Prepositions after "overjoyed"

"overjoyed at" or "overjoyed with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases overjoyed at is used

Sri Atul was overjoyed at his sight.

Our family are overjoyed at the outcome.

They were the ones overjoyed at her birth.

Many people arrive home from work to find a furry friend overjoyed at their return.

Most of the girls were overjoyed at having cute little bundles of fluff to pose with.

The King was so overjoyed at the way the work was handled that further grants of lands had been given to the vihara.

France, the United States and European states work closely together to fight terrorism, so I? m overjoyed at the news.

Of course, many of them had a preference for Republicans and were overjoyed at the change that was finally taking place.

After returning home, Huynh Thi Dac was overjoyed at being able to properly care for her children and to start work again.

In 23% of cases overjoyed with is used

I was overjoyed with such improvement.

They are overjoyed with America's bad news.

Senior EU figures were overjoyed with the award.

Overjoyed with the beauty, the light and the warmth, the Magpies burst into song.

Hall the Vice Principal who made the appeal to the Board was overjoyed with happiness.

Harry was overjoyed with Falcon for when his horse was right, everything else was right.

Toronto fans have to be overjoyed with a sense of optimism as to what to expect from this kid this coming year.

The camp mates were overjoyed with their treat, even though they claimed that the biscuits were a little stale.

A great sign for the future, because before her Olympic adventure, she would have been overjoyed with fourth place.

King Senerath was so overjoyed with the victory that he hosted the leaders of the Sinhala army to a grand reception.

In 18% of cases overjoyed by is used

I was overjoyed by his gesture.

I am overjoyed by their achievements.

I was overjoyed by the support I received.

Adishesha was overjoyed by these words and looked forward to the descent of Lord Shiva's grace.

We had no idea how many people would share our thoughts so we really are overjoyed by the response.

He was overjoyed by the thrill of success, and dealt with the disappointment that accompanies failure.

While some may be overjoyed by this, it leaves me wondering why I continue to be so ecstatic about their releases.

I won't say I'd thrilled or overjoyed by it, but I never forget that indeed, up to 80% of Nigerians live that reality.

However, there were no complaints on behalf of Mighty Crown and Irish and Chin, who are overjoyed by the huge response.

Whenever I see the stories, pictures and videos of the grateful students of Mathare, I can't help but be overjoyed by the.

In 6% of cases overjoyed about is used

Secondly I am overjoyed about Hamiltons win.

And right now, I am overjoyed about the Vaz issue.

If the present is good enjoy it but don't be overjoyed about it.

Zenyatta is finally being unleashed and I am OVERJOYED about it.

Both Kiran and I are really overjoyed about the baby being born.

Many women were overjoyed about the expansion in female representation in the government.

Although Nat's overjoyed about keeping Smokey, he's not too sure if the new apartment is going to be like a real home.

Although Nat's overjoyed about keeping Smokey, he? s not too sure if the new apartment is going to be like a real home.

My cousin's wife gave birth to her first baby 2 months back and she was overjoyed about how fast and easy her labour was.

Victor thought Paul would be overjoyed about the weeping, seeing it as a sign that Victor is getting in touch with his demons.

In 3% of cases overjoyed for is used

I wish I could be overjoyed for JYJ right now, but I am not.

Every time he found the back of the net I was overjoyed for him.

So overjoyed for Rachel especially after a tense start to the season.

I wasn't cured of my SA as I would rather stay in doors, but for the first time I felt so overjoyed for no reason.

First am overjoyed for the Lord has enabled me to purchase the basic tool kit and so i will be joining the next prayer academy.

Can this be true? Just came home to your post without turning on CBC -- I am truly overjoyed for USA and North America and the world -- fantastic news.

He did n't, but it was one of those incidents that cement friendships, and when, a few weeks later, Rosa told Diana that she was pregnant the Princess was overjoyed for her.

Obviously I couldn't go out drinking with them in the same way as before but that didn't matter -- they were overjoyed for me and came round with pregnancy books and presents from Baby Gap.

Obviously, I couldn't go out drinking with them in the same way as before but that didn't matter -- they were overjoyed for me and came round with pregnancy books and presents from Baby Gap.

Luckily for me, my parents were overjoyed for her and though it was announced on sorta like the hush-hush, it wasn't too secret either and those in our social circle did not treat her with stigma.

In 2% of cases overjoyed after is used

Sergio's family was overjoyed after that, he said.

Ida Hammer said she was overjoyed after MVP Health Care caved and hoping to have the surgery as soon as possible.

In 1% of cases overjoyed as is used

He will be overjoyed as the outsider has lost just four of 11 meetings since 1989, with Europe causing the biggest upset at 9/4 in 1997 according to oddschecker.

The bride looks overjoyed as every eye is set on her, but even more amazing is the look on the groom's face with the realization that he gets to spend the rest of his life with her.

In 1% of cases overjoyed in is used

Lighting up on the red carpet as she shared laughs with Edward didn't hurt, as the couple seemed overjoyed in each other's company.

Who wouldn't in these days of mine? Curled up on an old wooden chair which continuously made a cracking sound as I moved, I was simply overjoyed in my current no-rush solitude.

In 1% of cases overjoyed on is used

The whole family in short were properly overjoyed on the occasion.

The lord of the earth, overjoyed on seeing this miracle cried out, ' I venerate this great Bodhi-tree by offering it my kingdom '.

In 1% of cases overjoyed over is used

Similarly, we can get terribly upset and be overjoyed over things with which we are falsely connected.

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