Prepositions after "light"

"light by", "light in" or "light on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases light by is used

The room itself was still lit by the numerous torches.

For an hour or so, Earth was lit by enormous crystal chandeliers.

He will make your burdens light by obedience to his commandments.

This time, it was to perform sliding drills on a still-dark field lit by a solitary quartz lamp.

It is a spectacular store, lit by natural light that streams from windows and a massive skylight.

And what is it we are supposed to be getting so excited about? It's a bloody flame lit by a gas bottle.

As far as the eye could see along the 80 kilometre of landing beaches, they were lit by fires caused by bombing and shelling.

We sat in suitably rustic surroundings, lit by candles and paraffin lamps, in front of a coal fire and drinking bottled beer.

The Company's focus is bringing innovation to light by providing high power, energy-efficient and cost-effective LED solutions.

Separated from his companion, Sosia found himself in a narrow cell of oppressive heat and atmosphere, and lighted by several rank and flaring torches.

In 18% of cases light on is used

S) below shares light on our plight in life.

Coconuts being lit on fire, then smashed against stones.

The following article sheds more light on this important development.

The Khaatumo State did not see the light on 12 January 2012 as many would like to believe.

Commentary: This Hadith sheds light on three major sins which, unfortunately, prevail in Muslim societies.

This event sheds light on how the mindset of Somaliland leaders is in a dire need for a complete reconfiguration.

Its formidably broad range of sources sheds light on many previously little known, or unknown, aspects of naval history.

Our study sheds light on the salient aspects of network design that play an important role in building a robust supply network.

According to him, the Buddha's last sermon, ' Maha Parinibbhana sutta ' sheds light on the pedestal on which relic worship was initially placed.

But forget everything you know about, and expect, from action games, and Lara Croft's move-set sheds light on what made classic Tomb Raider so compelling.

In 17% of cases light in is used

You could smell the turf fires being lit in cozy little homes.

E Ink screens can not be lit in the same way, since they're opaque.

The fire Maria had lit in the library before going to Mass was almost dead.

We loved the attention to detail, including the candles lit in our room each evening.

In ' empty ground mode ', a clear path through a corridor is illuminated rather like the way an exit-path is lit in an aeroplane.

Using his considerable celebrity (or infamy, depending on who you ask ), Wynalda brought the team to light in the national media.

A cross-country relay runner carries a torch first lit in Olympia, and ignites the flame that burns for the 15-16 days of the games.

The series, a pioneer in the reality television genre, brought contemporary issues to light in the eyes of seven twenty-somethings.

It also has lights inside the natural weave fabric, which makes it look like some kind of alien ship in the pictures when lit in the dark.

In 8% of cases light with is used

This area is lighted with LEDs at night.

Especially this is true in the fall season when the whole area and the Ottawa river banks are brightly lit with yellow/orange/green.

The flashes of inspiration that I spoke of earlier stimulate poems in which, ideally, you see the world momentarily lit with clarity.

Is this normal? Is it best to just use without pilot light and light burners/oven manually? Probably the oven is a pain to light with a long stick with a fire on the end.

The weather conditions, according to the pilot, were stable and our eyes lit with anticipation upon arriving at Frankfurt International Airport in Germany for a connecting flight.

In 7% of cases light from is used

An eclipse of the Moon is when the Earth blocks light from the Sun.

A flame is lit from the base of the lantern whose top and sides are closed.

It is lit from 9pm on the night of 11 th December until 9pm on 12 th December.

An eclipse of the Moon is when the Earth completely blocks light from the Sun.

An eclipse of the Sun is when the Moon completely blocks sunlight from areas on the Earth.

Reflection off dark side In the picture above, the bright crescent is light from the Sun, reflecting off the Moon's surface.

A full eclipse of the Moon is when the shadow of the Earth completely blocks the light from the Sun from directly striking the Moon.

The man in the clearing, thin silver hair lit from behind, long blue work shirt over pink, is lean, of modest height, and steady as a post.

Similarly, all of the stars are still up in the sky during the day, but the scattered light from the atmosphere is much brighter than the light from the stars.

On and on it went -- the flame lit from the rays of the sun in Olympia on 10 May and ferried back to Britain by David Beckham now carries the hopes of organisers with it.

In 4% of cases light for is used

In Paris, gas lamps were lit for the first time in four years.

You can keep the lamp lit for as long as you like and the longer you keep it on, the better the emission of negative ions.

This book did tremendous service in bringing the plight of the Inuit, and of Northern Aboriginals in general, to light for the general Canadian public.

In 3% of cases light at is used

By the way, the showroom wasn't even lit at that time.

When the truce was announced bonfires were lit at the top of the street.

During the Olympic Games, which honored Zeus, additional fires were lit at his temple and that of his wife, Hera.

In 2% of cases light as is used

You can use your blog to bring those problems to light as well as offering solutions to those who need them.

These people develop into dark entirely lighting as well as almost flawlessly obvious in minimal lighting situations including inside.

In 2% of cases light up is used

The Brazilian schemer has already lit up Stamford Bridge during his short time in England, particularly in the Champions League with stunning goals against Juventus and Shakhtar Donetsk.

In 1% of cases light into is used

One day he lit into Vanguard's index funds and almost instantly received a cease-and-desist letter from Vanguard's attorneys.

In 1% of cases light without is used

At the time, I felt that 20 years of distance and the material's historical value was enough to warrant bringing it to light without contacting each individual.

In 1% of cases light under is used

We could probably all use a bit of a fire lit under us on this issue.

In 1% of cases light throughout is used

Guy Fawkes Day On the evening of November 5, bonfires are lit throughout England.

In 1% of cases light above is used

A sliver of green cord with just a touch of red is delicately lighted above the raving Phantom (upper right of image).

In 1% of cases light inside is used

Along the way, stalls sell cakes and candyfloss, and candles for pilgrims to light inside the church.

In 1% of cases light during is used

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree was lit during the 80th annual tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center in New York last night, and I was watching like I do every year.

In 1% of cases light after is used

The inner sanctum had not been opened or lit after the curfew and the influx of refugees.

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