Prepositions after "launch"

launch in, by, on, at or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases launch in is used

We launched in October last year.

We launched in New York last month.

This blog was launched in March 2007.

Olga oversees the overall management of Hot Bikram Yoga, which she launched in 2006.

On July 8, 1943 it too was launched in front of a massive crowd at the Ward Theatre.

The female condom A new version of the female condom has recently launched in Chicago.

Oxley's maiden industrial project, Oxley Bizhub, a 60-year leasehold development, was launched in April last year.

A report launched in October shows that 13 per cent (544) of the Judiciary's 4,192 staff, are university graduates.

Launched in 2001, Lingo24 now has over 150 employees spanning three continents and clients in over sixty countries.

In 12% of cases launch by is used

The book was officially launched by the Hon.

Significantly, the Satyagraha campaign launched by the F.

An experimental air borne device launched by any country on earth.

Sushant Golf City is one of the project that is being launched by this eminent developer.

Aside from Facebook, Husein said a site launched by another former member called gintruth.

Mass movements, like the one launched by Hazare, too work as catalysts and input providers.

We usually started at 5am taking pictures of the Israeli air strikes and rockets launched by Palestinian militants.

Understanding Microsoft Surface The Microsoft Surface is a new range of tablet PC and tablet launched by Microsoft.

This release is part of the effort to build a large breeding population, launched by a New Zealand protection agency.

The cyber attacks come as a part of the so called #OpIsrael launched by Anonymous to rally support for the Palestinians.

In 9% of cases launch on is used

They rarely, ever, launch on time.

The case was launched on March 9, 2010.

Launched on 13th February 2004, OliverReed.

He also announced that the Lasallian Partners ' Interest Clubs will be launched on September 28.

Since Mark of the Ninja launched on Friday, I've basically been in a state of perpetual bewilderment.

Tier 10 Launched on February 14th 2012, the Core i7-3820 is the quad-core variant of the LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-E architecture.

The current College of Arts and Social Sciences was established on 1 st April 2009 and later launched on the 11 th of May 2009.

Maybe that diversity will tone down the launch fatigue a bit (on both the launching and being launched on sides ), I'd not sure.

I'd finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the slew of social apps and tools that are seemingly launched on a weekly basis.

In 8% of cases launch at is used

The tube was launched at 1:30 p.

Next the Crowdmap was launched at http: //pakrelief.

This is an idea Vizrt launched at NAB 2012 with great success.

The WHO Surgical Safety Pathway: this film has been launched at St George's Hospital.

Launched at 100% Design, just off the Kings Road, the international community instantly took notice.

Despite launching at the Pavilion, the Go-Karting parties are more likely to be held at smaller centres.

So, I thought I'd better let everyone know that we're definitely not on track for the September 12 launch at this point.

This event was launched at the Museum of London on 13 June with the opening of its own exhibition, Carry on Collecting.

Two minutes later he was sighted by the port side rescue launch and recovered by the starboard (downwind) launch at about 0633.

Her piece I Wish This Was was launched at ET New Orleans at the Du Mois Gallery, and is on the cover of the latest edition of Typo Magazine.

In 8% of cases launch into is used

She said yes, and launched into a performance of the song for me.

From there he launches into a defense of SOPA without naming SOPA.

In a flashback to old athletic days, I launched into a strong sprint.

His administration launched into action even before the inauguration ceremonies were finished.

A week later I launched into his demanding marathon regimen in preparation for a race this fall.

At one point the band launched into a song that sounded a lot like a Gordon Lightfoot song we like.

Following the intro of ' Worship ' the band launched into old favourite ' Caught In A Mosh ' and the crowd erupted.

After a preliminary inquiry as to what I've been doing, he launches into basically ordering me out of the apartment.

So far, so good, what we are about to launch into the market is the first movie flick I did with my producer, Emem Isong.

Before employees launch into their mentoring relationships, help both people determine the focus and purpose of why they? re doing this.

In 5% of cases launch from is used

That is where your game code will be launched from.

The interceptor missile would be launched from Wheeler Island,.

The SHIZUKU was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center at 1:39 a.

Launching from Shore In fair weather, launching a boat from shore is relatively easy.

Instead, spacecraft launched from Earth need to be pointed at where Mars is going to be.

A rocket launched from earth, manned or unmanned, for space exploratory or military purposes.

Windows 8 mode (metro mode if launched from start screen) and Desktop mode (if launched from classic desktop screen).

Fighter planes would also be there to defend the attacking aircraft against other fighter planes launched from the carrier to defend it.

Perhaps most telling was the way in which three defenders clambered around Carroll when a free-kick was launched from deep in his direction.

