Prepositions after "peddle"

"peddle by" or "peddle to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases peddle by is used

This is a falsehood, something constantly peddled by the right-wing in political and media circles.

This awareness is a striking contrast to the statistics peddled by some local NGOs and human rights crusaders abroad.

The excuse peddled by the S-M-X-C communities is that while they do not believe in caste, individuals may do so (wrongfully).

I also admitted fault when I posted in another forum the COA P100B corruption by Pnoy administration for 2011 as peddled by the Star and Manila Buletin.

This is an old story, peddled by a long string of disreputable governments across the world when reformers get too close, and it may hold sway again in Malaysia.

Contrary to the myth peddled by the state, a free and responsible press is essential to the national project to help build a harmonious multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-religious society.

In 18% of cases peddle to is used

In the recent case of mephedrone the price was low but still the drug was peddled to school children and adult population.

As the bubble grows, rationality is thrown out the window and all manner of excuses and storylines are peddled to the gullible suckers to keep them buying.

In 15% of cases peddle in is used

When you buy someone's debt it is not usually a cash handout, contrary to the tripe peddled in these comment pages.

Rain adds to the potential sweaty wreck problem since peddling in rain clothes simply makes you wetter than riding without them.

In 3% of cases peddle about is used

The most important issue is that when the people came in contact with the man Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, they realised the lies the NDC had peddled about his physical structure.

In 3% of cases peddle for is used

He probably just couldn't believe that all the crap he had been peddling for months as fact was all being proven just not true and it must have been a shattering experience to his ego.

In 3% of cases peddle on is used

All of a sudden, I felt the same old issue again--- the sudden feeling of peddling on thin air without any gear engaged for just one second.

In 3% of cases peddle under is used

My failure to actually finish the book might be attributed to my abject failure to read any of the gibberish that is peddled under the head of management books.

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