Prepositions after "manageable"

"manageable for", "manageable in" or "manageable by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases manageable for is used

And, that is manageable for three days.

It was manageable for my handicap (24).

So that it gets a bit manageable for you.

During those early years Taiaroa was manageable for us as his parents and wh? nau.

They would blow up the larger boulders to make more manageable for walls and jetties.

So consider carefully whether the amount of work-related travel is manageable for you.

It was manageable for a couple of years, but then they got waterlogged and ivy and bind weed grew through them.

A checklist that outlines the specifics of the occasion will make the task more manageable for the coordinator.

It filters our experiences in order to ensure that the information levels that we take in are manageable for us.

In 14% of cases manageable by is used

The road condition was manageable by a van.

It is an option, which is manageable by the kids.

Keep costs relevant and manageable by owners, keep fines same everywhere.

He says everything works best if it is at a scale (size) manageable by local people.

Once you cut off the relaxed part, you will want to make it manageable by softening it.

Cuts to salary of 3% per year over 2 years are manageable by individuals who retain jobs.

We then direct this energy through our brain and nervous system, until it becomes manageable by our consciousness.

Special studies may be more manageable by a project unit directly, or subcontracted to a university or consultants.

Eighty-two runs off the last ten overs is deemed manageable by the algorithm even with just the tail-enders to come.

You will make this large subject manageable by focusing on a limited period of time (1990 onwards ), and limited sources.

In 12% of cases manageable in is used

The naomhg was much handier and more manageable in many ways.

The idea is to keep the debt manageable in proportion to GDP.

Having children relatively young was perfectly manageable in terms of my career, too.

Remember that the Psychological Contract is not measurable or manageable in conventional ways.

Traffic was so manageable in comparison to India that we felt like we were back in the states.

I'll be on tour till Christmas, but I'd only doing three or four a week so it's quite manageable in that respect.

Teddy was just broken and I was suppose to train him on to be more manageable in the hunting field in the autumn.

Earlier, there used to be just a few types that were more or less predictable and manageable in one way or another.

It does however carry risks like all other surgical procedures but they are generally manageable in experienced hands.

In 9% of cases manageable with is used

The rest should be manageable with decent stock knowledge.

Not a fun club to be in but vet manageable with painkillers.

It's more than manageable with paracetamol and plenty of water.

Disease is mostly manageable with vaccination and preventive programmes, if followed.

The Arc Teryx Arrakis packs we carry are super manageable with the modern gear available.

The size of this partial supply chain is manageable with the help of the computer screen.

The charges for maintaining the card is pretty manageable with a charge of Ksh 100 per month charged to your card.

As a result, Moroccan oil when used can make it manageable with almost no split ends and hair appearing more bouncy.

Jildy said its new features makes the everflowing Facebook newsfeed more manageable with a visual take on organization.

In addition, solving user issues is more manageable with the InnGate's comprehensive troubleshooting and reporting tools.

In 4% of cases manageable on is used

The crowd is indeed very manageable on both days.

How is this manageable on a grander scale, over a longer term.

But they seemed pretty manageable on the verge of past fiscal precipices, too.

In less than an hour, 3 to 4 times per week, the workouts are manageable on a busy schedule.

I spent around 300 on loan repayments every month, which was manageable on the money I was making.

The demands of Bloody Hill were increasing, and Gembrook at 14 acres was manageable on five days a week.

This may become more popular among the big mountain skis to make them more manageable on conditions other than deep powder.

A small town which is manageable on foot Saariselk has plenty to offer including reindeer safaris, ice and snow karting and hiking.

Distances within Orchha are manageable on foot, but in the hotter months it may be best to keep the taxi for the duration of your stay.

The first few dollops -- as demonstrated by Maria and followed by Babs and Jas -- are picked up by hand and squeezed so that the filling will be sufficiently dry to stay manageable on the skin.

In 3% of cases manageable without is used

I said they were and no worse than before and manageable without any form of pain relief (I had popped 2 paracetemol about 7am but that was it).

As a downside of this open access policy, quality assessment of the content becomes a critical issue and is hardly manageable without computational assistance.

As the number of domains and IP addresses increase, named relationships will provide more meaningful information that is manageable without a need for super computers.

Once the deficit has been brought down to low levels, ideally to zero, the period of austerity is over and the debt becomes manageable without further budgetary tightening.

The fact that you have obviously been to a dentist puts you well ahead of many out there, so i would expect that your situation would be manageable without resorting to drugs.

In 3% of cases manageable to is used

Or I comment on someone's blog This helps to make it more manageable to me.

To keep the business in profit and manageable to me would not be losing face.

My symptoms have run the gamut from manageable to overwhelming and intolerable.

Zac has to transport the things alone to school so it must be manageable to him too.

She asks if the work is manageable to which he replies that it's not that much different than at a knockoff shop.

Your contrived example may be really hairy, but mine tend to look more like: Which sure looks pretty readable and manageable to me.

THE PLAN is to eliminate BILLIONS of us from the global population to make the remaining resources more manageable to the remaining rulers.

Whilst the processes involved may appear straightforward and manageable to some, the reaction to those processes being activated would be potentially catastrophic.

In 2% of cases manageable from is used

It all seemed more tame and manageable from the shoreline.

Only mailings, online fundraising and F2F are manageable from a distance.

I think every president tries to find his allies and use what power he can to keep the situations manageable from a global viewpoint.

