Prepositions after "peaceful"

"peaceful in", "peaceful with" or "peaceful for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases peaceful in is used

It was peaceful in Owerri at first.

It was very peaceful in their times.

Im not lazy in it, just peaceful in it.

There have been occasional demonstrations but these have all been peaceful in nature.

He asked the people to be peacemakers by being peaceful in their conduct and actions.

What is it like to live in Sri Lanka? It is peaceful in some parts but not in others.

All was well and peaceful in out world until the wee hours of the next morning when I again woke screaming in terror.

As a consequence, hearing my neighbours ' conversations or showers running doesn't make me feel peaceful in my own home.

All in all our Treasure Beach stay was just what we wanted and expected - mostly just peaceful in beautiful surroundings.

Give me a blessed seer (such as Fox) who can make my day easier and my nights more peaceful in sleep? there won? t be any.

In 11% of cases peaceful with is used

Everything was so peaceful with faint music.

Keep your heart peaceful with My remembrance.

Anyway, it is all peaceful with Charlie again.

Hardly peaceful with tribes killing each off and making the defeated women slaves.

Had requested a quiet room and it was peaceful with quiet efficient air conditioning.

When you become your own toy you can be happy, contented, and peaceful with yourself.

And here, in the actual Jerusalem, my life had been very sweet; peaceful with a whole flood tide of peacefulness.

The resort is so quiet and peaceful with two gorgeous pools it really does seem like you are in the tropical world.

We feel anxious in yellow environment, easy and relaxed in blue, peaceful with green, passionate with red and so on.

And I must tell you that this hotel is beautiful and at night oh so peaceful with only the sounds of the ocean waves.

In 11% of cases peaceful for is used

Life could not be peaceful for the husband.

They thought the world would be peaceful for a while.

Let us make the world peaceful for all innocent beings, not only human being.

The Tokugawa period (1603 to 1868) -- in contrast was relatively peaceful for Japan.

Close your eyes and imagine a place or activity that is calming and peaceful for you.

The Pax Romana was hardly peaceful for the peasants subject to the rule of the Romans.

There was always someone there with knowledge to help and i cant thank them enough for making it peaceful for me.

Things have been peaceful for months but then up pops an then we have to move because they just keep reporting us.

The sixth edition of the index found that the world has become slightly more peaceful for the first time since 2009.

This is the choice we made years ago after our robbery to move to a place where it was safe and peaceful for our kids.

In 4% of cases peaceful about is used

So be calm and peaceful about it.

There is NOTHING peaceful about islam.

There's nothing peaceful about that, lol.

Fika has something very friendly and peaceful about it.

You think there's something beautiful and peaceful about death.

I just love old churches, there's something so peaceful about them.

There was nothing valiant or peaceful about how Michael Jackson died.

During that time, work is the thing I feel increasingly peaceful about.

Islam is a brutal religion and there is nothing peaceful about it, nothing.

The only thing I was peaceful about was the fact that the bathroom was clean.

In 4% of cases peaceful to is used

He died some days later, peaceful to the end.

And others can be a bit more peaceful towards it.

But time to oneself in a place peaceful to the individual.

The month of May has been incredibly peaceful to me eventhough I have so many debts to settle.

Give yourself some peaceful to recondition your mind to achieve them for 5 minutes every morning.

The only way to persuade Iran to be peaceful is if other nations are peaceful to Iran (as they are to Scotland).

It believes that exposure to extremist content is sufficient to turn an ordinary person from being peaceful to being violent.

For what it's worth the truly peaceful to the core Ahmadis who profess Islam are a persecuted minority in Muslim majority countries.

The thought of the deepest, most violent jungle in the Vietnam War seemed peaceful to Steve O'Connor compared with what he said he experienced as a student at St.

And since a believer knows that everything is meaningful, beneficial and under the control of God's care and command, everything is seems lovable and peaceful to him.

In 3% of cases peaceful after is used

His eyes shine and he is incredibly peaceful after painting.

It must have been so lovely and peaceful after the chaos of Hanoi.

I thought I had things calm and peaceful after my last journal entry.

So maybe it really isn't so peaceful after all, even within the Muslim community.

Woo Jin makes lunch for his mother, which is surprisingly peaceful after that last motherly lunch.

In Resistance: Fall of Man, Europe comes off prosperous and peaceful after WWI, preventing the Second World War.

I feel nicely tired and quite peaceful after class, and the quality of light outside helps sustain my mood as we make our.

