Prepositions after "oppose"

oppose to, by, in, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 84% of cases oppose to is used

I'd not opposed to all wind farms.

Ya know, I'd not opposed to that idea.

He was totally opposed to conscription.

The guys who built it are openly opposed to Internet voting, and have been for years.

Outside of this territory, there were many groups that were opposed to the Bolsheviks.

On July 26 th 1953, a small group opposed to Batista attacked a barrack? s in Santiago.

The Sri Lanka society has become polarized by the corrupt practices and many are opposed to the current government.

Those opposed to the Rifi Republic claimed that Abdel Krim was making a personal fortune from the mining companies.

Since we can ask and answer on the spot, the lines will be drawn more clearly, opposed to posting something online.

Brian Junkin said he was opposed to last year's change and still thinks that each department needs it own dedicated.

In 11% of cases oppose by is used

The union is opposed by their neighbors.

The plan is opposed by Home Secretary Jack Straw.

He was opposed by Thomas Jefferson in a fierce campaign.

Since this is opposed by the gravitational force mg, the net upward force is Een - mg.

Varley, but it was opposed by many European physicists, including such eminent men as E.

The basic criteria for the definition of good must not be the kind that can be opposed by anyone.

He is opposed by Dr Peter White from St Bartholomew's Hospital and Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry, London.

In the 1958 election, Alhaji Umaru Altine was dropped by the NCNC and opposed by Zik and his Eastern Sentinel newspaper.

It would be wrong to assume that the Vietnam War was opposed by a majority of Americans, except perhaps after it was lost.

Polygamy is very much opposed by the male dominated society because it would force men to face up to responsibility and fidelity.

In 2% of cases oppose in is used

I started enjoying life as in too much leisure (something I will oppose in joining back in high school years).

Millions of Britons are, as we know, opposed in principle to their country becoming subsumed into a greater Europe.

Amazing that Kishan Reddy strongly opposed in the AP Assembly on this Anti-Islamic film made by enemies of Islam, why problem in his stomach.

Work was crazy while I was away (hint: erinford injunction to oppose in Kuantan no less) but managed to prepare all the paperwork for the bosses before I left.

Instead of demanding Lokpal, the ultimate effectiveness of which is mired in controversy, Team Anna should have focussed on demands which can hardly be opposed in a legitimate manner.

In 1% of cases oppose for is used

There is absolutely no basis for a rush to war, which I oppose and have opposed for two years.

Obama did more than his share to UNITE but the Republicans were out to oppose for opposing sake and not following any policy or principles.

LHL spoke recently about the quality of Parliamentary debates he hopes to see and told Opposition MPs not to oppose for the sake of opposing but to make a positive contribution in Parliament.

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