The building was old and we couldn't use the main entrance to get in and out of the place, due to a step and double doors that were not manageable from a chair.

In 2% of cases manageable within is used

I think this route is manageable within 6 hours.

Campus to Bridge of Allan A straightforward route, easily manageable within a lunch hour.

Several more are gradually being brought under control or reduced to a level manageable within the existing health system.

All SSL's will be manageable within the control panel on the SSL overview page as seen here: Please let us know what you think.

So, even if profits in the sector halved, the impact on GDP and tax revenues would be limited, and manageable within the context of Ireland's EU/IMF adjustment program.

As an instructor trying to plan student participation, there's great appeal to finding possible contributions to the FOSS project that are manageable within the constraints of a course.

In 2% of cases manageable through is used

All this is easily manageable through our user-friendly web-portal.

Adobe utilise their own cookies, which are not manageable through your browser settings.

These challenges can be made more manageable through a structured approach specifically tailored to bundled third-party software security.

It is an opportunity to create a movement that can be fully trackable, quantifiable and manageable through social media whose culmination is a U.

Conversely, larger floorstanders can become ' overpowering ' in smaller rooms, although this is more manageable through listening at lower volume levels.

Just as commercial space travel is now possible due to smarter and cheaper technologies, so too is market information now accessible and manageable through a new set of tools.

Adobe utilise their own cookies, which are not manageable through your browser settings but are used by the Flash Player for similar purposes, such as storing preferences or tracking users.

In 2% of cases manageable during is used

The cramping is totally more manageable during PCP.

My guts were very manageable during this time period.

On Friday, the toll gate had a kilometre-long traffic jam which became manageable during the peak hours.

For example, you may have to think about rearranging your home to make daily tasks more manageable during your recovery period.

It was a subject of general remark that the negroes were more docile and manageable during the war than at any other period, and.

So as such the write downs have been manageable during the quarter when the crude prices have actually gone down in April, May, June.

Being nocturnal, they are relatively calm and manageable during the day, though they are prone to heat strokes if exposed to excessive sunlight.

In 2% of cases manageable at is used

The flaws I've been mentioning are distinctly manageable at this point.

The EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM should be more manageable at 760g, almost half the f/2.

Under the improved ' P ay As You Earn ' plan, his monthly payment amount would be even more manageable at only $114.

Probably the outrigger type was most frequently used in these voyages, as they are most manageable at sea during stormy weather.

Although quite manageable at postgraduate level, at undergraduate level first year classes can run up to 2,000 students for the compulsory Economics courses.

Another crisis coming or just taking a break According to the current market condition, the economic slowdown in the US and China are still manageable at this moment.

In 2% of cases manageable as is used

Simplify the idea until it's manageable as an early stage venture.

Alternating English and French is manageable as the whole room is one language and then another.

I've missed this feature, but I think it will be much more manageable as a once-a-month feature instead of weekly.

There are lots of problems with ' treating ill health ', but it is more manageable as a goal and implies needs that are nuch closer to being finite.

If you can keep the lines of communication open and figure out ways to work together as a team, your lives will become more manageable as the years go by.

All ICT vendors are working on making network resources fully manageable as part of a series of initiatives under the software-defined networking (SDN) banner.

Adjustments must constantly be made in all of the component parts so that the completed whole of the design adds up to a manageable as well as a realistic project.

Johnson's gift for taking complicated, sometimes overwhelming feelings and making them manageable as well as open to change is the key to this book's amazing success.

In 1% of cases manageable after is used

Life is still manageable after al.

He thrives on learning the limits and rules- each tantrum getting a little more manageable after each time we teach him a new rule.

My hair feels really clean and manageable after using these, although I generally would need to use a more intensive conditioner for my hair than this as the ends do get really dry.

McLaren were aware of what the car had suffered but instructed Button to continue to make the strategy work, as it had assessed that the damage was manageable after looking at the data.

In 1% of cases manageable over is used

This can help to make stress more manageable over the course of the day.

It is sort of a grace period offered to college students to keep their debts manageable over time.

After the initial link setup, you'd then only have to update one section, and it would probably be more manageable over time.

A good intervention plan must be feasible and manageable over a long period of time as it is likely that treatments for the child with ADHD will continue throughout the childhood.

And while he could have cut costs by eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or more canned food, it struck him that the situation would be much less manageable over a longer period of time.

Parents seeking assistance will know that inconsistent expectations and ' quick fixes ' don't last, so Darryl outlines a strategy and ideas which are manageable over the many years of childhood.

In 1% of cases manageable despite is used

Federal Reserve action has been a key factor in keeping rates low, allowing the US to keep its interest bill manageable despite increases in debt levels.

In 1% of cases manageable because is used

What's more, the data is easily manageable because of the synchronization.

In 1% of cases manageable under is used

Schools knew that, if they wanted students, they needed to keep costs manageable under this pay-as-you-go scheme.

For people who couldn't afford it, they sold people thigh creams that claimed to make your thighs more manageable under an affordable budget.

Whilst the community rating means that premiums are often far more manageable under an international health insurance plan there may still be some potential to lower the overall cost of your policy.

In 1% of cases manageable amongst is used

It seems that many of the cabal around the late Mills also thought that Amissah Arthur would be the most manageable amongst the names being then speculated about for the job.

Growing up, my personality morphed and meshed and went into survival mode in order to find a way to make life manageable amongst the criminal element that was my family, friends and peers.

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