Prepositions after "painful"

painful for, to, in, at or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases painful for is used

It must be painful for you, Mr.

It must be very painful for you.

It's painful for my dogs and me.

This discipline will be painful for a country that has gotten used to having it all.

It doesn't make what they say or do any less painful for those they seek to oppress.

Truth is painful for the likes of Craig, who worship at the altar of sexual freedom.

It is painful for a man in an official position to have his nearest relative compromising himself time after time.

Just to make matters more painful for the customer, each GPU generation radically changes the underlying hardware.

Losing him will be very painful for the mujahideen, but the shahadat martyrdom of Osama, will never stop the jihad.

The experiments also established the fact that the Western method of slaughter is indeed very painful for the animal.

In 15% of cases painful to is used

Which is very painful to write.

This is almost painful to them.

It is not painful to your child.

Watching the dead and injured, I felt painful to the victims, but I could do nothing.

I needed to not do anything, but as you probably already know, that is painful to me.

Last night my calves were really sore &; even painful to the touch when I was in bed.

Not being physically sensitive himself, doubtful it dawned on the dog that a head butt was very painful to a human.

It was clear from our interview that the wanton waste was almost more painful to him than the loss of his property.

This is likely to drive up the domestic interest rates, which will be painful to mortgage holders, and to businesses.

It's painful to some and they have not gotten their heads around it, not to talk of the Mandingo dicks in town today.

In 8% of cases painful in is used

It was quite painful in healing.

But it can be painful in any case.

Losing big is painful in the moment.

The lesion is painful in many, but not all, patients, and infection is often present.

That will be very painful in the short run, but in the long run will be a good thing.

Tips for overcoming sexual sins Understand that sex can also be painful in its impact.

His living with AL is also painful in most of the cases but he could not express himself freely in most of the time.

A Dutch friend told me that her mother had pancreatic cancer, a disease which can be very painful in its final stages.

The knee gets better every ride, it was over 60km today before I noticed it and even then it wasn't painful in anyway.

Manage Vulnerabilities The recent economic problems we have faced have been particularly painful in certain industries.

In 5% of cases painful at is used

The process was painful at times.

It can be quite painful at times.

It was just too painful at times.

These methods may be painful at imes, in long term spiritual goal they are necessary.

Learning to walk can be painful at times yet we never choose not to if given a choice.

Painful at times, this true story rings more than true - it resonates within the soul.

It's actually been physically painful at times, considering they put me straight up to a diet of 4000 calories a day.

Wenger, however, insists while painful at the time, that freak result is now well and truly out of the squad's system.

Some of the stories were painful at the time, and funny now; but I am trying to work out the final thesis of the lesson.

Because the real world increasingly uncomfortable, even painful at times, then some children escape into the virtual world.

In 3% of cases painful of is used

De painful of al is dat URP have nt begin accredited.

He had done as she asked even in the most painful of abstentions.

Chesterton, and that might prove the most painful of all his encounters.

Third, and most painful of all, is the dental bill that you receive for services rendered.

But perhaps most painful of all is watching that Symbian decline: its share is now just 2.

And without a doubt, the least painful of my exertions were those monthly meetings with Mr.

Most painful of all, Karen's sister-in-law announced her pregnancy just as Karen and her husband James were starting IVF.

Minimal pennis measurements and additionally edward concern is additional discomforting and painful of computer appears to be.

The yanking may be extremely intense, too -- some flavours of fascial therapy are among the most painful of all hands-on techniques.

In 2% of cases painful as is used

Learning can be painful as well as exciting.

Joints may feel stiff and painful as a result.

Reading that link is really painful as a MercAMG fan.

Muscle movement then start to become very painful as the body continues to waste away.

Ingrown toenails may get red, infected and become more painful as the condition progresses.

Horribly, horribly, excruciatingly painful as a girl makes plans for her final suicide attempt.

The latter two remedies can prove to be painful as the acidic properties of the lime and agents present in the garlic.

It's kinda painful as the whole ska beat revolved around Brevett and Knibbs who have passed on within a year of each other.

This also counts for the way down which many claim is harder and more painful as the muscles in your legs will start to protest.

It's an experience that can occasionally be somewhat painful as the mouth is probably one of the most sensitive areas of the body.

In 2% of cases painful by is used

Floor jumps continuing to be painful by the end.

Parents are bound to be painful (I am painful by my own admission).

My sit bones got more painful by the day - it still hurts to sit down.

It is an exposure made more painful by the fact it is relatively ' public.

Life had become increasingly confusing and painful by the time I turned 16.

Please make the grieving process a little less painful by donating to this cause.

Just don't make the waiting painful by counting the days and looking to the skies.

This will be made all the more painful by the child forgiving the parent for they Go Out with a Smile.

The finish was made particularly painful by the fact that Parel twice left putts on the edge of the hole Monday.

This area is often irritated and made more painful by tight fitting shoes causing pressure and friction on the area.

In 2% of cases painful on is used

It can be painful on both sides.

It's been painful on our business.

