Prepositions after "lucrative"

lucrative for, in, to, of or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases lucrative for is used

ON is definitely not lucrative for jobs.

It may be seductive and lucrative for some.

This needs to stop being lucrative for them.

The next five years will be lucrative for us here, and we will review things then.

I have little doubt the narrative of a close race is more lucrative for BOTH sides.

They like regulation because crony capitalism is extremely lucrative for politicians.

If the well thought alternatives are not financially lucrative for our lovely leaders, it will fall upon deaf ears.

Premier League clubs were suddenly very lucrative for the men who owned the shares, and flotation became all the rage.

Listen to the basic account (a low transaction lucrative for the family's own children from home by creating situation.

Castlebeck Ltd has also been lucrative for its owners with profits of around 30 million Sterling in both 2009 and 2010.

In 15% of cases lucrative in is used

The genre is by far the most lucrative in books.

They become more lucrative in the life they wanted.

Recycling new materials could be lucrative in the future.

Not very lucrative in the short run, but this approach saves lots of hassles in the long.

His regiment, being based in India, is one of the most lucrative in the gift of the King.

Put simply, the riskier the investment is, the more likely it is to be lucrative in nature.

This business is lucrative in nature because you have the liberty to charge organizations whatever amount you like.

Traditional turning may certainly end up being extremely lucrative in the event that carried out within the proper method.

This practice could help you to develop good relationships with other blog owners, which could prove lucrative in the future.

In her usual fante, Sarkodie's mother has been very supportive of her son, who has made rap lucrative in the shores of Ghana.

In 8% of cases lucrative to is used

I still believe he is only doing this to make them lucrative to privatization.

Value of dollar is depreciating meaning that US assets will be less lucrative to foreigners.

While the farming out of Custom dues proved lucrative to James, it did miss one major point.

The powers, so bestowed on the Ya Naa, made his office very lucrative to all Dagbon Princes.

Forex is very lucrative to the extent that it is allowed to make 100% profit and above in Forex trading.

Some HYIP are very lucrative to the extent that you get a 3% profit on your initial investment on daily basis.

The internet business is so lucrative to the extent that the company pays you 50% of the profit made on the product.

They also suspect that drug companies are trying to play down the risks because anti-depressants are so lucrative to them.

Since it is very lucrative to loan out money that one does not have, the price of capital drops far below free market levels.

As a marketer, these figures look lucrative to me but still mobile hasn't been able to take the position and mindshare it deserves.

In 5% of cases lucrative of is used

It was the most lucrative of his businesses.

Whichever way, Layer farming is considered the most lucrative of all poultry farming.

They were two of the most lucrative of Romney's career, and luck played a big part in both.

It propels them to the margins of society, to the most risky and least lucrative of ministries.

Start A Business The final and possibly most lucrative of our financial goals examples is to start a business.

The Sri Lanka Foreign Service (SLFS) is a service of lavishness, and consists of the most lucrative of government jobs.

Finally, most lucrative of all, we have tuition, which many students now consider essential to get through public examinations.

The most lucrative of these has clearly been statins -- drugs designed to stop the body producing the cholesterol that it is designed to produce.

The final tables in Las Vegas does not give little amount to players because that is the hottest and the most lucrative of all poker games in the world.

In 3% of cases lucrative with is used

Small purchases, like parking meters or a small pump of gas, become downright lucrative with Exclusives.

From then on his modeling career has proved to be lucrative with opportunities to model for multi-national corporations such as Coca Cola and Tigo.

So whilst I do agree, I don't see it happening mainstream as the controller market is so lucrative with people swapping and changing every year or less.

Advertising on television just got more lucrative with Adobe unveiling major new components of Project Primetime, the industry's first fully integrated video technology platform.

Some people don't acknowledge the possibility to use these types of methods and ideas but when you're prepared you will be lucrative with the implementation of these kinds of strategies.

In 2% of cases lucrative as is used

If and when the world goes to crap your programming job might not be so lucrative as the guy that makes heat for your home or water go down the drain.

And mobile is proving to be lucrative as the Times of India reported that youths in the country would spend more than US$9 billion on mobile Internet activities this year.

In 2% of cases lucrative at is used

This is girls-only empire building, and it is highly lucrative at that.

A design has to be lucrative at the same time as it is conveying a sense of importance and honesty.

Most awards given were for arresting deserters from the army which was fairly lucrative at $20 to $33.

Largely as a result of structural adjustment in the latter half of the 1980s, government employment was not lucrative at face value.

They were all quite lucrative at the onset but when every other person seems to be into it then a decline sets in and eventualy equilibrium is attained.

Mithun -- Putting your money into any kind of risk is not advisable, especially if you are trying to take any big decision which may seem to be very lucrative at this stage.

In 2% of cases lucrative by is used

The resource was lying there in the sea and growing more lucrative by the day.

The salaries some NGOs offer might make some industry seem lucrative by comparison.

Being in position 4-8 can be more lucrative by bringing in the more educated and serious buyers and keeping that cost per click down.

If you're working a job that demands a lot and gives little in return, you might find that you can land something less invasive and more lucrative by choosing to head on back to school.

In 2% of cases lucrative from is used

I do not agree with this authors predictions though they look pretty lucrative from the outlook!

The disparity in prices is quite drepressing from an India perspective:) while it could be quite lucrative from the other.

Well, its something that 90% of gurls will do without thinking twice owing to the fact that the job is very lucrative from the Intel you gave.

Dwelling on another dimension, one may find that jobs which are very lucrative from the point of view of the corrupt are always in great demand.

At present, outsourcing American jobs is too lucrative from a financial point of view to allow a silly thing like patriotism and love of country to interfere with corporate policy.

In 2% of cases lucrative on is used

Scamming is much more lucrative on the lending side of the equation.

The truth is that blogging can be a very lucrative on the internet online business if and simply chance.

To have your food blog become famous and lucrative on this scale, you pretty much have to dumb it down to this level.

I am sure there is a web page set up to receive donations, which could make his get rich scheme quite lucrative on the short term.

In 1% of cases lucrative across is used

What is the Remuneration in Health Management? Salaries are very lucrative across the globe.

What is the remuneration in the HEALTH MANAGEMENT? Salaries are very lucrative across the globe.

In 1% of cases lucrative after is used

Even judgements are sometimes tailor-made to attract lucrative after retirement benefits.

Many people invest in pieces from old artists and the turnover would be very lucrative after the passing of these artists.

Quran also incite followers to sacrifice their lives in order to kill kaffirs in exchange of much better and lucrative after life.

I also see no mention of the government brother deciding to invade another country to try and impress the leader of another country and as a result securing a lucrative after dinner speaking circuit.

In 1% of cases lucrative due is used

What is the remuneration in the NURSING PROFESSION?: Nursing salaries are very lucrative due to the current nursing shortage world over.

That licensing deals have been so lucrative due to usurious and unfair copyright rules does not mean we shouldn't fix the system because it might cut off the gravy train.

In 1% of cases lucrative over is used

Constructing and advertising web sites will be extremely lucrative over the long term when executed correctly.

Indeed, whenever a investor offers perfected the skill of taking deficits and dealing via all of them with a properly considered strategy after that great times will end up lucrative over time.

In 1% of cases lucrative within is used

I spent every single second of my time researching the most expedient ways to create an online business and have it up and running and lucrative within 1 month.

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