Prepositions after "invoke"

"invoke in" or "invoke by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases invoke in is used

Hence, the SC/ST Act must be invoked in this case.

Yet the huge space does invoke in me a sense of beckoning.

The usual doctrine which Paul invokes in some measure is the doctrine of the attractor, viz.

Nevertheless, there are different ways in which the idea of the public is invoked in talk about art.

He said the offences under which the accused were charged were similar to those invoked in case of a traffic accident.

Politicla geeks may recognise it as the same section the Prime Minister invoked in an effort to hide his conversation with John Banks.

Sovereignty in Somalia is invoked in relation to the internationally recognised Transitional Federal Government of Somalia based in Mogadishu.

This event has been given a special name: Fitna or mischief which has invoked in the past and continues to do even now very hot passions between the Sunnis and the Shias.

We all approached it with a sense of scepticism and distrust and were in no doubt as to the degree of anguish and servitude to measurement it would invoke in our daily lives.

February 28th 2006 4k AutoCAD Scientific Calculator When invoked in AutoCad, the program will launch a Scientific Calculator that exactly simulates a real calculator on the screen.

In 19% of cases invoke by is used

All our memories are stored in our subconscious, only to be revived when absolutely invoked by a direct stimulus.

These deities and spirit-beings are invoked by the Kankanay in their rites and rituals related to life, livelihood, and death.

They experience how the world could be if the unity, invoked by Jesus and inspired by the Holy Spirit for our times is fulfilled.

Once invoked by music and other ritual paraphernalia (rum with blood, candles, leaves) the spirits are said to hover near the dancing booth.

In 10% of cases invoke for is used

Ibn Taymiyyah rejected the notion that saints and prophets should be invoked for intercession while they have departed from this world.

Factors such as the context of the name's intended use or the language nexus of the name holder may be invoked for consideration during the ENS process.

Explanation: The user exit ' &3',; invoked for channel ' &4'; with id ' &1'; and reason ' &2',; returned values that are not valid, as reported in the preceding messages.

In 7% of cases invoke with is used

Not so! She is invoked with the Ladle in hand transporting the Soma rasam.

The vast majority of Muslims or Arabs have no association with the violent events around the world yet Islam is invoked with terrorism.

Since the Jewish faith insists that the name of the Lord only be invoked with good cause, the shochet does not repeat this blessing for each and every animal.

In 7% of cases invoke on is used

He knows first hand the discrimination by both VA and HUD invoked on cannabis patients.

Currently, 22% of all exemptions invoked on a government-wide basis cite this exemption compared to 5% in 2001.

I could see with my own eyes just what he meant! The book had an obvious explanation, and needed no magical theories of Dawkins to be invoked on its behalf.

In 6% of cases invoke as is used

For example, the data-conversion exit might be invoked as part of the processing of the MQGET call.

Concurrent calls can arise only in certain specialized situations, such as in an exit invoked as part of the processing of an MQI call.

In 3% of cases invoke after is used

If this reason is returned when the API-crossing exit is invoked after the call has been itself might have executed correctly.

In 3% of cases invoke through is used

Akuj is invoked through prayers &; chants and through animal sacrifices.

In 1% of cases invoke without is used

The setLayout() method (in Line 13) is invoked without an object and the dot operator.

In 1% of cases invoke upon is used

The parameter MyType is replaced by the actual type of the object receiver, when a method is invoked upon it.

In 1% of cases invoke out is used

This typically happens when a method is invoked out of sequence, or perhaps a method is only allowed to be invoked once and an attempt is made to invoke it again.

In 1% of cases invoke at is used

Science apparently invokes at various points probabilities that look classical.

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