It was extremely painful on several fronts.

He deserved every blow, however painful on his still tender chest, which throbbed, and she wept.

The ungrammatical ramblings of modern youth is painful on the eyes and poisons the mind with hate.

On dialog this is almost instantaneous and me being used to this speed found the experience painful on PEO.

What happened in England was painful on several levels, not least the narrowness of the vote and where it came from.

The trail was muddy, slippery, and painful on our toes -- that were tired of being pushed into the front of our boots.

Something that is too loud can be painful on stage and put you in a cranky mood and prevent you from doing your best job.

It can be one of the most difficult tasks to preform in this trade and painful on the body of the tech changing the thing.

In 2% of cases painful with is used

That stretch is painful with deteriorating joints.

But for the moment, they could be less painful with David and R.

Some women report that these pains are more painful with each subsequent child.

Therefore, the activities were all enjoyable, but hard and painful with equal measure.

If not treated at this stage, the condition can worsen to become painful with evey step.

Myopathy in hypothyroidism is painful with increased muscle mass and raised creatine kinase.

They meeting time and time again acceptance death time of painful with fear, the punishment like this divided too much.

We pay over 5k a year in work for all our fees with AIB, very painful with no way around it and we're not a big company.

I had found this procedure much too painful with permanent lameness resulting? for an athlete I felt this was not an option.

In 1% of cases painful after is used

Every dog does this in it's puppy days! I know it's painful after a while.

Even in walking boots my foot would be painful after walking a mile or so.

People, getting cold or serious wound, feel more painful after eating them.

I am greatly relieved because, I am spared of the painful after effects of surgery.

Often once you get started, you can keep going as you realise it isn't so painful after all.

I found it quite painful after my op the other week and cried when I got into the car afterwards.

Is the procedure painful after treatment? The tooth and the gum around it may feel sore for 2-3 days after treatment.

A lift and stairs This may sound stupid, but lugging your backpack up 7 flights of stairs is painful after a long journey.

But this time my hand was painful after a while, because you have to staple the tape around the plant and cable with your hand.

When a patient has dorsal kyphosis, the site of the vertebrae placed at the summit of the dorsal curve feels most painful after fatigue.

In 1% of cases painful because is used

The procedure was painful because of my recent op I think.

This should not be painful because of the local anaesthetic.

It's painful because of the number of nerve ends that become exposed.

Driving, for us, is painful because of the large amount of responsibility it brings.

Walking is very painful because of the inferior supports that are offered from the VA.

Are periods painful? Periods can sometimes be painful because of the hormone prostaglandin.

This resulted in the necessary adjustments being more painful because of the late response of the authorities.

I just find it odd that you admit there could be a chance of your being wrong and that your child's future could be painful because of that.

The scenee at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jaffna in Thinnevely about 12th November, left memories even more painful because of contrasting impressions.

In 1% of cases painful during is used

Sweet memories are more painful during hard times.

Some mums-to-be find sex painful during pregnancy.

Sometimes, women find sex painful during pregnancy (Sydow 1999).

It was very painful during the third and fourth round of the Macau Open (two weeks ago).

It was very painful during that time and I was questioning whether I should skate the contest or not.

This is a common occurrence and it is especially painful during holidays and weekends when banks are closed.

Unfortunately for me, the swelling developed into a more solid lump and became more painful during the waiting time.

I was warned that with any child after the first, uterine cramps are way more painful during those first few days, especially during breastfeeding.

Consequently, sexual intercourse is frequently painful during the first weeks after sexual initiation and the male partner can also experience pain and complications.

In 1% of cases painful from is used

Dental ulcers, painful from contact of cold water.

My belly is so sore and painful from being stretched out.

Other than that the style is painful from the opening five minutes.

Everybody else came out with some part of the body swollen or just painful from lack of exercise.

Little Yi Ru, although still at a young age, is finding her life to be painful from the beginning.

If you get burned, get ice on that sucker ASAP! Ice that burn down so much that it's painful from the cold.

Generally speaking, if it's a tooth it will be a lot more painful from hot and cold because the nerve is affected.

The dryness serves as a purifier of the joy that is to follow; it is always painful from its barrenness and weakness.

Woke up on the last day of my KL trip feeling refreshed, although my legs were still a bit painful from the day before.

Withdrawing money from your Registered Rertirement Savings Planss can be extremely painful from a tax perspective but it doesn't have to be.

In 1% of cases painful like is used

No doubt it can be painful like Dr.

When he does n't, it's painful like last week.

They are either massive like the huntsman spider, or painful like the bull ants.

Painful like you can't imagine! With both my ex boyfriends, I solved the intercourse problem in the same way.

It's not painful like it used to be, when you had to go from insurer to insurer, agent to agent, filling out forms at each.

Test just 3 days ago, d result is out but am stil confused, is not so painful like that, my own subsided within 5 minutes, pls help me.

OK, yes, I did get a bit grumpy for the first couple of weeks (hubby will probably say more than a bit! ), but it wasn't painful like it had been in the past.

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