Prepositions after "laugh"

laugh at, with, about, in or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases laugh at is used

People were allowed to laugh at it.

They all started laughing at me.

How they must be laughing at us.

If I was Mr Hester I would laugh at the attacks coming from the Guardian &; Daily Mail.

Flames will be laughed at and constructive criticism will be welcomed with open arms.

I know you're talking about sthing serious but i couldn't help laughing at that one.

I had to laugh at Ven's dress because the back looked just like the front of Debra Messing's dress, except sparklier.

It has a catchy song, that will drive you crazy -- and my husband and I laughed at the video; but I think it helped.

I laugh at myself now as I remember shaking with rage at Gloria Hunniford's comment on This Morning regarding Saville.

We have seen Africans laughing at someone accidentally falling from a bicycle and crying at the loss of a loved one.

In 7% of cases laugh with is used

They were laughing with relief.

We want them to laugh with us, but not at us.

It's a shame people didn't laugh with his jokes, I sure did.

I am in Uganda and just spent the day playing, learning and laughing with the kids.

They were close and didn't hesitate to play together or rave and laugh with each other.

But after seeing you laughing with Princess Chenghuan, I don't want to wait any longer.

I picture him laughing with your family that is already in heavan and playing with children and taking care of people in heavan.

But are we being encouraged to laugh with the collectors or at them? One must question what part museums are playing in this process.

I want to forever be at your side, to love you and to argue with you, to laugh with you and to cry with you, to share with you and to dream with you.

In another, the Duke sits back in a chair in a briefing room, laughing with colleagues, in front of a computer with a password prompt screen open.

In 6% of cases laugh about is used

Calder will just laugh about this idea.

Laughing about the antics of various characters.

In fact, we were laughing about it only an hour ago.

Sandra and I took this into our laboratory and learned to love it and laugh about it.

The internet forced them open and people stopped laughing about the internet's potential.

My friends and I laugh about it now; they call me dinosaur arms, ha-ha, because of how my hands looked.

And even though it was such a horrible time for each of us, we laugh about it together now and try to see the silver lining.

He laughs about the fact that he is slowly undoing all his ancestor's hard work eradicating the forest that once grew there.

We can laugh about it now but at the time we were VERY cranky, and all we could do was try to stay calm, and pray it ended soon.

But when somebody else has got it as a normality in their life as well, you can laugh about some of the weird things that happen.

In 6% of cases laugh in is used

Let me laugh in this line of reasoning.

O Minerva! How I laughed in my sleeve.

He laughs in a high-pitched gleeful voice.

I have learnt that not everyone who smiles and laughs in your presence is your friend.

A lexicologist would laugh in your face and tell you what a ridiculous statement that is.

She looked at me, raised an eyebrow and laughed in my face before leaving the bathroom.

I am not fuming, why do you think that? I was actually laughing in my other post but you were all charged up that you mocked it.

Mostly for the fact that it was done recently enough after Steve Irwin's death that Jon Stewart has to literally beg Norm to stop making him laugh in front of the audience.

But I couldn't help laughing in that scene because all I saw was a KMJ who looked awkward and uncomfortable trying to prop his head up on one hand as he lay in that position.

If you had told me, however, that on the night Arsenal won their first FA Cup in fourteen years I would be sitting in the Savoy stuffing my face, I would have laughed in yours.

In 2% of cases laugh for is used

She laughed for a good long time.

He kept me laughing for quite a spell.

Laughing for no particular reason with a long lost friend.

They come on M-S 10-11 so I get to laugh for hour then go bed.

But when it was just the two of us, we made each other laugh for nine years.

Mommy and Daddy laughed for like half an hour and said that our Ministers are from Malaysia.

Fortunately, the ball eventually out of bounds, escaped del Potro long way out of breath, but also no choice but to laugh for a long time.

At the time smiling or laughing for a portrait would of been seen as contemptible or a display showing a lack of seriousness, sobriety or respect.

In 2% of cases laugh like is used

In variety shows, they make you laugh like hell.

We lost our minds and laughed like possessed carnies.

I remember laughing like an idiot because it was so funny.

I'd sorry for laughing like that -- I don't know what got into me.

The tank quack ga smile, laugh like a night owl MBT Womens Shoes Clearance.

We laugh like all normal people -- happy, when happiness -- tears, when grief.

We were laughing like mad, dancing between pots, posing like old sculptures.

Can you hear the fascist diaspora laughing like hyenas again! Why not just embrace our relatives 13th amendment and get on with it? It the not necessarily represent those of LankaWeb.

In 2% of cases laugh off is used

If no one was hurt, I will just laugh off the rumors.

NASA has since laughed off such claims with the sound argument that if a planet was on a collision course with us, we would see it by now.

Both the government and the Congress laughed off the internal probe ordered by Kejriwal, terming the move as an attempt to fool countrymen.

We were as clich ridden back then as we are now, of course, but at least we were allowed to talk about websites without being laughed off the streets.

I usually came on this blog to laugh off the stress of the day without commenting, but here I stand today holdn back tears because I now av the job to console a friend and pray justice be done.

In 1% of cases laugh after is used

Some were laughing after seeing the shape of our Kayak as it was quite uncommon.

In 1% of cases laugh along is used

You can make fun of the fact that your ancestors could have owned mine and I'll laugh along with you.

A hoax like Chk-Chk boom in which nobody gets hurt is something everyone can enjoy and laugh along with.

You will get to know people well when you laugh along with them at the Edinburgh Festival, and we all know how attractive it is when you share a sense of humour with someone.

In 1% of cases laugh as is used

People laugh as a reaction to when they get their pants pulled down, as you laugh when someone says something you can't handle.

New Zealand had their moments in the second and final Test but it was India who had the last laugh as the hosts notched up a five-wicket win with one day to spare to complete a 2-0 whitewash here.

In 1% of cases laugh during is used

I laughed during sad stories just to make people react.

In 1% of cases laugh on is used

An audience laughed on the television downstairs.

Laughs on us, wake up!!! Top place not to be? Any large population center.

Were there more tears or laughs on the set while shooting his final scenes? I think there were both.

Thank goodness for Joseph Yovich in the first innings, whose fifth first-class century was the only thing stopping the Aces from pointing and laughing on day one.

In 1% of cases laugh out is used

It is laughed out of people's minds.

One is amazed that Team Anna was not laughed out of court.

They play tested the original to audiences, and basically got laughed out of the theater.

He could go to trial, and thanks to a confession that would be laughed out of any real court of law, he'd probably be convicted.

Obama isn't go to be voted out of office in 2012, he is going to be laughed out of office long before that for being the biggest loser since King George.

In 1% of cases laugh through is used

My grandmother laughed through the parts of her body that were hard to bear.

We only had lunch together but we had our little chats and laughs through the year.

My sister and I belly laughed through the finer comedic moments as well as during the cruder humour but then I've always liked tolilet humour IF it's original, and I thought it was in this film.

In 1% of cases laugh to is used

And then I had to laugh to myself.

On her way home she laughed to herself at her son's foolish imagination.

I had to laugh to myself who's the WANKER with less money in the bank NOT ME My truck just gets better to drive every day and I'd loving it.

It was all very funny and we laughed to ourselves afterwards, but it also creates this bad vibe with the photographers, which is a bit of a shame because we've not done anything wrong.

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