Prepositions after "lonely"

"lonely at" or "lonely in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases lonely at is used

I do not feel lonely at school.

It can be quite lonely at the top.

All of us can get lonely at times.

It was quite lonely at times, I ran almost an entire loop without seeing another runner.

While there may be comaradie amongst peers, the truth is, it is often lonely at the top.

It may be lonely at the top, but the applause and cheers of a crowd thorougly moved and.

Lonely at the Top, Lukid's fourth album, begins almost apologetically with what sounds like a pitched-down disco edit.

Where do you turn for support? Since life of a CEO is lonely at the top, knowing where you turn for support is crucial.

I can tell you now my son was never lonely at recess or lunch time, and was bullied less than your average highschooler.

Allowing urban surroundings to filter through his sub-conscious, ' Lonely At The Top ' is expert aural psycho-geography.

In 24% of cases lonely in is used

God sets the lonely in families.

G od sets the lonely in families.

The women felt lonely in England.

Katrina Kaif admits that she was lonely in the beginning, but now has several friends.

Dodge, alone and lonely in his apartment, unexpectedly finds himself caring for a dog.

He felt lonely in his old age, and married a young, handsome widow, to enliven his house.

Social bonds were forged and re-forged nightly, very few found it possible to feel sad or lonely in this atmosphere.

I now realized that when the Micawbers left London? as they were planning to do? I would be very lonely in the city.

I know I'd lonely in believing the Libby met with Rove, and I've never known when I thought that meeting took place.

Now he cuts a lonely in the dugout (with all due respect to Paul Clement who is still inexperienced in such a role).

In 11% of cases lonely for is used

They were lonely for their war.

He had been lonely for 23 years.

It can be very lonely for carers.

I remember having conversations with young airmen who were lonely for home and family.

You'll probably feel some regret and be lonely for a while, but it won't be a mistake.

Living apart from my husband would be sad and lonely for us after 37 years of being a couple.

If you're feeling lonely for no obvious reason, taking up an evening class or sport can help take your mind off it.

Although they lived a quite rich life in Australia, Mei still felt lonely for lack of friends and religious belief.

Ru, just Friday night I was in tears for feeling so lonely for lack of a community to join with, or to join with me.

The workers on the stations, lonely for their families, soon quit their jobs and moved into the communities as well.

In 7% of cases lonely on is used

I don't find myself lonely on purpose.

Though I might get a bit lonely on my own.

But I don't want to be lonely on the road.

These days 40 percent of the western world lives as singles and feel lonely on both sides.

My GF told me that she can not break it off with him because she is very lonely on the weekends.

He wrote the Janice Joplin song A Woman Left Lonely on which Bell played piano for the album Pearl.

And of course you're not on your own up there -- it can be very lonely on a stage with only a CD player for company.

But honey I was lonely on the road, I was all on my own, hanging out sad at the back of a death metal show (CONVERGE).

Being networked is really essential for us as transitioners - apart from anything else it can be a) lonely on your own.

He was absolutely tired of being lonely on the desert island, so he made a partner for himself, which was called Wilson.

In 6% of cases lonely without is used

Have I been lonely without you.

The house was lonely without him.

Life can be lonely without someone.

My world was so lonely without you, I haven?? t noticed the sky?? s shade of blue.

She feels incomplete and lonely without him and with him, everything feels complete.

Much like my life, which will be immeasurably poorer and so very lonely without him in it.

The first thing they asked her husband was how did he feel about it all and he said he felt lonely without her.

It was a strange feeling to be in the open ocean again, slightly lonely without those beautiful white bergs around.

The little girl believed that her Mama went to Heaven, to be with Holy God, but she was so lonely without her Mama.

In 6% of cases lonely as is used

Re: I wandered lonely as a cloud.

I wondered lonely as a cloud, he mused.

Wordsworth: To wander lonely as a cloud.

Morrissey and his flyaway hair October 8 2004 I was wandering in the rain, lonely as a cow.

