Prepositions after "outline"

outline in, by, for, at or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases outline in is used

Follow all steps outlined in the post.

Take all the steps outline in this post.

The mosaics are actually outlined in lead.

Specific adherences to this principle will be outlined in the Operational Guidelines.

A few reasons were also outlined in an IIED briefing note published earlier this year.

I've accomplished both goals using some of the techniques outlined in the above article.

With the four concepts of Mara, outlined in the introduction to this paper, such confusions were quite commonplace.

Health Minister James Reilly said the government next month would choose an option outlined in the experts ' report.

Both events are celebrated, without any specific date outlined in scripture -- although neither are defined by a date (i.

In 15% of cases outline by is used

There are general and academic regulations as outlined by College.

Narrowings and blockages within the artery are outlined by the dye.

It is against a background that has been outlined by other speakers today.

The historical setting of the Ultima series of computer games is outlined by Robert S.

IRELAND The way in which Ireland has undergone a cultural renaissance was outlined by Michael D.

It said if Lance Armstrong had taken the drugs outlined by USADA he'd have been dead ten years ago.

A balanced and comprehensive programme as outlined by TATCOT is followed during this period of orthotics clinical attachment.

The approach outlined by these investigators, although labour intensive, is a terrific example of the power of functional genomics.

Nearly all our concepts of censorship and freedom of expression are variants on those principles first outlined by John Milton in Aeropagitica, developed by J.

Ubisoft From the publisher that brought us Just Dance, Ubisoft unveiled eight games for the 3DS which will be available in the launch period outlined by Nintendo.

In 4% of cases outline for is used

Just follow the guidance I outlined for Julia -- you'll be good to go.

PROGRAM OUTLINES FOR 2009/2010 Participants will be picked from the airport by P.

I also outline for you a method that you should adopt when ever you play any gambling game.

Guidelines should be outlined for family visiting and for communication with the physicians responsible for the patient.

The development problems, suggested solutions and the development priorities under the agriculture sector have also been outlined for efforts to be focused on.

In 3% of cases outline at is used

These rules operate in two distinct ways as outlined at (a) and (b) below.

Further guidance on these and other provisions of the FOI Act of possible relevance is outlined at Appendix 2.

Marlborough was one of five regions included in the study and the findings were outlined at a presentation on Monday in Blenheim.

The latter security option is more novelty than anything else, with Google outlining at the start that it's not meant to be 100% secure.

In 3% of cases outline on is used

Details are outlined on the Department of Building and Housing website.

The Daily News reports on the plan that Quinn outlined on Tuesday while speaking before the Association for a Better New York.

To retain your guaranteed space, your deposit of $600 must be received in our office by the deadline date outlined on your offer of residence.

If you wish to establish what information, if any, is held about you on Insurance link, you can do so by following the procedures outlined on www.

In 3% of cases outline to is used

It's important to outline to your manager the benefits to be gained by you completing the master's degree.

On Tuesday, Minister Paulwell outlined to the nation one important step along the path to lower energy costs.

In 2% of cases outline with is used

The bilobed flap is outlined with a surgical marker (Figure 3).

Jonathan offered me helpful suggestions on how to pursue my career and outlined with me the steps I needed to take.

Each couple had been bound, tied face to face, in the centre of a circle, its boundaries outlined with a collection of fruits, giant seed pods, shells, and flowers.

This ambitious agenda for growth that we outlined with GrowSmart Maine -- with input from stakeholders throughout the state -- offered a path forward for economic success in the state.

In 1% of cases outline against is used

It is shown outlined against a red background in the illustration below.

They found their groups and began making their way to the steps when Hans appeared at the top of the exit, a dark figure outlined against the dawning light.

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