The whole place got really peaceful after the last descent at 17:15 - there were only us four and four other hotel guests.

We saw him before he was transferred to Hobart and he looked so relaxed and peaceful after having trouble breathing earlier on.

I love going home in the summer- the weather is beautiful and the neighbourhood so peaceful after the hustle and bustle of London.

In 3% of cases peaceful as is used

I am very peaceful as a result.

Be wise as a serpent yourself in this regard, but as peaceful as a dove.

The land of magic was peaceful as the evil ones were stuck in the north.

But i can say with full faith business is more peaceful as compare to job.

It's very, very difficult to get to and wondefully peaceful as a consequence.

Yes, may Allah help us and that our country remains safe and peaceful as well.

Help us so that our country remains safe and peaceful as well as successful in the future.

Now that you understand this, focus on making the mind peaceful as a strategy for eliminating the stress.

Other countries will be peaceful as a result whereas Sri Lanka will continue to haggle with Tamil demands and enclaves.

The same message was echoed by Hannah Chira of ACORD who called on the youth to engage in peaceful as opposed to violent politics.

In 3% of cases peaceful at is used

Its so quiet and peaceful at night.

It's so exciting and peaceful at the same time.

Nearly all religions are peaceful at their purest.

It's also when I used to get up for ice skating and Manhattan was so peaceful at that hour.

The staff here are friendly, the lodge comfortable, food delicious and atmosphere peaceful at all times.

He writes: The time of fajr is a very special time in which a person is mentally free and is peaceful at heart.

Sure, it could be peaceful at the next election but I doubt it, too much free stuff wil be had at the expense of too few.

Loved the bluebells and barn in spring photographs - I bet you are savouring being peaceful at home and having time to relax.

The protests were peaceful at the outset, but Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would not countenance any challenge to his rule.

We walked through Sicilian Avenue, which is quiet and peaceful at this hour, perhaps sleeping off the excitement of the night before.

In 3% of cases peaceful by is used

So not as peaceful by the pool as used to be.

We were lucky to face directly out over the bay) Very quiet and peaceful by the pool.

Mosques give me peace and I feel very peaceful by being in a mosque or even just have a look at them.

I dedicate it to all Yemenis who preferred to make their revolution peaceful by facing the snipers with flowers.

Some people try to get peaceful by sitting quietly and having nothing disturb them at all, but that's just like being dead.

It was the most stressful job I've ever had -- it says something that floor-managing in Oxford St seemed peaceful by comparison.

The country is not peaceful by any means and it requires you to gather a group of mercenaries to maintain peace in this country.

The NUS were reasonable and responsible, and they were taken at their word that the demonstration would be peaceful by the police.

You need people in your life who understand you, are peaceful by nature and can share some of the artistic and cultural interests that you do as well.

If the country was, by and large, peaceful by ' 44 then are you saying that the upheavals started out of nowhere? From Bose's radio broadcasts? Here is a relevant quote:.

In 3% of cases peaceful on is used

It was so peaceful on the Denbigh moors yesterday.

All had been peaceful on the road to Jerusalem for many years.

After the emancipation, things remained relatively peaceful on the island.

The services started and ended peaceful on 3rd of June 2012 at Saint Andrea's Cathedral.

It's a lot more peaceful on weekdays (not open on a Monday, though) and in the mornings.

It is so peaceful on the sand bank, yet very few living souls cross over to this other side.

In spite of the heat of partisan politics, the country's political climate remained encouragingly peaceful on the whole.

Life is slower and more peaceful on Menorca, compared to the highlife offered by the entertainment bars and clubs of Majorca and Ibiza.

Here I am today, feeling all tranquil and peaceful on a lazy Sunday afternoon; just typing in front of my laptop and watching TV earlier.

The lake may look peaceful on the surface but already there is activity of a different sort as underneath the surface the trout prepare to return to the 9 feeder Rivers to spawn.

In 3% of cases peaceful of is used

The most peaceful of all religions.

So, nation or not, is Israel the most peaceful of nations? Hardly.

Located in the town of Bristol, the lake is the more peaceful of its cousin to the east.

It is the most peaceful of the five and a wonderful place for a long, philosophical trek.

It was also the most peaceful of civilizations, having lasted for seven centuries without a single war.

And it was not the most peaceful of nights for them, with the snow; and they had not prepared food that night.

The tiny Bohra community of Karachi, known as among the most peaceful of groups, had for years been able to avoid getting caught up in the bloodshed.