On 10 March 2012, The Jerusalem Post reported that the system shot down 90% of rockets launched from Gaza that would have landed in populated areas.

In 4% of cases launch with is used

The barrel was launched without interruption.

The series launched with an interview with Matthew Vines.

The Medic will be launched with equal force in the same direction.

It is needless to say that this program was launched with the direct assistance of Mr.

The launch areas are only accessible with skis/snowboard and therefore we launch with skis/snowboards.

Other Publications In March 2005, I launched with Dr Bruce G Doar the e-journal China Heritage Newsletter.

Our new show MAGICAL MATERIALS launches with a members-only preview party at 6pm on September 14th at Science Gallery.

This was because it was launched with freelancers and not by the state officially, as Maududi thought was prescribed in Islam.

An industry-wide responsible care program was launched with guiding principles and each company was required to sign on to the program.

In 2% of cases launch against is used

Probes have been launched against some of them.

Several politicians have crossed over to Govt ranks to escape criminal proceedings being launched against them.

Ryu -- Those damned Galactors again! Nambu -- And a powerful missile must have been launched against the Earth's crust from that base.

Immediately after the appearance of the first edition (3,000 copies) a vehement campaign was launched against Herzl and his publisher, Dr.

Sixteen Corsairs loaded with eight 5-inch rockets each, and 12 Skyraiders carrying i, 60pound bombloads were launched against the Pyongyang airfield.

First, just a few days after the New Year, it became known that an attack which became known as Aurora Operation had been launched against large technology companies.

Foreign Pressures - foreign pressures began to have some effect; campaigns, especially in the US and Britain, were launched against companies that did business in South Africa.

During the night the carriers steamed northward, and on the 27th launched against transportation and other targets in the Wonsan-Chongjin coastal strip and shipping in Wonsan harbor.

In 2% of cases launch for is used

A search has been launched for a female victim.

This innovative idea is launched for the fifth year in a row.

Two major initiatives have been launched for our academic programmes.

Due to its popularity, a larger boat, the Maid of the Mist II was launched for service on July 14th 1854.

The episode will be dedicated to the micro-credit and micro-finance schemes Yunus launched for the impoverished.

Chomp was launched for iPhone in January last year, enabling users to discover new iOS apps, and share their finds with friends.

Actually everything is important in our portfolio -- but there are major initiatives to be launched for air quality, waste and conservation.

Those morons banned me from the site within 2 weeks of launching for being too critical of their overly zealous love towards anything android.

Having fought her way through Kezia, Boxer now arrived, accompanied by Manchester and two destroyers, in time to launch for the beach preparation strikes.

In 1% of cases launch as is used

Supreme SAT 1 is launched as part of a collaborated project with China, and Sri Lanka claims majority of the ownership of the satellite.

It will initially launch as a series of downloadable web &; mobile comics distributed throughout India on Liquid's recently announced ' Graphic India ' platform and www.

Singh said the scheme would be launched as a pilot project by January one by completing the formalities by then as the feeders would be given to the franchises after open bidding system.

In 1% of cases launch during is used

The much awaited MTS is expected to be launched during the weekend by finance minister.

PIA started flying to China and flights to Europe via Moscow were also launched during this period.

Women Scientists Scheme has been launched during the year 2002 by the Department of Science and Technology.

We began examining these issues through the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative, launched during the George W.

In 1% of cases launch out is used

A month and a half ago the bond market started to discount the inflationary surge as commodities launched out of their three year cycle low.

Curiosity is a car-sized vehicle launched out of Kennedy Space Center in November 2011 onboard the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) spacecraft.

Spath launched out of the breakaway in an attempt to solo to the finish, but Ortiz and Dalton immediately responded as things were starting to get serious.

Though the platform will launch out of a single data center here in Utah, it is being developed to manage accounts across a diverse geographic area (multiple data centers).

In 1% of cases launch to is used

Away from the circuit, the DB4GT, a high-performance version of the DB4, was launched to acclaim.

A powerful campaign was launched to malice Maulana's during era of Musharraf which still is going on.

Launched to acclaim, on its debut the One-77 won the design award in the Concepts and Prototypes Class at the Concorso d'Eleganza, Villa d'Este, Italy.

CHopper was one of three finalists under NASA's Discovery Program, an effort to see smaller, lower-cost missions launched to destinations throughout the solar system.

In 1% of cases launch without is used

The barrel was launched without interruption.

It can be launched without starting any X Window System.

Israel will always try to rescue its own soldiers and defend villages from attack, including rocket attacks launched without warning by the Hezbollah and Hamas.

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