IMAGINARY One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that I was never lonely as a child.

It captures the implications of her ending up lonely as well as the relationship being unfulfilling.

A passenger, hot and bothered, reading to himself, ' I wandered lonely as a cloud ' and saying, ' Hey, that's good '.

Talk to any of the million zillion illegal immigrants that now wander lonely as a black cloud through Europa's streets forlorn.

I was relaxed and grateful to be where I was, but I was also overwhelmed and a little lonely as the realization of actually being in Tanzania sank in.

I wandered lonely as a clod That fights all people o'er tax and bills, When all at once I saw a poll, So I ended speculation about an early election By running away.

In 3% of cases lonely with is used

It looked so lonely with no magnets.

Most often they have felt terribly lonely with you.

At least I don't get to be lonely with the situation.

It was a little lonely with only The Terror and She Who Does Not Yet Speak for company.

Does it look really really lonely with nothing hanging of it? This is just what you need.

Just be patient and keep him discouraged, frustrated, and lonely with everything he does.

Mr Rawlings said the president has become so lonely with little or sometimes bad advice from so called counselors.

Most people feel lonely with a blog because in the beginning no one visits your blog and you have no comments on it.

He was lonely with his thousands, Lonely in his household too, For his children had deserted, And his captains, not a few.

It feeds the desire of the narcissist and provides the lonely with the attention that they may never previously have known.

In 2% of cases lonely by is used

How many Canbots should I get? Your Canbot will get lonely by himself.

Kind Of Lonely by following the link above this text, also accessible the Of Lonely tab.

Music can also be a friend to the lonely by making it appear there are other people in the room when it is on.

Rollins, perhaps the only remaining figure of Davis's stature, seemed like a man made lonely by his position of the great soloist.

Wilson is reassurance to Mary, that there are others inhibited by their experience, made lonely by events that they can not control.

Luyten's Star, a red dwarf star in Canis Minor, looks positively lonely by comparison, and watch out for Alpha Herculis (it's a blinder).

Las Vegas in the twilight, grandiose but lonely by the waterside, each and every building was lighted up, vague and obscure like a mirage.

The carefully selected range features the sought after lingerie by local designers Ingrid Starnes, Miss Crabb, Kate Sylvester and Lonely by Lonely Hearts all in one place.

Mobile app Here on Biz attempts to make your traveling experience a little less lonely by helping you discover other professionals who might be traveling for work in the same city.

In 2% of cases lonely like is used

I feel lonely like never before.

They are lonely like everyone else.

When you're Dana Scully, life can sometimes feel lonely like that.

Please have more than one child; otherwise the child will be lonely like you.

Sometimes he is horribly lonely like Elijah (Lars Widerberg - The Unwelcome Necessity - The Burden).

You don't want your newsstand icon to look empty and lonely like this: Blank, empty and lonely Newsstand.

D Am No ring on the door bell no ring on the phone Em D C G Am Dm C G And nobody wants to know anyone lonely like me.

In 1% of cases lonely during is used

I felt rather lonely during my first year and part of the second.

However, I also felt isolated and lonely during that first Ramadan.

People ask if I'd lonely during the evenings, but I am happy, I love my own company.

I did not exactly enjoy the experience though, for very often, I felt rather lonely during the travels.

My prayers are for the reverts who are lonely during this time - to ease the loneliness and the difficulty - and bestow the best of both world.

Feeling lonely during the night? When women are passing through depressing or sad nights, what they look for is someone to hug, to feel that they are not alone.

In 1% of cases lonely because is used

She finally know what lonely because of a year.

Im finding that they are lonely because of how they treat people.

I am an only child and I often felt a little bit lonely because of that.

After her accident she becomes withdrawn, quiet and lonely because of her facial disfigurement.

People might have also lost friends or family members as part of the separation and feel lonely because of that.

The teenagers I know think they are ' popular ' and certainly not lonely because of the amount of people they text and know on Facebook.

