Prepositions after "obsessive"

obsessive about, in, over, with or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases obsessive about is used

He was obsessive about pictures.

I became obsessive about stocks.

I am obsessive about good coffee.

At one time, I had a friend who was obsessive about knowing everyone's business.

Yes, we tend to get obsessive about doing particular things in a particular way.

I really, really hate being surprised in court so I'd a little obsessive about planning things out in advance.

With swimming I used to be so obsessive about what I was doing, and yeah, it is quite tricky, but it's possible.

In this he was like most of his contemporaries, but I think his experience with Mary made him obsessive about it.

Whilst possessing youngsters will entirely alter your life it is necessary not to grow to be obsessive about them.

In 6% of cases obsessive in is used

An obsessive in love with the craft.

But, I had become obsessive in my determination to succeed.

Being less than obsessive in his approach to the truth is not Abbott's only shortcoming.

I am a curator, a collector and yes a neurotic obsessive in many senses of those words in this regard.

While it believes the Eurozone is in terminal decline, it is not noisily obsessive in its Euro-scepticism.

Obsessive in a way, just like the endless malice that 4th uses to punish 8th and 9th for tormenting 13th and Ruoxi.

The BBC was obsessive in its coverage of the Leveson enquiry into the tabloid press and respectful of calls for more regulation.

During the cold war the Russians and British were obsessive in gathering information about the movements of ships and submarines.

A The songs that many (not all) R &B; and pop artists create are obsessive in their deification of a relationship or an encounter.

In 5% of cases obsessive over is used

I am obsessive over Oireachtas pictures! Awards and action.

It's easy to get obsessive over something when you have a passion for it.

Although he became less obsessive over time, he was still protective of it.

Unlike many other runners, Whitlock isn't obsessive over his routine or his running gear.

Your body is still growing and changing so don't become too obsessive over such a small thing.

Why do you think Google is so obsessive over milliseconds? Because our monkey brains are impatient and fickle.

Stephen is profoundly aware all the time of sin and guilt and becomes obsessive over this frequently in the story.

What is the most secure padlock? I'd a bit obsessive over good gear as most of us are and I've a couple of gates with padlocks.

When I finally was diagnosed, I was hypomanic and became a bit obsessive over finding out just what I was going to be doing to my mind throughout my life.

In 5% of cases obsessive with is used

OZ: Frat boys aren't too obsessive with their cleaning.

Be obsessive with the numbers and never become complacent.

So, he becomes obsessive with gaining air miles and upgrades.

In daily and casual interactions do nt be too much obsessive with your pronunciation.

Had Abbott not been so obsessive with Julia, perhaps Julia would not be so obsessive with him.

I had read up on them and we are pretty obsessive with cleaning but this made little difference.

It was so precise, although I think they eventually became a little too obsessive with timing via oscilloscopes and so on.

Amber describes herself as being a fashion and design obsessive with an addiction to magazines, blogs and rusks with raisins.

Since that worry has left and I have so much room for other worries I still find I am easily obsessive with certain thoughts.

The planning thing is obsessive with me in that I've written down the names &,; channels &; airtimes of TV I plan to watch in my wkly.

In 3% of cases obsessive to is used

I'd not obsessive to the detriment of my life.

It seemed so obsessive to me, and so self-centered.

It may look obsessive to outsiders, but insiders value it above all else.

So perhaps that is why it seemed a bit obsessive to me, based on my own experience.

The Guardian has become obsessive to the point of psychopathology with the I-P conflict.

But sometimes crushes can become obsessive to the point that a person loses touch with reality.

Having said that, don't become obsessive to the point that you are checking your stocks multiple times every day.

I might be more obsessive than my mother but my daughter and her husband run two allotments which sounds pretty obsessive to me.

Without having that focus and attention, it's hard to get good at things and yet being too obsessive to the point of ignoring all else is also not healthy.

In 2% of cases obsessive for is used

You do not have to obsessive for him and give him the required space.

Two dogs means they have each other for company and the burden of putting up with a control freak obsessive for an owner is halved.

There would be no such woman who doesn't wish to appear as beautiful for others and when it comes to nails then she even becomes much zealous and obsessive for it.

In 1% of cases obsessive as is used

No matter which superfruit you are, be sure to usually do not get a little obsessive as part of your zeal.

In 1% of cases obsessive at is used

It's a fairly common tendency to become obsessive at the beginning of a relationship.

We have lively 8yrold friendly collie cross great with kids and obsessive at fetching.

They may be enjoyable and also created to consistently reward avid gamers when participating in the experience that will make them obsessive at times.

In 1% of cases obsessive by is used

She is quite obsessive by nature.

I'd a lawyer-by-day, fashion obsessive by night.

This facelift/better graphics argument is so silly, and seems to be borderline obsessive by the Ninty fanboys.

In 1% of cases obsessive like is used

He executes his job with obsessive like precision.

Then i got a little caught up and started devouring everything that I could find translated into english on YouTube! I get a little obsessive like that haha! Ive calmed down now though.

In 1% of cases obsessive of is used

David Webb 13 October, 2011 David Colquhoun has to win obsessive of the century.

But who knows! I'd not as obsessive of a fan as some people, so I'd sure I missed some things haha.

Established the UK400 Club in 1981 to cater for the most obsessive of the British birding fraternity and now concentrate on online publishing, via the **25;649;TOOLONG website.

Established the UK400 Club in 1981 to cater for the most obsessive of the British birding fraternity and now concentrate on online publishing, via the **25;6001;TOOLONG website.

Established the UK400 Club in 1981 to cater for the most obsessive of the British birding fraternity and now concentrate on online publishing, via the **25;6022;TOOLONG website.

In 1% of cases obsessive on is used

I got a little obsessive on this one.

The Drum could obtain 3 million page impressions from a diverse readership of say 100,000, while Bolt's readership may be only 25,000 people but much more obsessive on average.

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