Prepositions after "mark"

"mark by" or "mark with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases mark by is used

It was an era marked by disaster fears.

The vote count has been marked by controversy.

The meeting was marked by protests outside and protest votes inside.

The land was still beautiful, although now achingly so, as it was marked by destruction.

The end of Ramadan is marked by the celebration of Eid in form, after the new moon was sighted.

His time in Afghanistan also has been marked by a spate of incidents that have enraged Afghans.

This photograph is marked by pen to denote who died in the course of duty and those who did not complete the course.

Six halter classes, 12 fleeces to judge and a written exam, and all of these marked by four qualified judges no less.

Sunspots: These are regions on visible surface of the sun marked by black/brown spots (acne on the face of the sun!).

In a new afterword, Trippi reviews how these lessons have influenced the 2008 campaign, a race marked by higher voter.

In 18% of cases mark with is used

It is now paved and marked with a sign.

Required fields are marked with an asterix (*).

Information marked with an asterisk is required.

The up line marked with the account will be suspended until further notice if caught.

A 1984 Louisiana case refused to count punch-card ballots merely marked with a pencil.

The boreholes are often marked with a bundle of fibres pushed out of the hole by the beetle.

The other two times touched home door marked with the number 313 and then a kick destroyed the lock to gain entry.

There, moored in the water, was an enormous six-engine BV 222 flying-boat, its fuselage marked with the identifier V7.

The top left-hand corner of the envelope should be marked with the vacancy number and the words ' strictly confidential '.

These homes, marked with white tags, remained without power and once residents went back in they could not leave on Sunday.

In 9% of cases mark on is used

These are marked on the map and on descriptions.

Mark on March 2, 2011 at 6:52 pm Manchester United>Chelsea.

Mark on March 2, 2011 at 8:00 pm I am not a Chelsea fan nor a United fan.

Solo dining Some restaurants include a solo dining option clearly marked on the offer.

This will normally have a line marked on it to indicate how much medicine you need to give.

Before entering the doorway marked on your HUD, grab a Machine Gun Turret from one of the UNSC defending the doorway.

Every time I see him yelling at the defense the veins pop out in his neck like interstate freeways are marked on a map.

The changes must be clearly marked on the drawings and a note referencing the original sealed drawings should be attached.

A well is marked on the original plan but was situated under the stairs, so it was concluded that this was a much older well.

In 8% of cases mark in is used

She had to mark in the weekends all the time.

The other side is marked in milliliters (ml).

Some people had copies of the variants marked in them.

It's like teachers not being able to mark in red pen now in some places, as it might offend.

Simply mark in your diary the block of time necessary to do this and, when the time comes, do it.

It has its places that are marked in memory, just as when you travel far through an unknown area.

It will eventually be marked in history, but for now, it will be a while before consumers adopt this payment method.

The JTF vehicles are either Ford or Toyota Hilux pick up vehicles marked in Defence Headquarters or Nigerian Army colours.

If only a few of the C's are going to be sharp, then those C's are marked individually with a sharp sign right in front of them.

The result is that most performers traditionally take the Trio at roughly half the speed of the metronome marking in the score.

In 7% of cases mark for is used

On buses, trains and park benches, Jews had to sit on seats marked for them.

McMillan thought he was marked for life but he's now making the move to fix his broken tattoo.

A lot of buggy tires are marked for a maximum pressure of 30 psi, but many riders use something less.

If you are getting a reading do not leave without having the road to happiness clearly marked for you.

But wherever the wicked are, who are marked for eternal ruin, they shall be found by the judgments of God.

Drop a copy of your book off, marked for my attention, and if you want it back, enclose a padded envelope with enough stamps.

This particular combination frequently makes use of the semi-modal expression be going to since this is readily marked for past.

In those days when slaves were being sacrificed, the way to identify the ones marked for sacrifice was to punch holes in their ears.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by post to Top Gear Live ' address marked for the attention of The Data Protection Officer.

This marks for the first time that a PBA bearing match will be staged in this bustling city now famed for is rapid sports tourism growth.

In 3% of cases mark as is used

I am probably marked as a pest in several places by now.

One might be marked as a drag on the group's experience.

These contrasts become more marked as the story progresses.

Indeed, October 2012 is marked as the big bang for Microsoft.

E Khieu Kanharith, this marks as a historic event due to the support and participation.

I am alone outside; awake, for probably the first time in my life, which would mark as a big deal for me.

I don't have to do ANYTHING to be marked as an addict seeking more drugs, nope, this sort of hysteria does it for me.

O's place in history will be marked as a merely a rejection of his predecessor's administration and a rejection of the status quo.

The second is that cinema was, in the early stages, marked as an inferior and derivative form of entertainment given over to sentimentality and inane melodrama.

In 2% of cases mark at is used

At a junction there's no general priority rule - priority is marked at most junctions.

For example, a metronome may have allegro marked at 120 beats per minute and andante marked at 80 beats per minute.

But we don't blame them, because they have so much work to mark at home, lessons to prepare, other duties to do like CCA monitoring.

Doing two instruments is preferable because you're marked at Ordinary Level on both, apparently (that's what I was told in 2nd Year when we had to start giving it some thought).

In 1% of cases mark along is used

Eight stations are marked along the old city road, while 6 additional stations are places in the compound of the church.

Thereafter referring to P6 the 3 rd respondent addressed yet another reply produced marked along with the application as P7 which too failed to disclose the particular public purpose.

In 1% of cases mark from is used

It had developed into a big town, well marked from the highway.

They were both from the same location, made in Russia, and marked from Kazakhstan in 1988.

In 1% of cases mark off is used

The only compulsory aspect is getting your name marked off the roll.

It means any attempt, by signs, to indicate the beat of a line of poetry and to mark off the division of feet.

I witnessed how the Central Committee was elected, how voters submitted pre-printed ballots with candidates marked off whom they had never heard of.

The scribe's secretary hand is for the most part bold and clear, and he marks off each speech by a line that leads into the cue for Orlando's next speech.

In 1% of cases mark to is used

Printing money, zero interest rates and mark to fantasy balance sheets can't hide the fact that the underlying economy is bankrupt.

The German banks in particular are still sitting on a mountain of assets they have still not marked to anything like market value.

The valuation of model known as ' mark to fantasy ' is still allowed and without ' mark to fantasy ' then and only then is a bank resolution regime important.

A big credit/property bubble burst and due to mark to fantasy they chose not to recognise losses that always occur upon the bursting of a credit/property bubble.

One day, when she checked his laptop, she was shocked to see that every message, every poem, every picture, every story he had sent her was marked to the Borivali woman too.

In 1% of cases mark within is used

These have scaled1 billion dollars mark within income in 08 in addition to continued its performance since that time.

The Options field in the MQGMO specifies MQGMOMARKSKIPBACKOUT, but a message has already been marked within this unit of recovery.

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