Prepositions after "license"

license to, for, under, by or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases license to is used

She is not license to practice law in Massachusetts.

She is licensed to practice in all California Courts.

The ABC reserves the right to edit emails and license to third parties.

Matapedia was licensed to Hannibal/Ryko for 8 yrs then reverted to us.

A person practicing law in Massachusetts needs to be licensed to do so.

They were retrieved by specialist forensic software licensed to gardai.

I understand and agree that any content I post is licensed to beliefnet.

Warren, however, never has been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.

Sponsored links Licensed To Ill still gets played at my house occasionally too.

These images may, however, be licensed to certain individuals and organisations: for.

In 17% of cases license for is used

They told me that this facility had been licensed for 35 children.

No nuclear reactor should have ever been licensed for more than 30 years.

As long as they have a license for the instruction set, they'll probably be happy.

Private Content is licensed for use only within the Network into which it is posted.

We've had drivers licenses for 80 years and we don't have to carry them while driving.

His music has been licensed for inclusion o-n several compilation albums in several countries.

Given that Medabonr is only licensed for pregnancies through nine weeks, the likelihood of Rh-sensitization is very low.

My company (professional consultancy) has not required employees to have drivers licenses for about 5 years and it's not a problem.

Magazines all over the world publish his photographs and stories, and his work is licensed for monograph retail products as well as advertising.

So what exactly does a newspaper have to do to lose its right to publish in the UK? Alan Rusbridger replies: I'd anxious about the notion of state licensing for the press.

In 16% of cases license under is used

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Joomla CMS is licensed under GNU/GPL, written in PHP and supports SQL database.

BY-NC Licence The Best of 3 blog is licensed under a Creative Commons **26;6920;TOOLONG 3.

All biodiesel fuels used in Hino trucks must be purchased from a fuel handler licensed under BQ9000.

Please Note: This Is Me Activities by This Is Me is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.

UpShot is open source and licensed under a BSD license! Try UpShot now! I compiled UpShot as an OS X app and put a standard.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License You won't see any commercial ads in YES!, in print or on this website.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License basically telling you: copy-paste the entire article, keeping the links intact.

A combination of libfaad, x264 and MP4Box which are all licensed under the GPL will do exactly that, albeit with little usability and requiring lots of expertise.

In 15% of cases license by is used

The MCF technology is licensed by Trexel, Inc.

Our special forces rescue craft is licensed by Dept Of Marine.

The knackery is licensed by the Department, which visits it every day.

However, if the work is licensed by the CLA, illustrations in a textual work can be included.

The new standards mandate that massage parlor employees be licensed by Howell and by the state.

All landfill sites must be licensed by the EPA and there is a detailed application process for a licence.

O3 and O4 trailers used on pubic roads must be: Licensed by the Local Authority in which they are ordinarily kept, i.

The previous ordinance did not require employees of massage parlors to be licensed by the state, according to Township Attorney McKenna Kingdon.

Safari and Kilimanjaro leaders: Our local National Tour Guides are well trained and registered, and licensed by the respective authorities according to law of the country.

The Shannon Sales and Catering Organisation was licensed by the Irish Department of Transport, enabling Shannon to conduct commercial and catering activities at the airport.

In 15% of cases license in is used

Abiraterone was licensed in the EU in September 2011.

Did you know that royalties from licensing in the United States alone, in 2008, was $5.

Warren's own listing of her Bar admissions is consistent with not being licensed in Massachusetts.

Confirm they are licensed in the state that is indicated on the stamp, or where the signing is supposed to have occurred.

First, on a regular and continuing basis she used her Cambridge office for the practice of law without being licensed in Massachusetts.

Also, when you have a chance, contact the Idaho Banking Commission to determine how Clearwater Mortgage was licensed in the state in 2009.

Another survey in 1937 showed that over 200,000 Hupmobiles were still licensed in the USA and 57% were still driven by their original owners.

Second, in addition to operating an office for the practice of law without being licensed in Massachusetts, Warren actually practiced law in Massachusetts without being licensed.

For instance, you can find out if brokers are properly licensed in your state and if they have had disciplinary problems with regulators or received serious complaints from investors.

In 5% of cases license as is used

Trained and licensed as a journalist in Brazil, she also holds a Master's degree in Literature and Linguistics.

Behind the lawsuit The basis of this lawsuit is that Uber's drivers aren't licensed as a limousine service or a taxi company.

Any chapter affiliate independently licensed as a mutual benefit association may consolidate or merge with any other similar chapter affiliate or with the mother association.

All mutual benefit association existing and licensed as such under the provisions of Article Eight, Chapter Forty-One of the Revised Administrative Code, as amended by Act No.

She was the one brought to my house by some workers who had found her as a stray elsewhere on Lamma, and she needed to be microchipped and licensed as well as everything else.

In 3% of cases license from is used

Licenses to Content License from You Your Content remains yours.

In 3% of cases license on is used

Reputable rescue organizations should want to be registered and licensed on the state level for both tax reasons and credibility.

Overwhelmed room data including with giant information note computer and single cv using out look user file as a system that licensing on order is proprietary in a fair content of availability.

In 1% of cases license at is used

Law students have to put in 50 hrs under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

Please see creative commons license at the bottom of this page for copyright information.

Is there a stamp? Were they licensed at the time they signed your doc? Check with your state's dept.

In 1% of cases license during is used

The number of investment projects licensed during the first quarter of 2012 dropped from 30 during the fourth quarter of 2011 to 15 in the first quarter of 2012.

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