrival of Help: A Day In The Life, or you can.

Any of them out there running Niagara Falls on Sunday? I'll keep my eyes peeled for the green shirts.

I touch down with my eyes peeled for any wildlife that might dart out in front of me at the last second.

Thes says some new, dope color combos are about to be unveiled so y'all keep your eye's peeled for that one.

Keeping my eyes peeled for any hints or clues from Farmers Weekly but nothing of any significance has leaked yet.

If you're enthusiastic about the game, get pleasure from, and retain your eyes peeled for upcoming installments from the background updates.

Also keep your eyes peeled for Troll 2 director Claudio Fragasso, who is interviewed extensively here, though sadly with no reference to the cult calamity.

And, ultimately, Durie will keep his eyes peeled for one such aware designer who can wow him with the kind of cutting-edge design that spells luxury, elegance and style.

Get Online Week is part of Plusnet's on-going relationship with UK online centres and we're currently working on some more exciting projects alongside them so keep your eyes peeled for more news.

In 8% of cases peel away is used

If you feel the adhesive paper is peeling away from the cardboard just use the scotch tape or fevicol to stick it firmly.

Maicon was left well out of position as Benzema peeled away from him to turn in a curling deep cross from Angel di Maria at close range.

Now the new, modified seals are peeling away from the car &; water is starting to leak through again, so it goes back in again on Thursday.

In 8% of cases peel from is used

On a flat board, place inverted cabbage leaves, or peel from an orange, grapefruit or lemon.

Richardt Strauss peeled from the base and managed a fingertip touchdown in the corner to score Ireland's third try of the afternoon.

In 6% of cases peel in is used

The white walls had tuned a light shade of gray and were peeling in places.

Unfortunately, the paint was peeling in some areas, so I knew that I'd better take the time to strip the paint for the best result.

Always listen to your horse, and if the ears are peeled in one direction, follow your horse and there's a big chance he found something for you.

In 4% of cases peel to is used

It peels to anything, even some lip balms.

My mom throws away the fruit and vegetable peels to the soil around the plants and that makes a nice compost.

In 2% of cases peel out is used

Do not peel out of the parking lot and drive 110 mph.

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