He said that Israel is not the most peaceful of nations and then gave a naughty grin as though he wanted someone to say what a clever understatement it was.

In 2% of cases peaceful without is used

It is peaceful without being remote.

Maputo is peaceful without being boring.

The classrooms are light and peaceful without too many distractions.

This life will not be peaceful without a punishment here and in the Hereafter.

Any workplace for that matter expects to be peaceful without any external disruptions.

The cranes are symbolizing hope for a better future that is peaceful without suffering.

It was a charming camp, peaceful without the rush of children one usually associates with camps.

When life is easy, trouble makes u, p men please take heart, death is thief, imagine making cash without happiness, who will eat the money peaceful without the sweet mother.

The young monk students ' inner thanksgiving and blessing would turn into endless prayer, that is the world is peaceful without wars, and human beings are pleasant without disasters.

In 2% of cases peaceful like is used

Here you can live peaceful like stress free life.

But winter isn't all quiet and peaceful like that.

I feel peaceful like those snowflakes, very peaceful.

Then your mind will become peaceful like the mind of your teacher.

The election for the municipal representative went the same way -- peaceful like a classroom election.

The roads outside were on the busy side, but inside was quiet and peaceful like you were in a completely different place.

When there is the element of peace in you, you can connect with other people, and you can help others to be peaceful like you.

And for a start, the snow looks soft and peaceful like a blanket, and in a sheen of white, and the ice might be see-through like a mirror.

In 2% of cases peaceful from is used

It looks peaceful from up hear.

Peaceful from the beginning, already peaceful.

The mind can become very peaceful from this practice.

The sparkling city lights looked very much peaceful from up above.

After all the Kipsigis and the Abugusii have lived together peaceful from time immemorial.

The tribesmen and their homeland FATA (from Waziristan to Bajaur) remained peaceful from 1947 till 1979.

It looks so peaceful from up there- and yet, war is tearing the country apart Many of us love to hold on to the past.

Oh, and left wing USSR was pretty peaceful from what I remember, and so are those eco-terrorists who are willing to burn peoples ' houses.

We expand it to become law enforcement in our community, and we expand it again as our military, to protect the peaceful from the hostile.

In 2% of cases peaceful during is used

Still, things are not always peaceful during the hajj.

My mother is scared the hell out of heights but she was very peaceful during the balloon flights.

Yes, i am worried for them but i am in WA and things here remained peaceful during recession's peak.

A spokesman for the Department of Immigration said the Sri Lankan men were peaceful during the transfer.

If you are calm, stable and peaceful during an excitable time of year, your children will pick up on that too.

While most of the country remained remarkably peaceful during this transitional moment, a remote area on the island of Sulawesi - Poso - fell victim to brutal communal fighting.

Have you seen any attempt by the present regime to stem the violence? Keep in view that the situation was much more peaceful during musharraf and your beloved arbab ghulam raheems tenure.

In 2% of cases peaceful despite is used

Iran is peaceful despite a wish to wipe another state off the earth.

The march was peaceful despite the occupation of Dungannon town centre by loyalists.

Voting was generally peaceful despite the postponement of voting in Warri and Ife where violent clashes among the community continued.

The state had remained peaceful despite the fact that the parties had been levelling serious allegations of violence against each other,.

There was one movie about Greece which depicted Delphi as a magical place, where one would feel peaceful despite all the problems he has.

Apart from the 1964 revolution in Zanzibar and a short-lived army mutiny in 1964, Tanzania has remained peaceful despite the poverty among its tribes.

The state had remained peaceful despite the fact that the parties had been levelling serious allegations of violence against each other, most of which.

However, apart from the 1964 revolution in Zanzibar and a short-lived army mutiny in 1964, Tanzania has remained peaceful despite the poverty among its 126 tribes.

On the overall in 2006 the valley was looking very peaceful despite the mining fields we met on the way and the ruins of the old village and the war going on in the country.

That the voting process was so relatively smooth and peaceful despite delays and organizational problems testifies to the commitment of the Kenyan people to democratic values.

In 2% of cases peaceful before is used

It was peaceful before the Bushra Zaidi case.

And it felt really great, I have never felt so peaceful before or since then.

The duty of every Kenyan is to ensure that we remain peaceful before and after the elections.

It was peaceful before the massacres perpetrated by local nationalists in Karachi and Hyderabad.

In this gathering, we will deliberate on our individual and collective roles, in ensuring that Kenya remains peaceful before, during and after the forthcoming general elections.