In 1% of cases lonely from is used

They are lonely from the start and desperately looking to make and keep friends.

The child can be lonely from lack of interaction with others and have few if any friends.

By the North Gate, the wind blows full of sand, Lonely from the beginning of time until now! Trees fall, the grass goes yellow with autumn.

In 1% of cases lonely of is used

Berlin can be the loneliest of places too.

Thanks for being obedient even in the loneliest of days.

Sometimes I wonder if that in between place can be the loneliest of all.

And the Qinghai-Tibet plateau is the loneliest of this thinly-populated world.

Mother Teresa once said of the United States that we are the loneliest of people.

Their story is witnesses by their friend (Joe Melia ), a bachelor, who is exposed as the loneliest of them all.

I was thinking the other day &; I believe that even the loneliest of people have someone, somewhere who cares about them.

I am so lonely of a night, I crave company and loving, my kids do nt know any different and it breaks my heart to think they would be like that when they are older.

In 1% of cases lonely after is used

Things didn't feel so lonely after all.

Many parents feel very lonely after a loss.

Apparently she wouldn't be too lonely after this.

But she was so lonely after Mark left, and wanted to feel that she was back in the game right away.

I was very lonely after my children married, and I married for the third time to a wonderful, caring man.

I too have felt stir crazy and lonely after a long day feeling like all I did was wipe snotty noses and nurse.

I can't help thinking that she's settling for Steve because of that, because she's lonely after hunky Ciaran left.

But she was lonely after a while, and later found a new relationship with a married man in Division #3 Grand Bassa County.

Do I have sex for the right reasons? I've handed my office Kleenex box to too many women who felt empty, sad or lonely after a sexual experience.

Feeling lonely after a friend moves away or a loved one dies prods people to reach out to those around them, to renew their ties or replace broken ones.

In 1% of cases lonely through is used

I am lonely through no fault of my own.

I'd just a bit sad that after everything he did for the band, he is left alone and lonely through it all.

Its so lonely through the day, Lonely through the night, Lonely, lonely hours Without that gal I held so tight.

Its so lonely through the day, Lonely through the night, Lonely, lonely hours Without that gal I held so tight.

There were many times I was tired, bored, frustrated, angry and downright lonely through our 25 years together, but I tried to keep it together because we had something of value: our family.

In 1% of cases lonely to is used

He appeared pretty lonely to me.

Poor guy just seems lonely to me.

How To Go From Lonely To Friendly I love this post.

The road is dusty and dry and seems extra lonely to me now.

They range from simply feeling lonely to outright rejection.

They are lonely to death and they have nobody to talk to, but they are afraid of you.

Then 3 months later, I was so lonely to the point where I was worried about my sanity.

I mean, it's lonely to run; it's a singular activity, but it's supposed to be that way, I think.

My friend recommended just one or two fish, but that seemed potentially lonely to me for the critters.

The period from the catchy strains of Ever So Lonely to the breathtaking timelessness of ABONECRONEDRONE comprises an extraordinary evolutionary leap.

In 1% of cases lonely within is used

I realized I was lonely within a month I was there.

Both were revealed as achingly lonely within their marriages.

However, most people are just like lonely within a relationship such as being by yourself -- if not specially.

Thus, even in the event you will be alone in Amsterdam you can expect to did not get lonely within the companionship of the lovely escort.

In 1% of cases lonely about is used

There is something inherently sad and lonely about a motel room.

Even though he is alone in the forest, there is nothing lonely about him.

There's nothing disconnected or lonely about their lives I can assure you.

There is something so incredibly lonely about sitting in church without your husband.

Maybe it's the cold, maybe it's the darkness, but there's something lonely about this game.

But it is not a landscape of desolation, there is nothing barren or lonely about it, in fact it is full of life.

I just want to let those of you who have not moved to Bolivia and are feeling lonely about your friends ' relocation there to be patient.

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