In 1% of cases peaceful except is used

Everyone looked peaceful except Ihumure.

In Rome, the protest was peaceful except for a small group of students who threw stones and tried to break through police lines outside Prime Minister Mario Monti's offices.

In 1% of cases peaceful over is used

The GPI stated that the world became slightly more peaceful over the last year.

Now they want the trucks to move, give me break! Move to Tasmania, it's peaceful over there.

Further, I believe strongly that western civilization is becoming progressively more civil, humane, tolerant, and peaceful over time.

Stay in elegance in Villas created from timber and sandstone, poised and peaceful over a translucent lagoon, or nestled discreetly among exotic blooms by the beach.

In 1% of cases peaceful since is used

Ghana has been peaceful since 1992.

It sure has gotten nice and peaceful since then.

Our northern border has been peaceful since 1812.

Things have been comparatively peaceful since then.

My life is definitely more peaceful since then! The fear of unknowing is a terrible thing.

It was almost too peaceful since keeping my eyes open, as we drifted down river, got semi-difficult.

Trajectory of incidences indicates that the area and people of Lakang and Apaa have never been happy and peaceful since 2007.

However, demands for indigenous rights have been largely peaceful since 1994, when at least 150 people died during an uprising in the southern state of Chiapas, led by the Zapatista rebel movement.

In 1% of cases peaceful through is used

The mind that is peaceful through sam? dhi is still deluded.

They give me support throught music and i can feel peaceful through music.

At first the mind becomes peaceful through the practice of samatha, through samadhi (firmness of mind).

I certainly hope that China does remain peaceful through the coming difficult transition to a more balanced country.

In 1% of cases peaceful throughout is used

The situation had remained calm and peaceful throughout the day.

In 1% of cases peaceful till is used

The world's eyes are on the Egyptian revolution which was so organized and peaceful till now.

Most of the protests have been peaceful till now, but sporadic violence has been reported from Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Other volatile areas of Srinagar's Lal Chowk, old city and north Kashmir's Sopore remained calm and peaceful till late afternoon.

In 1% of cases peaceful towards is used

And others can be a bit more peaceful towards it.

And I tell you why, I do not fear my fellow humans, they have always been peaceful towards me.

Even when most of us tend to act tolerant and peaceful towards each other, we tend to show hatred and disapproval behind people's back primarily because we are brought up in such a way.

In 1% of cases peaceful under is used

He was seen as a mighty and just ruler and the country was rich and peaceful under his rule.

It would've been peaceful under the trees if it weren't for the speeding cars and the bright lights of the Hilton across the road.

Everything is peaceful under the snow and Holden can not bring himself to alter this just as he can not handle a world that keeps changing.

The old Ba'athist system with it's totalitarian secularism, kept the lunatics like Al Zarqawi and Moqtadar al Sadr in their place and Iraq was stable and peaceful under President Hussien.

In 1% of cases peaceful up is used

I want a calm, loving and peaceful up bringing for my little ones.

The movement had been peaceful up to this moment so I can see why she didn't think there would be an issue.

In 1% of cases peaceful because is used

Our minds aren't peaceful because of our old habits.

But overall my life is peaceful because of the honesty I have cultivated within myself: there are no skeletons in the closet.

But the relationship with the substance can also be more peaceful because of all the symbolic work that goes into drug use to normalize the meaning and neutralize the conflict with norms.

In 1% of cases peaceful within is used

The yogi/yogini is forever peaceful within the heart of the soul.

For when you feel peaceful within yourself you will never think or feel to harm another.

If you want to bring peace into the world, understand you have to be peaceful within first.

It seems that it is ok for one group to live peaceful within another group, even claiming right.

A rare few manage to remain peaceful within even in the midst of external agitation and troubles.

So by applying the practice of metta inwardly, we can become a lot more peaceful within ourselves, with the conditions of our minds and bodies.

In 1% of cases peaceful around is used

The staff were friendly It was peaceful around the pool beach area, not overcrowded.

No sound reaches their ears, and all seems peaceful around them -- but they know what they're about to face.

It is essential to train your puppy using the aim to teach them restrictions, therefore creating them a lot more peaceful around people.

For some odd reason I have always felt very peaceful around cemeteries and usually ended my runs in Lee's Summit through the historic cemetery.

For some odd reason I have always felt very peaceful around cemeteries and usually ended my runs in Lee ’ s Summit through the historic cemetery.

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